House 12.20 (16 Photo): shelter-a Brazilian Bachelor — Design

House 12.20 (16 Photo): shelter-a Brazilian Bachelor

First, What catches the eye is fairly modest size House 12.20, a total of 45 m 2, especially when you consider, that it was built on a fairly large area, which in 8 exceeds the dimensions of the House. While the exterior of the House, designed by the Brazilian architect Alex Nogujerom, enough is unattractive-complete closure of the external world, Windows and walls, hidden behind metal blinds, Privacy Privacy, built in the highest degree. However, This decision is purely a practical approach is to insulate a room from the burning rays of the Sun, because the external facade faces South.

Maximum openness

But one has only to visitors enter the House, as seen literally staggering contrast-we can say, that the opposite side of the House there is virtually no, full transparency. Glass sliding doors, from the ceiling to the floor, the whole length of the wall, rather represent the border, than really separate House and adjacent parcel. All along the rear façade is open porch, overlooking the garden, blue sky and dominant around the curved metal construction whimsically mikropejzaže piercing yellow.

The Interior of the: freedom of space

The Interior is large Studio, in a modern, minimalist style, with a predominance of clean straight lines, located around the U-shaped in the form of a bathtub. This is the only closed room — все же статус помещения обязывает. Весь интерьер открыт от входа до спальни, living room smoothly into the sleep zone. In principle,, It's normal for one person, But if necessary the need for confidentiality, It is possible to install sliding doors. On the one hand, they will give extra zoning with the creation of the private closed space, while maintaining the overall openness of Interior. With all the personal belongings of the owner are hidden from view in closets.

Mobile bar room, that "swims" around the kitchen, in our opinion, здесь избыточен, Since there is already a built-in dining table. In addition, moving around the House, always have it around. It would be more logical to get rid of the rolling bar, and firmware backgrounds, replacing them on a stand-alone dining table near the glass door. This would further free up space in the living area.

Однако только выразительной разницей между закрытым внешним и открытым внутренним фасадом архитектор не ограничился, creating and other unexpected contrasts within a small house. If one end of the House is attached to the base of a cantilever, giving home parashiy views, the other end is attached to a massive and solid masonry. While deliberately rough surface stone wall is opposed in the Interior of the glossy white floor. The dominance of horizontal lines at home balanced by high pipe outdoor fireplace.

Photo André Barbosa with gratitude Alex Nogueira.

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