Polycarbonate roofs above the porches (55 Photo): attractive, aesthetically pleasing and practical — Design

Polycarbonate roofs above the porches (55 Photo): attractive, aesthetically pleasing and practical

Polycarbonate visor above the porch — a simple way to protect the entrance to the House from the weather, and when it is appropriate to any style exterior
Two of the most popular ready-made designs of roofs for a porch
Polycarbonate — translucent material, and load-bearing elements are visible through it
Of polycarbonate sheets make individually designed sheds for the porch

Visor above the porch: functions and features

The main function of the visor above the porch is a porch entrance and protection from the rain, snow, Castle and sun rays. A simple example-no matter how reliable and well-protected and revetted was not entrance door, under the influence of the Sun, wind and moisture, it will begin to lose its original appearance. Over time, stains appear on it, starts flaking paint, manifest rust. Of course, all this can be fix, but it will take time and financial costs. In addition, moisture entering the castle in winter may cause jamming (Sometimes the full damage) mechanism-you just won't be able to open it, because it froze up — situation, which, Unfortunately, quite familiar to many motorists.

For sloped brim of straight sheets polycarbonate should immediately provide rainwater shoe

Another point-discharge water. Firstly, visor lets you get out of the House and quietly open umbrella. Or vice versa, coming home, close umbrella, and, no muss or fuss and not evading unpleasant rain, get keys, Open the door and go in the House. And, By the way, wipe your feet on dry mat. Secondly, water, including flowing down from the roof, away from the porch, that reduces the negative impact on the natural factors. In addition, You can not be afraid, that came out of the House in winter, have to balance on the slippery obmerzših levels of, that is especially dangerous, If the porch high.

Minimalist design visor at heavy metal frame above the porch at home in modern style
If your location has no problems heavy snowfall — You can choose pergol′nyj visor — without tilt

Canopy over the entrance of polycarbonate quite effectively reflects sunlight. This helps to reduce the thermal load on the wall, as a result, in the summer in the House will be a little cooler, that, in turn, save electricity-less air conditioning will work.

Canopy of bent monolithic polycarbonate on steel pillars above the double door
Polycarbonate visor-carport on vertical pillars, expanded metal panels of openwork laser cutting

The basic requirements to the visor

Rigidity. It will have to withstand substantial loads-water flow, snowfalls (load, that creates condensation snow, big enough, Therefore, it is important to correctly pick up form, where the snow will "slip" with visor), strong wind (the visor should not disrupt). Therefore,, to give sufficient structural stability, need to farm (Base), What can be used various materials:

  • metal corners-lets get visually light, modern and attractive canopies. The best way to link them together using welding, She looks aesthetically, What if bolted connection is used

Join sheets of polycarbonate
  • wood is gradually losing its appeal, primarily due to poor compatibility with modern materials, such as cast or cellular polycarbonate. In other, If we are talking about House of beam or logs, then to save the unity of style there is no other option. Due to the use of fairly heavy roofing, When a large enough area visor, to ensure the safety and reliability of structures, you will need to install the supporting pillars, that generally visually aggravates the design

A large canopy over the porch of a house in Oriental style
Wood and metal in the massive structure transparent stressed polycarbonate visor
  • forged frame-the visor will give home aristocracy, making the input group solemn and dressed. But it is the most expensive option

Transparent polycarbonate (or fiberglass) visor, framed by graceful wrought iron — the right choice for the Classic exterior

Area of the visor. The ideal size is when the visor completely covers the entire area of the front door and porch plus 30-40 see around him. However, the canopy can extend to the siding track, then, step out of the car, you don't have to run in the rain. Or same, extending the visor above the porch, obtain canopy over the terrace. True, in this case it is necessary to install additional supports-this option is easier and more efficient, than increasing the thickness of the load bearing beams design.

Two in one — small patio awning and canopy over the entrance of the House
Asymmetrical horizontal visor big square
Non-standard bearing steel twin-t bars for a large canopy over the entrance
Way to much shade the Windows of the first floor — extended coloured polycarbonate visor
Lean-to long polycarbonate visor along shop Windows is indispensable to keep the UV light

Form of visor. First of all, It must provide reliable wastewater and, as mentioned above, prevent snow accumulation. In addition, It should be in harmony with the General architectural decision of a façade of the House. On the form of visor can be odnoskatnym, two sloping surfaces, Arch, tent, etc..

Brutal design on twin visor above the porch of a house in an industrial style
Forged visor, complete with wall lamps in forged steel buildings
The simplest, the most affordable, ready visor, manufactured serially
Visor-patio awning, fairly easy, to not need vertical supports

Council! Designing the shape of the canopy, especially the big square, immediately provide water drainage system installation-this option will substantially increase the efficiency of protection against rain.

Over door canopies from polycarbonate: a popular solution

To date, one of the most popular solutions is a translucent design visor, centred metal frame, and as a roofing material used polycarbonate. This option has many advantages:

  • Polycarbonate — very sturdy and reliable material. Here's a video of the experiment, which shows a strength test on visor, made of polycarbonate:

As you can see, Polycarbonate is flexible enough and shock, so don't break at sharp peak loads, good stand up and long static loads.

  • Polycarbonate is a very practical material, Once installed it requires virtually no further care (except-it's worth periodically wash, When it will accumulate dust)

Of care polikarbonatnomu visor on metal frame may need only periodic washing using water from your garden hose
  • Polycarbonate is very flexible, that allows you to produce from it sheds complex, in the geometric relation, design
  • durable polycarbonate, It does not corrode or rot, perfectly resists any natural factors, It can be operated in the temperature range from-50° c till + 220С. The only drawback is the over time, from inexpensive polycarbonate varieties due to the influence of UV light can fade the original color cover
  • It transmits light well (while blocking ultraviolet), Therefore, under the visor will not dark. In addition, Transparent polycarbonate in General makes the entire structure of optical light, not otâgoŝaûŝej facade

Polycarbonate visor with maximum light reflection
Extended very large input group bent polycarbonate visor

Council! When designing worth provide for installation on the visor Lantern, that will cover the approaches to the House. And that light is not burned for nothing, equip this Lantern motion sensor-it will fire, When someone comes to the front porch

Horizontal translucent visor made of monolithic polycarbonate in wooden frame
  • affordability-polycarbonate is cheaper, than ordinary glass, metal or wood

The easiest visor, acquired in the finished design, will look great, If it is supplemented by appropriate colour and style accessories (flashlights, mailboxes, railing)
Very beautiful and comfortable canopy above the entrance door of the transparent monolithic polycarbonate — they are visible from the second floor of the House
Lightweight construction the visor with a narrow entrance in the House with standard width door
  • Lightweight-so it's fairly easy to mount, and the frame is made of thin metal (aluminum) profile
  • fire safety-polycarbonate does not burn and does not support combustion

Monolithic polycarbonate sheets similarly scatter light, as sheets of cellular
Hidden illumination of entrance group under colored polycarbonate visor. Very handy will make her touch
A small straight visor color sheets of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (as a monolithic, and cell) It is produced in a variety of colors, Therefore, it is always possible to choose this shade, that best suit the overall style of the houses. That is why the canopy over the entrance of polycarbonate at only long and able to effectively carry out their practical functions, but be not just harmonious complement decorative exterior, but when a particular approach is a striking accent, that would completely alter the perception of the exterior of the House.

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