Furniture made of pallets (Photo): ecofriendly and original — Design

Furniture made of pallets (Photo): ecofriendly and original

Furniture made of pallets can be stylish and fashionable
Beautiful bed of pallets

How to make furniture from pallets

Furniture made of pallets (of pallets) can be performed in different versions. — sofas, tables, Childrens desks, chairs, shelves, racks, etc., Depending on the fantasy. Such furniture designs are very simple — piled on top of each other form a desk trays, and if attached to a pallet rollers, You can get mobile coffee table. Therefore,, deciding to make furniture from pallets with their hands, don't need a lot of skill and effort.

Mobile coffee table from cargo pallets
Partition with built-in lamp from pallets

The only condition — as a basis for a villa or garden furniture worth picking pallets of foreign production. They are not sticking out Abou nails and you won't have to grind hard.

Country-style Panel of pallets will give zest hallway
Of pallets with bedside drawers

A clear advantage when creating such sets of their hands will be the fact, that the pallets are collected by element, and they just need to be true link. Pallets are made of wooden beams, You can paint, Open the varnish and decorate various elements or work with surface texture.

In the shelves from pallets to easily put small things
Work suspended table from pallets

Council! Buy pallets in the right quantity can be any industrial or commercial enterprise, using pallets for transportation.

On this couch from pallets guests will be very comfortable to sit

Selection and processing of materials

The intention to create your author's Necklace, you need to decide how? Of pallets can make furniture using a standard set of tools-hammer, nails, sandpaper. Some items you will need to buy-depending on the complexity of the work and general ideas. First you need to handle the Foundation. Grout sealers cover the entire surface of the pallet.

Of pallets pedestal harmoniously fit in loft style
White cupboard from pallets under the sink

After full drying, material to be processed an Emery paper and put on a surface a paint of the necessary colour. It is better to opt for neutral colors, fit almost any environment — grey, black and white, Brown and cream. Original will also look silvery and Golden shades, attaching furniture hand-made headsets zest.

Beautiful furniture made of pallets can be purchased at IKEA

After full drying of a paint start manufacturing directly to the piece of furniture. For this pallet are fastened by nails, You can optionally attach additional parts-wheels or handles. Also, If you want to, the Foundation is strengthened by additional trays, that combine into a single design.

Having decided to make furniture from pallets with their hands, you need to remember, that you should not limit yourself in the fantasy-the original is typefaces, the better. Of pallets made furniture to give sometimes does not even require sealers and paint on them. To achieve an authentic country-type, You can just sand the surface of the pallet frame, apply drying oil, Let dry, and after — lacquered.

Hanging bed of pallets in the garden

Council! Be sure to handle tree special solutions, preventing rotting wood. It may be a different sort of primer.

Pallets can be used as beds for garden flowers
Exquisite table of pallets in the hallway

Garden furniture made of pallets — examples

One of the most simple objects or garden country furniture from pallets is bench. Except for pallets and tools, need metal corners, wooden sticks for legs, plywood or boards, and loops. The sequence of actions is easy:

  • Need to cut pallets in two parts of different width. The wider part will seat, and more narrow-back.

Garden sofa on casters from pallets
  • To the bottom corners of the seat need to attach bruski-leg. Fasten the screws and metal reinforced corners.
  • Fasten the backrest to the upper part of the seat. Using screws and metal corners. Additionally, using the loops you can attach to the back of a sheet of plywood or Board, that the resulting space is used for storing things.

Furniture made of pallets of iridescent colors

You can make an entire holiday relaxing corners. For this we need: 10 of pallets, plywood sheet, foam rubber (or another filler) thickness 10 see, furniture fabric, Cordless screwdriver, Hammer, stapler, nails, screws and Staples. Next, you:

  • Take 3 Pan and putting them in the form of the letter "g". Superimpose on top 3 Similarly, pallet.
  • Put 3 the tray in the base of the received construction is the future headboard soft corner.
  • Fasten the backrest and seat sheet of plywood. Attach to the back of the foam (or another filler) and fit her furniture material.

Couch from pallets
  • Material freeze using the stapler. At least attach legs to the seat-cushion structure. To do this, you can use any sticks.
  • The last tray can be used as a table near a soft corner.

Table of pallets is made with your own hands

These are not all examples of furniture from cargo pallets. Original headset can be used not only to give. Of pallets of furniture suitable for any of the ethno-style interior and give him comfort.

Of pallets Chair with backrest and side supports
Of pallets countertop — economical option for suburban bar table
Kitchen shelf of pallets

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