Wooden houses made of lumber (53 Photo): projects and their features — Design

Wooden houses made of lumber (53 Photo): projects and their features

Wooden houses made of lumber — great opportunity to realise unusual architectural solutions

Project houses made of lumber: design features

Construction of houses made of lumber, regardless of their size and complexity, necessarily begins with the development of the project. When this projects of wooden houses from glued beams should take into account several factors:

  • the number of people, who will live in the House, as well as their age
  • the frequency of human habitation in the House is a permanent or seasonal
  • How often are you going to take guests
  • style, in which you want to build a House
  • number of storeys
  • availability extension added garage, verandas or terraces

Creating a project helps accurately determine the requirements for home

This should take into account, What is premises, simply can not do without: kitchen, Dining room, Living room, a bathroom (one or more), entrance group. Add here the premises for family members and get the approximate area of the House.

In every house there will be a minimal set of necessary premises

If the required area turned out to be too big, It is worth thinking about how, that some premises can be combined, for example, create on the ground floor a spacious kitchen-dining room-living room, While the bedrooms make on the second floor, turning it into a "private area". Some premises-pantry, boiler, the gym can be placed in the basement.

Determined with the objectives and requirements of the home, You can easily sort all accommodation

Council! When designing it is necessary to try to avoid planning walk-through rooms-this will create a lot of inconvenience living.

Draw a hypothetical layout of rooms and try to put on it schemes of movement of the members of the family. This will provide an opportunity to understand, how convenient would each get in own room, where will be optimally shared bathroom and better ladder. And already you can then access the professional architect or seek out a suitable model.

Scheme of movement of the members of the family at home — a simple and affordable way to avoid errors in designing

Be sure to consider, that projects of wooden houses and cottages from a bar have a fundamental difference with design stone (brick) houses in terms of choosing the length/width of home.

The beam length will be limited, that imposes restrictions on the length and width of the walls

If stone monolithic wall of restrictions in this regard, there is virtually no, When you use a laminated Board should take into account, that its length is limited to-this is usually 6 or 12 meters. Therefore, when you design should provide, to the length of the wall, to places of an adjunction of a jumper connecting partitions, was in the range of the length of the beam. This will avoid problems with two connections, that degrade the overall rigidity and reduce thermal insulation.

Butt joints can reduce the insulation and the overall rigidity of the structure

In addition, such an approach would reduce costs by reducing the amount of waste, occur when cutting lumber.

Project, designed to fit the beam, be more beneficial

Individual project will take into account all wishes of the developer, but it will require a lot of time and it will cost not cheap. Standard projects of wooden houses made of lumber will cost much cheaper. In addition, due to the fact, that shrinkage of a wooden house from a bar is minimal (in General, no more than 1%), all work can be performed during the season.

Individual project will create the most suitable accommodation, but it takes a lot of time and will be more expensive

It is also important, that model has passed all approvals by the relevant bodies, and it means that fully meets the requirements of State standards and building codes. And yet-you will see the project completed not on paper, and "live". When this, as any standard project necessarily passes adaptation (its "fit" to the specific conditions of the terrain), you will be able to make some adjustments to the internal layout.

Typical projects are not fixed permanently and you can make some changes

Houses made of lumber: Select number of storeys

Wooden house from profiled beam can have three, and in some cases even four floors, but the increase in the number of storeys leads to a sharp increase in the cost of housing per square metre. Therefore the private housebuilding prevail one- and two-story houses.

Wooden house from profiled beam most often make one- and 2-x story

One-storey wooden houses made of lumber attracted, First of all, simplicity and speed of erection. Project one-story house and a faster, and costs less. One-storey house is better for older people-they don't have to descend/climb stairs. In addition, the lack of stairs will increase the usable space of the House, Yes, and the cost of installing ladders much.

One-storey wooden houses quickly designed and built

Additional savings-on the tab for "light" Foundation. An important disadvantage of single-storey houses-the area, as for comfortable living out of town family will need at least 100-120 M2 (otherwise there is no point rentals), on a small plot of such a House will take a significant part of it. In addition, It will take a lot of roofing material.

One-story houses can occupy larger area on the plot

Two-storey wooden house from a bar lets you get enough living space so, who can boast an extensive stretch of. Such approach allows to relate the House on "personal" (most often, the second floor with bedrooms) and "common" (kitchen, Living room) housing. True, expenditure on bookmark Foundation, but reduced to carrying out roofing works. In addition, two-storey house in the architectural plan looks more spectacular and allows you to implement many of the original design ideas.

Two-storey wooden houses allow you to save space on the plot

Log house with attic: convenient, practical, frugally

Wooden logs House with attic can be considered a compromise solution when choosing between one- and the two-story house. On the one hand, It allows you to get enough living space, saving on costs. Additional floor, obtained by expanding and podkrovel′nogo space, can be used for bedrooms, but especially well done in the attic playroom. Children will make the problem of frequent ascents/descents on the stairs, and for teenagers will be psychologically nice to have your own living space.

Attic — a perfect example of practical use of space

There are a few important points, that should be taken into account, choosing project single-storey wooden house with a loft of beam:

  • the attic insulation, as well as hydro-and steam insulation of a roof
  • the choice of roofing material-metal roof will require additional sound insulation, as will pass inside the attic of hail or rain noise. Natural tiles will require installation of strong roof system. Optimally-soft roof, which would act as additional insulation material and has good acoustic properties
  • Organization of lighting by installing skylights, which can be positioned between the high kicks, increases the duration of daylight hours in the attic, allowing further save on paying electricity
  • If the project involves the reconstruction of housing-mansard attic instead, provision should be made for strengthening the foundations (If necessary,), as well as strengthening of beams and Rafter system
  • to make the most effective use of available area, have to find special furniture, to enable space directly under the rafters
  • of great importance is the selection of the type and location of the stairs. On the one hand, It should be as convenient as possible, on the other hand, does not occupy much space, Therefore, the most sought-after is an option spiral staircase.

Two-storey wooden houses allow you to save space on the plot

House design with a large loft and small Bay Windows in the kitchen and in the living room on fig. 1.

Rice. 1. House design of beam in a big loft.

Project houses with an attic and porch with detail of furniture arrangement is shown in Figure. 2

Rice. 2. Project brusovogo House with veranda and attic

Log house with garage: take into account the

Choosing project, many car owners the question is choose the project House with garage or build a garage separately.

In the Choose project from garage said several factors:

  • space saving-together building a House and garage will be occupied less space, plus-don't need a private road to the garage
  • convenient-from the garage you can get into the House and vice versa, What's particularly nice in autumn, When it's raining, or spring, When it's cold. Will remain dry and legs, and purchase
  • machine, standing in a relatively warm garage, in winter, lighter fires
  • garage can turn into "male" or workshop, There will be a place where not only the tool, but sport Simulator or computer.

Project garage a more economical, more convenient, Winter in the garage will be a little warmer

Your project must consider several factors, characteristic for the garage. First of all, increased fire hazards garage, that might contain flammable materials. In addition, the project should also include some buffer zone (room), that will be cut off from the living area car "specific" smells-gasoline, exhaust gases. Or include in the draft a separate ventilation system for the garage.

Garage in wooden houses from a bar must have either a buffer room, or a separate ventilation system

And another important point is the need to wash (at least wash the dirt) machine, before, How to put in the garage, that is especially true in the "dirty" months of spring/autumn. Therefore, the draft should provide not only water recap, but the drainage system.

Draft brusovogo home with garage and loft area 122 M2 is given in Figure. 3 and 4.

Rice. 3. Ground floor plan
Rice. 4. Attic plan

Two-storey house area project 232 M2 with garage on rice. 5, 6 and 7.

Wooden houses made of lumber. Rice. 5
Wooden houses made of lumber. Rice. 6
Wooden houses made of lumber. Rice. 7

Houses made of lumber with a Bay window: Add home attractiveness

The use of such architectural elements as Bay window makes an original and attractive exterior of the House. When this window not only gives the House a prestigious, presentable appearance, but also enables low cost significantly increase the usable living space, enhanced illumination of premises and get a beautiful panoramic view. Bay window can be any shape: rectangular, square, semicircular, trapezoidal or multifaceted. Optimally suitable for Bay Windows rest area, dining or group the winter garden (greenhouses).

Houses made of lumber with Bay window look more stylish and interesting

Of other wood-based construction material glulam best suited for the construction of curly projections. Thanks to Castle system material is achieved the overall structural strength, and the House itself turns out well protected from blowing off.

Glulam is perfect for bow window

Creating a project brusovogo House with Bay window, You should consider several features:

  • Bay window, as he custom element, will be in harmony with the overall architectural composition, If she has a complex roof, the original form of Windows or sophisticated input group
  • Bay window increases the number of angles in the building, that leads to a decrease in the overall rigidity of the box. To strengthen the stability of the box House, in the project it is necessary to provide for the laying at the bottom and the top two or three inseparable rings. In addition, will require additional thermal insulation of conjugation
  • Bay window with continuous glazing walls looks very impressive, but this version of the extension is suitable for summer house (Villas). For homes with permanent stay better to confine glazed Bay window half-House will turn warmer
  • due to the nature and properties of beam shape of a ladder has a number of limitations. First of all, display window semicircular shape is hard enough, In addition, violated by material strength properties. The optimal form of Bay window for houses-triangular, rectangular or pentahedral.

Bay window arrangement has its own characteristics, that you should consider when planning home

House with Bay window and an attic in Figure. 8

Wooden houses made of lumber. Rice. 8

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