Kitchen loft: create amazing design — Design

Kitchen loft: create amazing design

Loft-style dishes are different charm of industrial buildings, furnished under the comfortable accommodation

Born Loft in America, 50 's. It was a time of re-industrial buildings under the residential, where readily settled young Americans.

The characteristic style of industrial with diluted with fresh flowers
Freedom and spaciousness — excellent features of the style loft
Original and stylish was habitable «industry» Loft attracts people courageous and creative

Former shop, abandoned warehouses are carefully kept the remnants of its industrial past, that and formed the basis of style. Modern loft successfully combines deliberate negligence in the finish, the latest materials and trendy technique. Especially bright in this display kitchen.

Kitchen loft. Brutal comfort

Custom comfort, the combination of rough and audacious modernity, not limited, lighting effects, bold color transitions-this is the kitchen in the Loft. It may look a little delicious island, where is preparing food, and maybe remind the great cuisine of the fashionable restaurants.

Loft kitchen zonal′na. Face between rooms (as a rule, the kitchen in this style combined with living room) serves dining table either bar counter.

As a rule, kitchen-living room combined with a loft or dining
Bar counter separates the cooking zone from dining
Zoning in the kitchen-dining-living room loft

♦ Wall. Sloppy brick in the kitchen, stone and plaster rastreskavšaâsâ. But not everywhere is to accentuate only one part of the raw material, the remaining walls let will become clearer, plastered. Alternatively, you can use mosaic tile light single tone. Pride kitchen loft is boldly displayed on public communication.

Brick wall — business card style loft

♦ Paul. Forget about the soft carpets, patterned parquet or laminate. Only the wood with the effect of aged or graphite tile. As an option- self-levelling floors under a stone or wood.

♦ Ceiling. Colours of the ceiling should be lighter (on 2-3 tone) color of walls. A wonderful complement to become old beams-they can leave a pristine, or select, having painted a darker colour.

Council! To achieve the effect «industry», use in walls/floors combination of cold tones with elements more warm, soft shades.

Carpet with aged effect looks very harmoniously on a dark tree

♦ Windows. The best option is dimmed, No covered window openings. But loft allows roll shutter type with large drawing in the form of pictures or graffiti.

«Sassy» environment

♦ Furniture. Light tones, with smooth plastic facades. Clear shapes and impeccable geometry said strict «No» elaborate elements. Items headset selected depending on zoning:

  • Cooking zone. Cold glass, gloss metal, unfussy plastic-so will the apron workspace. You can emphasize the deliberate negligence galvanized strips.
  • Lunch place. This piece is accentuated by the long, large table so, to him could comfortably accommodate not less than 6 man.

Cold metal softened by warm wooden floors, beams and white walls
Large dining table — an integral part of the kitchen in the Loft

Furniture kitchen design loft is not going to hide anything! All shelves, drawers open type, their glazing. Where the bold atmosphere bar with high stools made of chromed steel.

♦ Lighting. The Loft is the lightest style (Despite its industrial beginnings). Number of additional light sources depends on the selected zones. Ideally, each site should have its own backlight:

  • Above the kitchen unit neon lighting.
  • Above the dining table- floor lamp small size, or wall/floor headlamps.

According to the rules of style, kitchen-living room loft, with its high ceilings, do not take the usual chandeliers. The best solution will be to use the fixtures on a long suspension, dot illumination, Sconce, rough Torchiere lamps or chandeliers hi-tech style with steel, cool glitter and clear geometric shapes.

Multiple hanging lamps without any lamp shades — This lighting loft kitchen
Over each area in the kitchen, loft — his characteristic lighting
Lamps on a long suspension with stylish shades in the form of utensils will become a bright note in the Loft-Interior
One loft kitchen usually combines several types of lamps
One big chandelier or a lot of small — required over a dining table

Developed a modern collection of original fixtures, loft-style. Their unusual design: water faucets, fragments of pipes, broken chain, the remains of iron fittings.

♦ Technique. Straight loft puts you in front of choice: retro or gadgetry? Two Diametric opposites can be connected, but do it intelligently. For example, make imposing, Potbellied old refrigerator-art Grill, the century-old cast-iron plates with chrome microwave oven, novomodnuû coffee machine with ancient grinders.

with ancient grinders, try to organically combine them with each other. Especially note the harmony technology and facade door furniture.

Kitchen loft accept appliances any design — from retro to modern
Oven simulates the retro style, successfully complementing this antique table
Built-in appliances is very characteristic for this style of Interior

Because Americans are the progenitors of loft, some parts of the kitchen environment better «Americanize». That loves America? Fast food. So there is no need loft to demonstrate the abundance of tableware-on the mind to better expose the quick-cooking technique (Toaster, microwave, convection oven, mul′tivarku).

The nuances of colours

Loft evolves. Increasingly, design ideas appear saturated shades of Red, Purple and blue. Dazzling looks glossy tile (Black, or white) next door to a wall of rough brick. Bright, with gloss white kitchen loft creates a mirror effect and greatly extends the room.

Inviolable remain classic shades: grey, brick, all gamma Brown and steel.

Beautiful kitchen with bright purple furniture
White — one of the traditional colors in the decoration of the kitchen, loft
Black color is also characteristic for loft-style cuisine
Black and white «industrial» kitchen
Classic color kitchen, loft — Brown shades, combined with metal and wood
Light, Gourmet white-steel colours
Brown, black and grey — stylish color combination loft

Modern loft stop your choice on accessories, borrowed from other destinations in style: bright accents, created by colored highlights furniture, or garish color one wall (It can be green, Orange, Red, even «poisonous» shades).

Council! Selecting a portion of the wall intense color, trim Interior kitchen loft the same tone in other parts of the environment (for example, yellow wall and sofa, or table). And here's the finishing and decoration of the rest of the space in this case must be strict to maintain loft classics (cold gamma with achromatic colors: Black, grey and white).

Browse, kitchen might look like in an audacious style:

Loft and compact kitchen

The uniqueness of this area is, that has been successfully used as a loft in spacious rooms, and in tiny kitchens. Even on 5-6 squares it can incarnate in life. Maximum simple in decoration of floors and walls will not take extra centimeters, and modular furniture perfectly will accommodate all necessary and, in doing so, save space.

Loft style can translate even in a small space

There are several little tricks, using your small kitchen Loft will become chic room, combining the comfort and charm of a saucy virile courage. While visually expand significantly the boundaries of the premises:

  1. Lighting. Install each zone its own light source.
  2. Equipment. Part needed for kitchen furniture can be positioned near a window, the rest put in a semicircle. Adds space-island, located on the border of the kitchen and living room. The stove can be embedded in a table.

Small loft kuhon′kah sometimes the only possibility to visually increase the size of the room, combining and kitchen and living room in a single, slightly harsh, but such an attractive style.

Go ahead!

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