The style of minimalism in Interior (51 Photo): maximum comfort with minimum stuff — Design

The style of minimalism in Interior (51 Photo): maximum comfort with minimum stuff

Bright and stylish minimalism
Decorative pillows and rug make up for the lack of curtains on Windows
Minimalist bedroom sleek design
Simple minimalist style kitchen

Style minimalism: a bit of history

This interior style originates in Europe, in the middle of the last century. The story of his appearance is-with the development of new technologies and changing lifestyle of humanity Art Nouveau became "lose" its original romance, that squeezed practicality, maximum functionality of the premises. Finally getting rid of unnecessary adornments and accessories, minimalist Interior took a strong position by the turn of the XX and XI centuries.

In spite of the fact, that such design categorically rejects any creativity, He's extremely bright, with strict geometric lines, small volumes and neutral, but solid colors. In addition, the style of minimalism in Interior has several varieties. One of the most striking is the Japanese minimalism.

Bedroom Japanese-style minimalism
Minimalist living room design
Bedroom framed in white monochromatic colours
Minimalism does not deny the existence of bright contrasting details
Minimalism with elements of country music
Modern minimalist bedroom

Features and characteristics of minimalism

All surfaces of the room in minimalist style is simple and concise, without any decor, decorations and finishes. For registration of premises used and natural, and industrial materials, but without the effect of creating additional. In minimalism is clean lines and simplicity of color.

The hallmarks of this style are

  • the minimum number of pieces of furniture in a room,
  • multi-level lighting of the room,
  • bright color palette, "diluted" contrasting lines only, where it is necessary to zonirovat room,
  • as a color supplement uses natural colors-living tree, pure metal or glass, brick without painting,
  • the lack of decoration on the ceiling, walls, Windows,
  • textiles almost never used,
  • clear geometrizm lines-rectangle, circle, without any spirals or blurry shapes,
  • a lot of sunlight, window without curtains or drapes, constituting only straight lines.

Brick, natural wood, glass — mandatory attributes-style minimalism
Minimalism — air and humble
The strict minimalism can dilute the bright fun accents
Kitchen framed in a single bright design
In room-style minimalism is nothing unnecessary
In minimalism is not superfluous decor — all strictly and reserved

Indoor style rules

Very often the minimalism in interior design is confused with asceticism and get rid of things, that emphasize, form style. Minimalism differs from the asceticism so, What is comfort, characteristic for him the beauty and unique, Slim, but all the same comfort.

The walls in this room should not attract attention to nothing. If they are pasted over by wall-paper, only one-colour, and if painted, the white and covered with plaster, forming light, barely visible textured surface.

The ceiling in the room should be bright. To increase the ceiling height can only be visually creating multiple levels, but without the color game, using only light his zoning.

The ceiling and walls in a room painted with white paint
Solid wall in the bedroom

For finishing floor in minimalist style is most often used natural wood, linoleum or laminate without a clear picture.

Furniture is the most important element of minimalism, in fact, she and forms. If cabinets, the built-in, sofas — with light upholstery without picture, bed-rectangular with straight legs, without the soft head restraints. Plane cabinets or furniture can be decorated with only metal parts, aluminium profile without rounded lines, or glass inserts. Upholstery upholstered furniture can be decor of leather, but only the correct geometric form.

For minimalism is characterized by severe clear lines
Monotonous range you can cheer bright upholstery chairs
A striking example of extra-minimalism — mattress without bed and books instead of nightstands
In minimalism it is recommended to combine no more than three different shades
Laconic in a modest furniture design

Practical tips

This style can vary depending on the type of premises. For example, minimalism in the interiors of living rooms may be supplemented by vivid color patches in the form of colorful pillows on the couch or in a Chair of Plaid. But to violate the rule of five colors cannot be in any case. Even if every shade is present as a small "spotless", rule requires it to take into account. Tv, musical setting or computer monitor in the living room should be part of the plane piece of furniture, and in no case shall focus on attention, be as invisible.

Living room with fireplace in minimalist style

The kitchen in this style is suitable for housewives, who adore the purity and perfect order. The atmosphere of such premises commits to washed and neatly designed tableware and free surfaces, tables. The main kitchen space should not be busy dining set, technique should be built-in.

Demonstration of excellence minimalist kitchen

Bedroom in minimalist style is a lot of light and maximum open space. Things should be kept in boxes, hidden in the podiums or in closets, walk-in closet. Zoning space occurs using mirrored screens. On Windows — blinds or curtains roll type. As wall decorations can only be used watches, black and white photographs or paintings in a futuristic style.

Bright bedroom with contrasting dark furniture

Bathroom is a combination of marble, White limestone and glass. Even smaller rooms, decorated in such a way, visually increase, become a spacious, filled with light. For storage of toiletries make better use of private lockers and shelves.

Monochromatic shades of grey combined with glass in the bathroom

Benefits of minimalism in the Interior are obvious, it and justifies its extraordinary popularity in the modern world. Indoors there is no superfluous things and items furniture, even if desired in such a room is hard to fix up the mess, and on of the interior decoration is spent much less money.

Children's room in minimalist style

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