Bath with gazebo under one roof (projects, Photo): profitable, functionally and aesthetically pleasing — Design

Bath with gazebo under one roof (projects, Photo): profitable, functionally and aesthetically pleasing

Bath in the shape of a barrel looks very original
Stylish design with gazebo

Bath with gazebo: appreciate the benefits

Staircase with beautiful railings, balcony, terrace or gazebo not only will add personality to build saunas, but significantly he adds functionality. Со стороны баня с беседкой выглядят как очень просторная и большая беседка. Combined construction will take less space, than two separate buildings. In addition, There will be no need to lay the garden paths, to connect all the buildings on the site is an additional savings plus the release area. Besides saving square, There are other advantages of combining baths with gazebo:

  • construction of the Duet will be framed in one style
  • reduction in the cost of construction at the expense of the overall arrangement of the roof, strapping and walls, solid foundation. In addition, This architectural solution will provide extra strength structure
  • gazebo in summer, can be used as summer kitchen, при этом нет необходимости в прокладывании дополнительных коммуникаций и инженерных сетей
  • в беседке можно установить мангал или печь для барбекю
  • the opportunity to continue traveling on air, just came out of the locker room, but for this purpose it is necessary to correctly pick the place-it should be fairly well hidden from strangers, providing enough vacationers privacy

Combination baths with a gazebo has a number of advantages

Sauna with a gazebo roof usually erect in the form of an envelope, Paul-raise in level and carry out from natural wood (such floor is very comfortable, on it a pleasure to walk barefoot). For the device of a floor in the gazebo, combined with a sauna, use a special Board- decking, which stack with small clearances. Care should be taken, so she was thoroughly polished and had no sharp edges.

On execution of the pavilions are divided into three types:

  • открытая беседка – такие сооружения имеют с баней общий пол и кровлю, and the gazebo has a fulcrum, patterns that can be combined or railing, designating the boundaries of the Pergola. This is the most cost-effective type of Pergola, as there is no need for the erection of the main walls and carrying out glazing, with minimal effort you can get fairly large pad, secure roof. True, outdoor gazebo will not save from wind and not very efficient shielding against rain, so this version will be more suitable for seasonal baths

Bath with outdoor gazebo
  • a covered gazebo -actual, This is already a kapitel′noe structure, with walls and, as a rule, large glazed. If at such porch is fireplace (Mangal), even with minimal insulation, it will be quite comfortable even in winter, no longer talking about the Spring-Autumn period. Enclosed porch almost becomes another full location baths. Often the project provides, that one-two walls made with removable (opening), so in summer, covered gazebo easy converted almost openly produces enough universal version

A covered gazebo, as another full bath room
Закрытая беседка с панорамным остеклением
  • semi-open gazebo -the compromise, where are built one or two capital walls. Often the walls of the set by prevailing winds, to feel more comfortable on the porch and protected. Another option is wall is being built, along with a fireplace.

Semi-open gazebo, as a compromise

On rice. 1. shows project compact baths with gazebo. For additional savings and improve fire baths square, Burner Stove on the street. The window in steamy and pomyvočnoj small-to reduce heat loss. Attractive looks and a semicircular Pergola.

Rice. 1. Draft baths with veranda under a common roof

On rice. 2 is another option with gazebo

Rice. 2. Bath with gazebo

In Fig. 3 shows a project with glass-enclosed veranda and outdoor terrace

Rice. 3. Draft baths with closed veranda and outdoor terrace

The video shows the original version with a gazebo and pool:

Projects of baths with gazebo: use cases

The popularity of solutions-bath and gazebo under one roof caused by variations in the use of such a building:

  • Bath-House -usually is elevated and is used as such in the very beginning of the building plot. Such a building would not require significant investment, but the owners receive virtually full housing with all the necessary. So far, will be construction of the main building and its decoration (and for log cabins between these processes can take year, that shrinkage occurred logs), owners can fully relax, with some uneasiness on the square just compensates gazebo during the summer is actually turning into an extra room

Version of the bath-house — It's almost full housing
  • Guest House -arrival of the guests, Of course, holiday, but their stay should not create discomfort for owners. Of course, You can temporarily assign its some premises, introduce special guest rooms (and get the premises, use a fairly irregular, but they will have to build/finish/contain), but a certain discomfort, first and foremost, psychological, remains. Where attractive Variant, in which hosts and guests still live separately.

Bath-Guest House creates an optimum level of autonomy of guests and hosts

Having your own, albeit temporary housing, people will feel looser, more confident and more comfortable. Here is useful bath-Guest House, which will create the optimal level of autonomy of guests and hosts. Especially, If the guests and hosts a rather large age difference-when one wants to silence, other peak activity occurs. Create a separate Guest House- unreasonably, how financially, and in terms of the space station

Bath, combined with gazebo, from profiled beam

It is worth to remember, that the bath-house with a gazebo is primarily-bath, and then-living building, where semantic and organizing Center is a steam room. Therefore, all other elements as would fit into it-and in terms of finishing, and in terms of special operating mode. First of all, need special protection of premises against moisture/humidity. The ventilation system should be designed so, to the moist air from the steam does not pass through the residential part.

Because the guest bath-house is not used consistently, project heating system must take into account the "simple" premises during winter time-. pipes shall not be razmorozit′sâ. And at the same time, be effective enough, in the shortest amount of time to create acceptable in terms of temperature conditions. In addition, This bath-house, Unlike in a normal bath lounges, must have a full a bathroom and a kitchenette.

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