The Interior of the living room in the style of Provence: create a cozy tale — Design

The Interior of the living room in the style of Provence: create a cozy tale


Despite its apparent simplicity, Provence style may look simply luxuriously

If you are tired of the hustle bustle of the city-living room awaits you Provence style. The atmosphere of serenity, warm Idyll cute French villages, hidden in the tenderness of the lavender meadow, dormant peacefully under the clean, Blue Sky.

Interior in the style of Provence — This is the epitome of warmth and comfort

Provence is a town in the South of France, famous for the extraordinary sea with deep blue tint, fantastic scenery and delicious cuisine.

What do I need before I get design? Completely forget about modernity. Progressive technology, bright shades, trendy materials giving way to calm relaxed time.

Pastel hues envelop style Provençal feeling of appeasement
In the Interior the best rest, feeling full serenity

Style features

Provence refers to country style, but call it «village» It is impossible to. Under the apparent modesty hides a dazzling splendor and thoroughly thought-out idea. Living room design Provence respects exclusively natural materials: in favourite tree surrounded by vines, ceramics, faience, natural fabrics, stone and brick.

Provence prefers muted, pale paint, able to move you into breathable tranquility, giving marine smell, Sun soaked quiet corner.

Lavender, light-grey, milk, White, sand, Beige, ochre, Terracotta, coffee with milk, pale Indigo, olive, Pistachio, aquamarine-style palette.

Lavender — characteristic color style
Soft yellow color is also characteristic for this style
The spectacular terracotta color in Provencal Interior

Intense colors are appropriate only in small details, to attract attention (decor lamps, small couch cushions, the brightness of flowers).

The Interior of the living room in the style of Provence is full of old and archaic-surface cleaning, cracks, roughness. At a great price handmade products, made a little careless or having traces of time. The main role in the style of décor is given, furniture and decoration.

Otdelyvaem living room

Paul. There is nothing nicer looking, than warm, smelling like the coziness of wood. Leave alone the glossy parquet, brilliant laminate or linoleum. Wooden floor can be only lightly touch matte varnish. Alternative — tile «antique». You can lay a floor mat, which will be clearly visible scuff.

Perfect Paul in Provence meets saying: «Tightly sewn, but not very well done».

Provence style floors mostly wooden
Paul in Provencal style also finish tiles

But how to be, If you have small children in the House? From rough surface them better protect. Provence allows and paint it, but with one condition: only light shades! The lighter color boards, so perceptive will look all premises.

Wall. They do not carry any loads in common style. White color almost Gothic decorative plaster is only background decoration and furniture.

Council! If you are against the use of plaster, use paintable wallpaper from lineup «Country-style». But the desktop (especially paper) are not allowed.

White walls — characteristic style
Often in Provence living room you can see on the wall masonry
Bright walls like a background for style design

Ceiling. It is also just a background. Leave it white and untouched. Provence antiques lover-the role of attractions can successfully implement the wooden beams.

Special chic will, If the wood just Interior (furniture legs, beams, countertops) supports a single style. Drawing of a tree it is possible to emphasize the semi-transparent light varnish in one layer.

The quality symbol of Provence serves as one of the original colouring («Shabby Chic» -the effect just erased paints, under which the visible texture of basic material).

Style accepts a lot of wood
Beamed ceilings — also feature Provence style

Select furniture

Of course, tree. The living room of this style you must maintain a reputation well-deserved room, where has grown not one generation of households. Therefore, for the wooden furniture is better to go to antique shops. A massive sideboard, poskripyvaûŝee Rocking Chair, racks and cabinets with drawers open places, uncouth table.

If the old living room furniture Provence style look for hard, It can be replaced with a modern set, but vintage, with an abundance of metal accessories, decorated with carving, patina, light gold. Magnificent murals will be with vegetable or fruit motifs.

Furniture furnishing (sofas, chairs, chairs) the simpler will form the better. Upholstery choose cozy-home. Open the trunk of my grandmother: flax, Baptiste, cotton, chintz. Coloring — flowers, streak, sometimes allowed cage.

Don't miss an important detail: for «sedentary» furniture need cases. Monochrome, light shades, either with a vegetative ornament.

Provencal furniture living room — big soft sofas and armchairs
For upholstery furniture in Provençal style often use fabric flower or stripes
Furniture often donned bright armbands, pastel colors

You do not need to build furniture is strictly on the wall. Vice versa-Provence wants and requires freedom. Climate spread the small cozy-groups. For sofas scatter cute pads-dumočki, the tables cover the tablecloths and napkins from flax, on the floor throw homespun mats. The center of the room give a large carpet with floral pattern.

Fireplace-to be or not to be? Does the presence of Provence the fireplace in your living room -the subject of the dispute of modern designers. The problem is solved quickly: It all depends on your desire. If you want to, to have a sitting room with a fireplace, Watch, so it does not look modern.

As an option, You can clothe in brick/stone, get rid of parts of glass, plastic and to focus on the top shelf. And for the credibility of lay «security zone» antique keramoplitkoj.

Fireplace — zest olive lounge
A feeling of warmth and cosiness is complemented by a fireplace, located in the living room

Furnished living room

Window. Provence is the light, heat and solar threads. Shutters French homes closed only at night, the window during the day were always open. For Windows in a Provence style curtains are not necessary-they inhibit the access of air and light.

Exception become bright, weightless curtains for living room in the box, or with plant ornaments. Be sure to tie up their romantic ruffles, light fringe, tassels or ribbons. Alternatively, you can use the roller, or Roman blinds.

Curtains or drapes are often bright and weightless
Cream curtains perfectly harmonize with all interior, staying almost unnoticed, and, What is important, excellent flowing light

Cute trinkets. Provence with trepidation refers to all, that recalls the past events. Give a second life to ancient relics (porcelain figurines, embroidered paintings, family photographs in romantic frames). Funny cloth or porcelain dolls, baskets and vases, caskets and boxes.

One of the elements of style-the birdcage. Fine work, elegant, with wrought-iron grills.

Provance respects the metal, but only the graceful, refined. Watches can and should be, preferably round shapes, dressed in porcelain and necessarily having Roman dial. Fresh flowers! Pretty much everywhere else.

In the living room of Provence almost always present flowers
Trees in tubs, flowers in pots and vases — abundance of living plants so typical Provençal style
Exquisite flowers and juicy Greens perfectly adorn pastel Interior

Another highlight of Provence-use under the flower pot first, that came to hand: Kettle, pitcher, old bucket.

♦ Light. Pick up for a room stacked, but do not create «the severity of the» chandeliers, desk lamps with faience items. From lampshades best avoided, or make them very light.

If you decide to join a room, the best option will be, If kitchen-living room Provence will split large dining table made of natural wood. Round shape, necessarily coated tablecloth, embroidered manually.

Mistresses have always many Provencal tablecloths, they change them every day, constantly introducing something new in interiors.

Wrought iron chandeliers in the Provençal style differ in their ease and refinement
Beautiful openwork forged chandelier in olive lounge
Cute trinkets make this style of exquisitely refined-cosy

The center of the table is decorated with a cute flower corsage, just ripped and fragrant. This table will be a symbol of home furnishing, where will meet home and enjoy socializing.

Browse, as laboriously, lovingly created by the Interior reshape living room, fill it with serenity, tenderness and sincerity:

Heat your home!

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