Decking (57 Photo): types of, installation, care — Design

Decking (57 Photo): types of, installation, care

Decking-adds enhanced design and individuality
Decking — convenient and practical material
Bright deck beautifully contrasts with the darker siding home
Decking is absolutely necessary in the regeneration of terraces and verandas

Decking: types and features

Decking is a special kind of lumber, to which there are special requirements, peculiarities of its use:

  • exterior sheathing-cottages and houses facades

Façade cladding terrace Board
Decking is often used for external furnish of buildings
  • arrangement of floors in the pavilions, verandahs, balconies and other open areas
  • plating baths and saunas, creating sites (terraces) around swimming pools

Due to its practicality, decking is widely used in open areas
Decking in the sauna
The Board will ensure longevity, safety and orderly Croft exterior
  • construction porch or stairs, fences and railings
  • laying of garden paths

Beautiful garden path of decking,
Porch should not only have a perfect and beautiful appearance, but concisely fit and blend with the overall exterior and Croft
High-quality decking has a high level of water resistance
  • manufacturing garden furniture, benches
  • coverage of piers, Piers, as well as yacht decks

Bright and practical garden furniture from the terrace boards
Pier of decking, looks very nice
Deck of the terrace boards very spectacular and practical

That is why the decking should be firm, resistant to decay, maximum waterproof, as well as be sustained before fungi, mold and various insect. Next, let's look at the main types of the terrace boards.

Board made of natural wood

For the production of this type uses solid wood boards, terrace. While the best indicators are exotic for our wood edges: teak, padouk, Sequoia, Iroko, Yarra, Tali, billing solution, garapiâ, Okan, Kumar, massaranduba (This wood is called iron), afromosiâ, merbau, IPE (combines strength and firmness with flexibility and elasticity). Beginning in wet tropical climate, These trees produce natural resistance to Sun and humidity, gnilostnym bacteria and insects pests.

Board made of natural wood
Interesting patio made of natural wood

Most close to him on the properties, but much more affordable decking from larch -when wet, this wood is just getting harder, It's not liking "rodents and insects-drevotočcam. And here's the decking of the pines will require extra processing-special impregnation resins and compounds, that will improve its water repellency. But even after that, she could not compete for durability with other tree species.

Best quality exotic for our wood edges

Board from thermomodified wood

To get solid wood raskalâût wood treated with steam up to 200 c, as a result of which chemical and physical properties of the material change. As a result, receive vysokoèkologičnuû wood, which is much more resistant to temperature changes, has a great, than a simple tree, resistance to mildew or rotting, has the best rates on insulation. And all this without the use of paints, impregnation, paints and other chemicals.

Board from thermomodified wood
Terrace of heat-treated wood

Polymer decking

Decking from wood-polymeric material is artificially generated material, which are based on resins with addition of various (mineral or organic) fillers: shavings, sawdust, wood flour, fibreglass etc.. As a binder can be used polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene or polyethylene. Composite decking can be painted as during manufacturing by making dyes directly into generated a lot (This kind of painting most racks), and independently enamel or paint after installation.

Polymer decking

Production of the terrace planks of wood-polymer composite enables you to get a finishing material, which is completely flawed, inherent in natural wood. Among its benefits, it is worth noting the following:

  • terraced capable of withstanding considerable (from -50 up to + 70° c) temperature fluctuations
  • resistant to mechanical stress
  • not affected by aggressive natural (rain, snow, fog) Wednesday, not deformed and does not crack

Decking of KDP — finishing material, which is completely flawed, inherent in natural wood
  • It does not infest wood insects, She is immune to mold and fungi
  • ease of operation: decking KDP does not absorb any substance, by ingestion of foods, oil, drinks and sauces on its surface does not remain stains-decking quite simply rinse with water with addition of ordinary household chemicals. In the fall of tobacco ash (butts) not only completely excluded the possibility of ignition, But even in most of the cases do not occur burning tracks. In addition, Unlike wooden plank cover, plastic decking does not require periodic tincture, while retaining the original aesthetically pleasing appearance

Polymer decking to long preserves the original aesthetically pleasing appearance

When this polymer terraced deck retains the naturalness and warmth of natural wood, He also is pleasant with tactile touch. Boards can be double (for areas with heavy load and traffic areas) and hollow (This option is easier and cheaper).

Assembling the terrace boards: installation rules

Regardless of, What type of decking is selected, install it with their own hands is quite simple-the technology largely repeats the conventional boards assembling. Before laying the terrace boards need to prepare base. It is not recommended to stack the Board directly on the ground, for example, at the device of garden paths you need to remove the primer, fill and tamp pillow from gravel and sand, and at the points of use paving tiles (concrete or Foundation blocks), that stacked logs.

Decking is not submissive to temperature changes and adverse weather conditions

Council! To water stagnate on the boards and flowed, laying of lag is, to ready the surface had a bias comment 1%.

Fastening the terrace boards is done in two ways:

  • outdoor-in this case, use screws with corrosion-resistant coating. That Board is not tresnulsâ when screwing screws, her pre-prisverlivaût to logs. The resulting coating is called "klepannym" because of the open heads of screws. To hide the heads of screws, When screwing them utaplivajut in Blackboard, and the top cover special plugs (plugs), made from the same boards

When installing the polymer boards should be used between them

Council! Because when heated polymer boards expand, their mount is not tightly to each other, leaving a gap order 3-6 mm

  • closed-in this case, use a special fasteners for the terrace boards, made of stainless steel and resembles a Staples. Mounting diagram is shown in Figure. 1

Fig. 1. Assembling the terrace boards using hidden fasteners

Except for visual appeal (head screws are hidden), This mounting method has another important advantage-hidden fasteners withstand accurately required (5-7 mm) the gap between boards. In addition, These gaps will provide drainage and ventilation of the space under the deck.

Learn more about assembling the terrace boards see video:

Terrace care Board

If the decking, made of wood-polymer composite, virtually maintenance free, the natural wood will require attention. Special oil for the terrace boards protects the material from moisture and mechanical damage.

Council! As a defense we do not recommend the use of lacquer-coating over time formed scratches, but the lacquer begins to crack.

Special oil for the terrace boards protects the material from moisture and mechanical damage

Oil-covered boards retain the ability to "breathe", and the surface becomes bright and shiny, protected from mildew and mold. You can pick up oil, taking into account the characteristics of the installation Board. Oil with an additional UV filter put on boards, long under the Sun-it will protect wood from fading and drying. Oil with an additional antibacterial protection need for coatings, which endures in high humidity.

Natural wood decking requires periodic maintenance

Council! Versatile option for any wood-Tung oil, It is deeply absorbed in the tree structure, handled them the tree will not absorb water and will dry irregularly.

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