Turn the water tower in the elite housing: Mission: possible — Design

Turn the water tower in the elite housing: Mission: possible

The authors of this project-developers and architects Lee Osbourne and Graham Vos called his project "magnificent obsession". Judge for yourself-take a totally trivial thing-water tower in a very bad condition and make housing more "elite" class. For this we need to be really obsessed person, fanatically believes in the favorable outcome. It took 9 months and help Studio 1St-option, to sad and gloomy building (height in 33 meters and with walls 1.5 metres thick), color rapidly just in a pile of bricks, get sparkling, the surreal House, calling the surprise and awe.

Originally from the Victorian era

The water tower was built in Kensington 1877 year in the Victorian era. At that time, even the purely utilitarian buildings, as hospitals, water towers and even sewer pumping stations have been developed with great care. They became proud and attraction in those areas, where were built. The water tower was built in the Venetian Gothic style, romantic and classic cantons and pilasters, colorful brick, the combination of round Windows on the pediment with narrow, with crack-like on the walls. First, it provided water Phylogeny workhouse, then — Lambertskuû hospital. However, since the mid-20th century tower, discarded, for its intended purpose of use, and it turned into a huge house for flocks of wild pigeons.

Reconstruction started from the, that completely liberated inner space. But "looks" water tower left original, lovingly updating and restoring brick. Inside the tower is now a gym (on the ground floor), three guest bedrooms and one with a large open mezzanine. Instead of a huge metal tank (capacity, By the way, was 3412,5 cubic meters) on the top floor-living room, with panoramic, on all 360 degrees, views of the Centre of London. At each level of the bathroom appeared. In addition, the side built a šestiètažnuû elevator shaft, adjoining the Tower of glass transitions.

The second addition is three-storey glass structure, that the creators themselves are called "cube". There is the kitchen, garage, but on his roof- large terrace. But famous for all United Kingdom "cube" did three massive sliding doors-height 6 meters, they are the largest in the UK. All interiors, as in the Tower, and in Cuba, decorated in a minimalist style. Such an unusual project could not go unnoticed-reconstruction of the Tower the British Canal4 devoted a special transfer program "modern design".

Price question

Now about significant aspect is the price issue. When buying for the old and decayed water tower had to lay out 395 thousands of pounds. I see, the bulk of the cost is the cost of a plot of land in nedeševom area of London. On reconstruction of the current owners spent order 2 million. feet. The restored tower now put up for sale, Initially, fixing the price at 6,5 million. lbs. However, in spite of external appeal, wishing to purchase such a custom property was not found. So developers had to lower the price to 4,75 million.

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