Clinton Residence: the golden age of Beverly Hills — Design

Clinton Residence: the golden age of Beverly Hills

This House, built in 1973 Architect Amir Farr, located around Beverly Hills (staff Kalifoniâ, United States), in the upscale Trousdale Estates. The basic concept in the design of the project was to create a house in the middle of the city, When this, While in which, feel natural Wednesday. From the House to the East offering stunning panoramic views of the bustling and swift Los Angeles, and as if to counterbalance the secular-calm Pacific Ocean to the West,.

When important first impression

In 2012 year, the Belgian designer and architect Maxime Jacquet rebuilt and upgraded the Interior residence, in the top of the mountains of Beverly Hills architectural gem for conducting international business symposiums and meetings.

Each part of the House, each element of the design is not only self sufficient in itself, but also works on the entire architectural ensemble, in most detail at home. Meet on odezhke, So Clinton Residence House-first impressions, at first glance at it literally takes your breath away, It is simply astounding scalability project. Especially if you just walked into a large living room with polished to a mirror finish stone floors. This is done intentionally, to translate popular in 70-ies of the concept of open space. And sliding doors help this space model, creating a private area or making the internal space unlimited.

Three basic material, used for internal furnish of the House: glass, wood and natural stone, that is particularly important, He kind of Ribbon goes through the whole House, by combining in a single whole all décor elements. External stone mosaics and antiques inside the House create an invisible link between exterior and Interior, and all together has produced real entertainment. The Interior of this House is inseparable from architecture, all the decorative elements-from light fixtures to furniture, designed to emphasize architectural solutions.

Retaining the spirit of the era

High ceilings will delight a passionate collector-they seem to be made in order, to accommodate the rich collection, from large-scale canvases to Chamber pictures. Maxime Jacquet left intact lamps with characteristic original design, inherent in the early 70-ies. Because the House was very important to retain special Wednesday and naturalism, designers do not become too modernized style, completely abandoning the cold leather and fabric shades. Here harmonious looks thin cotton. Quite a lot of materials and decorative elements remained in good condition and almost all of them find application in new design-they bring into the House of the unique spirit of the era.

All the bedrooms are decorated in a similar style, and in everything-exclusively white underwear. This technique emphasizes, that this House — Sample balance between rigor and luxury, modernity and traditional values, comfort and fashion.

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