Stained glazing of facades (46 Photo): practical and modern — Design

Stained glazing of facades (46 Photo): practical and modern

For a long time, stained or panoramic glazing facades used to decorate shopping malls, Office and public buildings. For example, It is actively used in car dealerships through the glass storefront of a machine perfectly visible and, While remaining securely protected from bad weather, attract buyers.

Stained glazing Swiss hotel
Stained glazing façade of a dwelling house

Over time, stained glazing system implemented and in residential construction, especially when placing buildings of premium-class-it fits perfectly into the concept of modern architecture, Plus adds building prestige and elitism.

Stained glazing of the second floor of a residential building

From the panoramic glazing opens an excellent panorama of the modern city, but not only this made stained glazing attractive and ensured its popularity in mass construction.

Bedroom home with stained glass façade, overlooking the city
Bedroom home with stained glass façade overlooking the mountains

Features and benefits of the stained glass glazing

Historically, that traditional for our latitudes architecture can not boast large Windows. This is because, that building technologies, for example, a century-old, could not provide reliable isolation-even Windows double glazing and seal the cracks did not solve the problem of heat loss. So the dilemma is more light (t. e.. more Windows) or more heat-decided in favor of "heat", even cold enough in our latitudes, Yes and a light day in winter-autumn nedlitel′nyj.

Two walls completely glazed
Glazing a three-storey residential house

But the lack of sunlight, for a long staying in Twilight, a dimly lit room leads to apathy, causes depression, reduces productivity and increases aggressiveness.

A great combination of wood and glass exterior

Sunlight is the most favorable and valuable to the human eye, that nature adapted to this type of lighting. In addition, sunlight improves metabolism and overall health, strengthens immunity and tones the nervous system. That is why when designing residential buildings must take into account the level of insolation-time, that room is illuminated by sunlight. In addition, long duration of lighting with natural light premises should more dignity panoramic glazing-energy savings on lighting.

Osteklennie stained glass façade of the House on the beach

In addition, Note and other positive moments:

  • decorative and aesthetic-panoramic glazing gives construction of airiness and lightness, makes it pleasant to her visual perception, and on a sunny day, allowing you to enjoy the game of solar flares on its surface

Glazed façade a small three-storey apartment house
  • transformation of space-stained glazing, in other words-glass wall blurs the boundary between Visual space and an adjacent plot, the surrounding area becomes a logical continuation of the rooms. In addition, light filled room visually perceived as greater area. Therefore,, even a relatively modest room area will be perceived as very spacious

Glass wall in the bathroom
The sense of space in a building with a glazed
  • durability-glass, reinforced steel and aluminium, glazing system components, immune to the wind, will give the temperature (no frost, Neither the heat did not have destructive impacts), not subject to corrosion and weathering, while maintaining durability and attractive appearance for a long time.

Partial glazing combined with rough white stone
  • high insulation-PVC Windows reliably prevent the building from freezing and heat leakage, that saves on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. On its energy efficiency glazing exceeds a stone (brick, gazobetonnuû) Wall

High thermal insulation enables the use of glazing in mountain homes

Council! To maximize the thermal insulation in the northern areas should apply sealing tape, termovstavki and special seals.

  • self-sufficiency-panoramic glazing, actually replacing a wall, does not require additional finishing of the façade

Glazing — beautiful views of the exterior decoration
  • the variety of designs-modern technologies allow to run stained glazing in different shapes, including geometrically complex, curved, that gives the building an attractive, custom views

A-shaped dwelling house with stained glass
Extended residential house with glazed walls
  • fire safety-glass does not burn itself, as well as does not support combustion

Glazed end dwelling house
  • ease of use-solid glazing will require only periodic (twice a year) washing

Panoramic view from the House with glass

Council!The use of special glass technology — "self-purification" will minimize the procedure bathing Windows

Modern residential house with stained glass façade
  • high noise

The Interior of the House with stained glass

However, panoramic (stained) glazing has several shortcomings, Although most of them are established can be considered only partially:

  • lack of privacy, security-not many are willing to literally expose on the show» your life, residents of the House with glass walls "feel a certain psychological discomfort from this. In fact, the problem is eliminated, If you choose a tinted or mirror glass, that allows you to get the desired level of light transmittance. In addition, now actively used electrochromic glass transparency control-remote control, you can increase or decrease the degree of darkening glass

Tinted Windows in the House with stained glass façade
House with mirror glass facade shading
  • problems with ventilation-air-tightness of the stained glass of the glazing will require installation of ventilation systems. Installing remotely opened transoms (window leaves) solves the problem only partially. In fact, installation of ventilation system is required for the modern vacation home, given the characteristics of the layout, used building materials and requirements for habitability of housing and energy efficiency. And the problem of sweating Windows (and, at the same time, space heating) is solved by installing vnutripol′nyh convectors or "warm floor"

Glazed façade oddly shaped
  • stylistic characteristics-large Windows are ideal for modern interiors — Hi-tech or minimalist, but absolutely not suitable for classical variants

Stained glazing in the House with loft-style interiors

The design of the stained glass of the glazing of facades: Select options

Stained glazing for façade finishing looks very solidly and representatively, that in the eyes of the average developer it seems unacceptable and unaffordable costs.

House with stained glass look like in the afternoon, and in the evening

In fact, It's not quite so, many glazing systems sufficiently democratic at cost, It all depends on the selected technology:

  • mullion-glazing rigel′noe is the most economical, reliable and common system, which can be installed in various inclined plane. In this case, the frame mount vertical rack, to which are attached the horizontal crossbars. Glazing clamp using the rubber seals between the mounted structure and external profile. To reduce the visibility of clamping elements, decorate them with special lids, with a variety of shades and shapes

Schematic image of the system post-rigel′nogo glazing
  • mullion-bolt work semi-covert system differs from above using special clamps, similar to slats, for external fixation of double-glazed Windows
  • structural glazing façade system, to get the solid glass coating, in which all the bearing elements are invisible. For this glass is attached to the armature pinhole method using high-strength sealant. The cost of installing such a system is quite high due to the high cost of materials

Schematic image of structural glazing façade system
  • semi-structural glazing-system, When used simultaneously and clamping elements, and silicone sealants, This combination allows to reduce cost

Schematic image of the system polustrukturnogo glazing
  • spajdernaâ-elite stained glazing system, allows you to get a particularly strong, almost monolithic glass cloth. Received its name because of the reinforced alloy steel special brackets, resembling spiders, which fixed glazing.

Bracket spider glazing systems for facades

Stained (shopwindow) glazing also actively used for decoration of garden pavilions, pavilions and terraces is attached buildings the air, easy, literally weightless appearance, while providing reliable protection from rain and wind.


Stained glazing of facades — Photo

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