Hobby, embodied in the Interior: project for music lovers in Venezuela — Design

Hobby, embodied in the Interior: project for music lovers in Venezuela

Grand Europa Hotel Apartment — This is a wonderful project, developed by Farid Čakonom and Claudia Urdaentoj of NMD|NOMADAS for family, who lives and breathes music.

Very modern and trendy residence in Maracaibo, Venezuela, which have spread more than 300 square metres, demonstrates functional interior, specifically designed to provide acoustic comfort.

Two architect, working on a team project, paid particular attention to soundproofing and made it very thinly, so as not to disrupt the overall concept of space. The walls and ceiling were covered with wood paneling, which has the effect of increasing sound.

Apartment, that was meant as a fluid space without walls, sharing room, literally breathes all freshness and elegance.

As said the great Friedrich Nietzsche: "Without music life would be a mistake". For owners of Grand Europa Apartment music is pure passion. Then, What began, as a hobby soon became a story about the love of music. Naturally, the owners decided to cultivate their passion and completely transform your House into a fertile for music Wednesday.

Piano, occupying a corner in the living room-a pretty impressive element, Adds a sense of elegance to all space. Walls reflect the crystal clear sound. The whole design of this home creates a sense of modernity and sophistication.

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