The Interior of a studio apartment (43 Photo): How to achieve a comfortable minimalist — Design

The Interior of a studio apartment (43 Photo): How to achieve a comfortable minimalist

If you try just one word to describe the correct Interior one-room apartment, then it will be, Perhaps, «functional», more precisely-multifunctional. Indeed, one space stands and bedroom, and living room, and the dining room, and study, and often even and child. Here it is necessary to perform many different actions: relax, read, work, to eat, Watch tv and just sleep. Have to take into account many nuances and factors, apartment turned out cozy, comfortable and stylish while still.

The Interior of a studio apartment: expanding the space

Certainly, the main task of the, to be addressed, creating modern interior apartment is the expansion of space, true, basically-Visual. Physical expansion of the often limited the ability to carry a single wall, and here there are several reliable optical techniques:

  • colours for interior decoration is no less important, than furniture or accessories. Color is not only psychological effect, but can be extremely functional. Bright, unobtrusive and soft colors (cream, sand, light yellow tints, beige or blue and here white is best combined with other colors) help push the boundaries of visual perception room
  • curtains should be selected in tone, which painted walls
  • It is not necessary to do the background dark or very bright colors-from the small room will be very tiny. These colors can use, to accentuate certain details. If you categorically configured on a dark background, then have to necessarily buy white (very bright) furniture-it can partially compensate for Visual space compression
  • mirrors-a very popular and efficient reception, primarily through the installation of large mirrored sliding closet doors. You can place a mirror on the walls, adjacent to the closet-Coupe, but not the opposite-mutual reflection "confuse" space

A common mistake-nezadejstvovannoe space, that occurs at the front door. Here you can make walk-in closet (pantry) and even wardrobe with bedside tables, in which to transfer part of the things from the room. It is desirable to, Of course, that Cabinet was with mirror-a bit visually enhance the close Hall will be very useful.

And also nothing absorbing space, How chaotic things scattered throughout the apartment. Maintain order and your living space will increase significantly.

Select and arrange furniture

Dreams of four-poster beds or chairs in Empire style leave until better times. Let it be for you an incentive to strive to expand their living space. Floor lamp or armchair-rocking chair send to the cottage. If you are not going to hold a large number of lunches/dinners, There is no need in buying a large dining table. Buy laptop-there would be no need for computer desk, Yes and the system unit + monitor + speakers occupy a lot of space. The tv can be (and you need to) hang on the wall-there is no need to television Cabinet.

Planning placement of furniture, attention should be drawn to the place, which often remain almost untapped:

  • angles-you can install corner wall, etageres, vanity or cabinets
  • the wall above the couch (table) -Here you can hang shelves
  • corridor-on the perimeter of the ceiling can accommodate shelves-mezzanine
  • under a wide window sill, you can set a low chest of drawers

Buying furniture is a very expensive operation, but it is better to renounce in favour of ready individual manufacture, Although it will be more expensive. But it will be furniture, that will efficiently utilize every square inch of your home. For example, You can order sliding-door wardrobe -the full height of the apartment and the width of your wall. Some racks preferably leave open-will turn out not to be deaf "Chinese wall", and how would the harmonious combination of classical wall and closet.

Council! Some Spartan furniture limited, you can more than offset the tablets. But only pick up their tastefully and know when to stop, otherwise the Interior turns out to be overloaded and just zahlamlennym. You can just picture on the wall. There will always be the place green plants.

If there is no possibility to make custom furniture, then it is necessary to select modular or sectional furniture. All furniture (cabinets, shelves, chairs, table, shelves, chests of drawers) should be selected in the same style-so it will not strongly evident, optical while preserving more open space.

Council! If you want to select a coffee table, the choice is worth the stop on glass models. The look will be "permeate" it, and he himself if dissolved in the General environment.

The task of how to put a lot of necessary furniture in a small room completely solvable. Multifunctional room should get the multifunction furniture-transformer. The present "wand-magic wand" for one-room apartment will be loading bed, which day is cleaned in the closet. Today the market quite a lot of interesting models, But if you prefer, you can always make and by request. While there are transformers, that let you get even bunk beds, disguised under normal, only very high, closet. A single bed completely transforms into a small, a fairly narrow, chest of drawers.

Another option-transformer "bed (sofa) -working place», true, distributed it far less, but in the vast network to find and order. Quite a lot of options for transformer workplace, in most cases-basement closet. Budgetary decision can become Loft bed with the bottom of the work area.

Electrical wiring and lighting

Before the arrangement of furniture stands sketch plan of available wiring in apartment, otherwise it may prove to be, that the majority of existing outlets will be locked cabinets. Optimally, Of course, correct wiring, After all, stretch èlektroudlinitelej is not a good option, both in terms of facilities, and especially electrical safety. In addition, If the apartment is "age", that rewiring it is necessary-it simply is not designed for the modern load.

Lighting should be many and various. No massive chandeliers or lamps in the middle of the room, After all, you will need several different types of lighting, for example, to watch tv or general lighting. In addition, lighting will help zonirovat space, for example, Select workplace.

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