Attic ladder hatch — fashion Assistant in the House — Design

Attic ladder hatch — fashion Assistant in the House

Table of contents

  • Life of attic ladders
  • Types of models
  • Technical characteristics
  • Stand alone installation works
  • Five steps to a perfect entry into the attic

Attic ladder can be a stylish complement contemporary interior
Elegant attic stairs white color complements a minimalistic interior
Stylish metal attic stairs

Modern loft ladder with hatch-not just the original innovation in furniture At home. This is a mechanism, Compact, reliable and easy, able to provide convenient access to the attic. And what about our old friend, u.s. time regular ladder? Think about:

  1. Own security, especially, When you have to climb into the attic with busy hands.
  2. Tom, that pristavnuû the ladder you need to store, she selects the usable area in the House.
  3. Inconvenience. Because the ladder should always carry, Prepend, tidy up.

Modular stair module is much more profitable than in functional terms. And original design performance, modern modules perfectly underline a single interior ensemble.

Beautiful and convenient stairs to exit the attic
Dark metal folding ladder will be the highlight of the Interior
Retractable stairway of light metal

Life of attic ladders

To decompose stair module-you just need to pull the built-in damper ring. You can do this by hand or a special stick-crochet. Opening, Attic hatch together with stairs gently descends to you. Pulling the bottom rung, module rasprâmlâût finally.

  • Some mobile stair installation tool for electric drive, that speeds up and simplifies the process of bringing the attic module in working condition.

Outside the exit to the attic is covered by the shell-frame, upholstered FIBERBOARD and dyed in the color ceiling. For the sake of heat in the room a special sealant. This hatch attic insulated with ladder saves warmth even in the most severe frost.

Folding ladder — beautiful and necessary element in the House with an attic
At the end of the ladder is equipped with wheels for convenient installation

What else can please the modern mobile stair installation?

  • Compactness. Modern loft design form a single unit with cherdachnym hatch, that is why they are invisible in folding form. But if tastefully equip himself entrance to the attic, the hatch in the ceiling will be totally invisible third eye.
  • Convenience. Times-open hatch, two-decompose ladder (It takes less than a minute), three-you're already in the attic. Isn't it convenient compared with severe stremânkoj? The design is so easy to use, that it can successfully use the elderly and children.
  • Comfort. Equip the output on the Loft you can regardless of the Interior, in any convenient room station. Does not prevent the existence of furniture, passage width/corridor. Well, use the block perfectly safe (After all, modern equipment set includes a convenient handholds and special anti-slip notches on stair steps).

Modern attic stairs differ by miniaturization and convenience

Types of models

Ladder attic units are available in two versions.

♦ Folding (sectional). More compact models, consisting of 3-4 sections with steps. They are laid out using a spring mechanism built. In their manufacture often use wood or wood with metal.

  • Tree. The most simple and easy-to-install mounting. Attract such models and low cost.

Traditional wooden attic ladder
Light wood ladder will look good in any interior
  • Metal. The original stairs-accordion, similar in appearance to the pliers-scissors, that raskladyvaâs′, apply to fine stairs. In summary form these stairs are like spring. Such models are particularly strong, can withstand very heavy weight.

A frail-looking, but very reliable to use metal stairs
«Openwork» staircase of dark metal
Exquisite and compact metal staircase
  • Wood-metal. Hybrid Mobile constructions consist of wooden and metal frame-the basics. They are good in, If you need any step can easily be replaced with a new.

Interesting combination ladder

♦ Sliding (telescopic). Special durability and reliability have metal attic hatches with retractable staircase. They are frequently made of two sections. The first is attached to has Luc, the second to the first section, razdvigaâs′ by guides. When the ladder is folded, its sections «covering with» on top of each other. Therefore, these models require a sufficiently large aperture in the roof slab.

Strong and reliable ladder with telescopic mechanism
Only a few movements — and stairs to the attic is ready
Metal stairs to the attic look very stylish

Technical characteristics

Before selecting a model be sure to familiarize yourself with their technical characteristics. Especially note the:

♦ Tall doorway. This metric directly depends on, What is the height of the ceiling in your home. Note, that wooden staircase will be very easy to fit to the size you want, just cut it over (with metal you do not succeed).

♦ Steps. Stage stairs must go strictly parallel lines sex, otherwise, it would be unsafe to climb. The width of steps correspond to the parameters of adult human (mostly about 65 see). Make sure that the, to the width of steps staircase design folded was not less than 10 mm. The steeper the angle of inclination of ladder, those already obtained stage. Recommended angle is around 20-25°.

The calculations will carefully arrange safe and secure ladder to the Loft
This ladder will be indispensable as in house, and in the garage or utility room

♦ Maximum load. For durable and safe use will be sufficient for a maximum 160 kg. some modern models are designed and more weight (before 260 kg).

♦ The thickness of heat insulation layer. Value, indicates the tightness of hatch, that is, its sound and heat-saving quality.

Such options, as dimensions of the attic stairs hatch can vary and depend on the execution model of the mobile unit. The best are considered 60-70 see on 120 see.

Council! If you intend to buy a ladder made of metal, make sure that the, to all metal parts have been treated against corrosion. When selecting wooden structures check the dryness of the wood and the absence of knots on it. Specify whether the processed wood protective impregnations from fungus and bugs.

Stand alone installation works

Know, respect for mobile attic stair adapters specialists? For the, that mounted ladder with hatch with their hands quite simply and easily. Installation is best done along with team-mate. What you need to:

  • Adjustable wrench on 10, Cordless screwdriver, screws, screwdriver and inclinometer.
  • Auxiliary boards for mounting iron/wood designs.

Remember, that doorway, you are going to install ladder attic unit, must correspond exactly to the size of manhole.

Arrange a convenient outlet to the attic is quite possible with their hands

Five steps to a perfect entry into the attic

♦ Step 1. In the doorway fasten helper boards and drop the whole stair construction in ceiling hole. If apply finishing panels -leave cm gap between the boards and ceiling. While Assistant with tools should be at the top of the.

♦ Step 2. Lift ladder, install it on the boards-help. To place screws place the spacers so, the staircase between the box and the edge of the ceiling openings created a right angle. Fix attic mobile module screws.

♦ Step 3. Man, which is at the bottom, Removes the auxiliary boards and opens the doorway. When this «top» Assistant carefully lays down both sides of the construction 4 screw (two front and two rear).

♦ Step 4. The space between the ceiling and the aperture of the module is filled with insulation material.

♦ Step 5. On the edges of the block spin bolts, the ladder folds, then screw again the screws. Make sure that the, to design in factored form produces an straight line. If necessary, adjust its inclination angle (to do this, move the slots from side supports).

When installing wooden staircase, its height can be adjusted, otpiliv excess. If the trait of sawdust have to step, power height adjuster (It is located on the sides of). Slightly loosen the screws and slide a little corner design until, While stair withdraws behind the line alleged took. In completing the installation of wooden and metal attic ladder installed handrails and guardrails are required at the hatch.

Attic ladder hatch — video

The beauty of your home!

Attic ladder hatch — Photo

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