Projects of houses with flat roof (62 Photo): new materials — new opportunities — Design

Projects of houses with flat roof (62 Photo): new materials — new opportunities

Projects of houses with flat roof originally were more popular in Western countries
Quality roofing materials and professional work with them to make reliable and dogovečnuû roof

So in the private house skatnym preference or tent roof. The situation changed with the advent of modern technology and roofing materials, that led to durable and reliable waterproofing the roof of the House with a flat roof.

One-storey house with a flat roof
Flat roof House, overgrown grass

Flat roofs: advantages and disadvantages

The main reason for the rising popularity of flat roofs became the popularity of modern design currents — project Hi-Tech homes flat roof enables you to meet the exterior and interior of the building features of style. Another flat roof is often used in modernity and minimalism.

Multi-story villa with flat roof

However, In addition to the spectacular appearance and visual appeal, It has a number and other benefits:

  • speed of construction of the roof-construction of flat roof takes less time, than pitched (Hip) roof, including the convenience of work on a horizontal surface

A charming terrace on the flat roof of one-story homes
  • accessibility services-no need to install ladders or treetop attraction, all work (cleaning gutters, control of ventilation ducts, cleaning leaves, etc.) You can hold yourself

The flat roof is much easier and safer to serve
  • obtaining additional space at the expense of arranging operated roof

Roof space usage, as recreation areas
  • flat roof is ideal for installation and maintenance/servicing of various technological equipment-solar panels, wind turbines, heaters, air conditioners, antennas, water collection systems.

On the roof of a small residential complex installed solar panels
On the flat roof of the small houses installed solar panels

Quite a controversial issue-the cost of installing a flat roof. On the one hand, the area of this roof is significantly less, than the ramp, (a), means, There will be fewer roofing materials. And roofing materials, used for device flat roof, cost less.

A House with a flat roof of an unused

But, On the other hand, the use of reinforced concrete slabs (in most cases,, especially when creating operated roof) creates a significant burden, requires strengthening the foundations and supporting walls, especially if it's a draft two-storey houses with flat roof. That with savings on the roof device leads to an overall increase in construction budget.

Two-storey house with a flat roof

Ambiguous question remains about the snow, accumulating during the winter on a flat roof. Certain experts are inclined to believe this is a moment of positive-snow acts as an additional layer of heat insulator, thereby reducing heat loss. Others argue, that snow increases the load on the load-bearing elements ((a), means, This should be included in the draft), and its subsequent melting could lead to violation of tightness and leakage of roof.

The abundance of snow increases requirements for roofing materials

Types of flat roof

Projects of houses and cottages with flat roof can have different types of roofs:

  • exploited-includes regular finding people on the roof or the installation of heavy objects. Such roof requires hard grounds (more often than not — reinforced concrete), and insulating material has to withstand serious static and dynamic loads, be strong in compression

The roof surface is decorated with stones
Large garden with paths on a flat roof
  • their unexploited-does not provide a big load, so tough (concrete) You can replace the base wood logs with the crate. For the servicing of such roofs use special ladders or footbridges, to relieve the pressure and evenly distribute it across the square roof

House with patio and flat an unused roof
One-storey house with a flat roof of an unused
  • inversion-a layer of insulation above the waterproofing layer, thus providing additional protection against temperature changes, UV and mechanical influences, an increasing number of cycles freezing/melting. This complex leads to a significant increase in the lifespan of the roof. Most often, the inversion is used as roof-operated on such a roof you can add furniture, walk or crashing flower beds.

House with roof, planted with different kinds of ornamental grasses
House with roof, planted with different kinds of ornamental grasses with magnificent views

Operated roof: in fact, every square centimeter

The ever-increasing cost of modern living forces make the best use of all available area, and this will help projects of houses with flat roof in use. In fact,, If we consider the projects of single storey houses with flat roof, owners receive available to an additional "floater" floor, that gives the opportunity to, for example, to abandon verandas, thus freeing up additional space on the plot.

Flower Garden on a flat roof
Juicy bright green on a flat roof

There are many use cases operated roof:

  • rest area-you can unsubscribe from arbors, build a carport, Mangal (BBQ) on the roof, creating all conditions for picnic

    Barbecue on the roof
  • Green Zone-equip flowerbeds, lawns and even the beds, because the roof gets the most amount of sunlight

Small gardens on small modern homes
Evening lights of residential and green areas
  • Winter Garden -all-season version of the green zone

Winter Garden on a flat roof
  • pool-creating a beach environment (benefit, Sun abound), on the roof you can sunbathe and swim from late spring

Glass bottom pool on the roof
  • Sports zone-you can build a basketball court, install the simulators. Some owners on large roofs suit even Tennis Court

Tennis Court, equipped on the roof
  • helipad-the attribute of premium homes

Flat roof with a swimming pool, as a heliport

Flat roofing: features of the device and installation

In fact, houses with flat roof (projects, images listed below) have the inclination of the roof within 5 degrees, that water could go from the roof. Otherwise,, perform a number of operations-razuklonku-to get your roof pitch.

Flat roof House project No. 1

Flat roof is a multi-layer construction (rice. 1) (in technical literature can be found the term "pie operated roof»), When laying which is of great importance not only to the quality of materials and works, but strict adherence to time periods. So, necessary elements of a flat roof, This:

Rice. 1. The device roofing flat roof pie
  • rigid base is normally a flat roof made of reinforced concrete. Before the beginning of works it carefully clear and level, spraying a cement coupler, which sustains all cracks, chips and cracks. Work continued after final hardening solution

Flat roof House project No. 2
  • steam-on top of the screed laid steam barrier or bitumen-polymer film. This layer is designed to protect the insulation from moisture and condensation, coming from inside the building. The seams of the vapor barrier carefully seal (stick together, weld)

Flat roof House project No. 3
  • heat insulation-layer, largely determines the efficiency and durability of roofing pie. And since flat roof, Unlike pitched, has no podkrovel′nogo space (that provides additional insulation), for our latitudes roof insulation question is extremely important. Most commonly used for these purposes mineral wool is it durable, požarobezopasna, It is not subject to rotting, resistant to compression, is hydrophobic, paropronicaema. That is especially important in the case of a flat roof is directly on it, you can produce laying of waterproofing surfacing. For improving two-layer thermal insulation system using energy saving, in which the first (bottom) layer performs heat insulator, and the second is more dense, Additionally performs the distribution function

Flat roof House project No. 4
Flat roof House project No. 5
  • waterproofing-choose durable, elastic, non-combustible, resistant to temperature, microorganisms, fungi and mechanical loads material. For an unused roof barns, you can use roofing felt or bitumen. For home it is better to use modern cover — PVC-membranes, napylâemuû waterproofing (polyurea, liquid rubber), EPDM membrane, diffuse (penetrating) membrane. They are durable (with proper installation and operation of serve up 30 years), extremely resistant to mechanical stress. They take into account the even factors such, as a warning to the germination of plant roots. Optimal price/quality factor look PVC membrane, created by polyvinyl chloride-they are strong, resistant to UV light, non-flammable and extremely light.

Flat roof House project No. 6
Flat roof House project No. 7

Council! For designs, with complex geometry, It is better to use liquid polymers, that when not forming stitches.

When the device operated roof (Fig. 2) with planting plants on waterproofing must lay a geotextile, which are placed between the drainage (gravel) and soil. Waterproof synthetic fibers inhibit the leaching into drainage soil particles and the silting of soil. If you do not plan to plant landing, on top of waterproofing cause of concrete plate, on which stack a tile. As an option, in the form of a topcoat you can use gravel-Sandy zasypku. Type and type of finish coating is determined by the mode of operation of the roof.

Rice. 2. The scheme operated by laying the flat roof

For prolonged use of the flat roof is very important to properly plan and organize water disposal, to moisture effectively played with the roof surface. Depending on the overall project, drains can be internal or external, and to prevent them freezing in the winter-equipped with thermal (heating) cables.

A slight slope makes it easy to solve the problem of drainage from the roof

Council! Rainwater drains in areas with a slope and carefully gidroizoliruût places of an adjunction to the roof, to catch debris they equip special baskets.

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