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The House in the style of Scandinavian modernism: unlimited space

Scandinavian architects were among the tastemakers the art nouveau style of the middle of the last century.

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The architecture of this period is notable for its simplicity of line and a desire to connect with the surrounding residential area home space, open internal space on street.

This House, built in the mid-60-x, includes all the basic features of Art Nouveau mid 20 century. The dominance of horizontal, direct and clear lines, open floor plan, abandoning the solid walls and replacing them on the large Windows. In the late nineties he was ready a bit updated team of architects led by Swedish designer Thomas Sandell.

Internal comfort surrounded by natural materials

This one-storey house 105 M2, which can be divided into two parts-fun zone, in which are concentrated 4 bedrooms (two on each side of the corridor) and large open living room. Hall and a bathroom serve kind of a boundary between them.

Comparing space, immediately understand, where going to hold most of the time the housemates.

Also small and enough bedrooms, they managed to cram bed and wardrobe. At the same time, the living room did not become separated from the dining area, maximum expanding living space.

Living room, into the nature

In accordance with the principles of style, destroyed the boundary between inner space and outer home Wednesday, in the living room big bands visually Windows continue to living up to the horizon.

A little surprising, a sliding door (they are called French), that were already widespread in the mid-60-x, remained unclaimed — Architects restricted output on the patio two single doors ". Perhaps, still affected by the harsh Scandinavian climate features. There is another entrance, with the butt, leading directly to the sleeping rooms.

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Adjacent to the living room large terrace, that only partially protected by a canopy. Outdoor fireplace on the terrace extends season get-togethers outdoors-and even when the street is already quite fresh, It is warm and cozy in cool evening. By the way, the decision of the fireplace is sufficiently original, — It is symmetric, on the terrace and in the living room, having a common pipe. An additional release a little more square.

Softness and austerity of modernism

People often perceive modern style as cold, even sterile, Although home, built in the art nouveau style in the 50-60-ies, already not so hard.

Scandinavian style modern made homes more organic, than in earlier, especially American, samples.

Fireplace and wood panels soften the overall severity and coldness of Art Nouveau. In addition, Despite a large area of glazing, Architects abandoned the Windows to the entire height of the wall, from roof to floor, that makes this House closer to traditional Scandinavia cottages.

Photo Skeppsholmen

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