Edgeland House: urban dugout from Bercy Chen Studio — Design

Edgeland House: urban dugout from Bercy Chen Studio

Edgeland Residence House (City of Austin, Texas, United States) designed and created for the writer-fantast, who dreamed of having a blagoutroennyj House in the former industrial area.

New life for industrial zone

Design of erection, designed by the architectural company Berry Chen Architects, inspired by ancient human housing-zemlânkoj, which for centuries enjoyed native Americans-Indians. Until then, the company has already managed to implement some pretty audacious projects, different solutions, friendly to the environment. Therefore, an important goal of the project was the reclamation of the land plot, which was formerly part of the refinery complex and restore the slope, which was destroyed when removing old piping. Implementation of the project allowed the resumption of balance between the former industrial area and flowing near the river.

Urban dugout 21 century

Externally, the House resembles a small hill, which Titanic forces tore in half and consists of two independent parts-the living room with one hand, and two bedrooms on the other. The slope of the roof is located literally at ground level, Therefore, the lack of Windows to offset large glass walls, Let the sunlight into the building. Accommodations are approximately 2 meters below ground level, Therefore, the layer of the Earth softens as the summer heat of the central part of Texas, and the winter cold, speaking reliable heat insulator. Inside the climate controlled geothermal heating and cooling system, integrated into the overall system of conditioning and ventilation.

Alone with nature

External staircase, located by the entrance, leads down, the courtyard, turning into a small terrace with a swimming pool. Wings of buildings create pleasant shade, but for elongated narrow patio constantly walks a gentle breeze, bringing coolness from flowing River below. Against a backdrop of greenery, which surrounds the House, sharp wedge allocated pool. Living green roof created eco-Studio Lady Bird Wildflower Center, that could restore the stretch more 40 species of native grasses and flowers, protecting and stabilizing the local ecosystem. Sitting in the courtyard, represents a kind of platform, Watch the flight of the butterflies-monarchs, planning a hummingbird or vanity hardworking Ant Colony.

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