Chair covers (43 Photo): functional and original furniture decoration — Design

Chair covers (43 Photo): functional and original furniture decoration

Elegant chair covers can set the tone for the entire holiday

The main functions of covers

Sewing slipcovers for chairs helps solve several tasks: aesthetic, functional and protective. Cases can be casual, for special occasions and even seasonal, that is very convenient. Order more, что чехлы на мебели сейчас опять в моде. Часто используют накидки в детских комнатах, in the dining room and living room. So, If new furniture, накидки защищают её от загрязнений, from pet's claws. And in the case of, When the chairs had already lost its appearance, they are easy to hide behind the beautiful covers.

Chair covers can article important detail festive decor
Cases of soft color with chiffon flowers — exquisitely and elegantly
Elegant cases pale purple

In what style to apply?

To sew a Slipcover for the Chair with your hands need to order 1,5 or 2 meters cloth. Note, It would be much cheaper, than change all the furniture. And, In addition, You can emphasize the style in the Interior.

Cases of cotton are appropriate in rural interiors (Provence or country). In the English country chairs will look good in stripes or with buttons.

White cotton covers olive lounge
Exquisite blonde covers living room Chalet

For èkostilâ often started using capes, made of rough burlap. And to give a contemporary sounding Interior fit denim. Order more, It is perfectly combined with wood.

Original cover of burlap, decorated with flower seeds

In registration classical Interior хорошо использовать торжественные накидки на стулья. They will make the appropriate aristocratic accent. It is important to choose a fabric calm noble shades.

And at the same time luxurious red armbands in a classical setting
Elegant blonde covers classical living room

Council! To choose the cover fabric quite dense and strong, that it will withstand the constant load and washing. This is especially necessary for the chairs in the dining room and kitchen.

What are the models of covers for chairs?

Covers for chairs is conventionally divided into the following types of:

  1. Cases, tight sitting on chairs
  2. Free cases
  3. Cases in the form of Capes (draperies)

The first method is more complicated in execution, compared with the other two. Experience is required from the master. The crop should be strictly vymerennoe.

Holiday or wedding chair covers well created using two other methods. Especially, If chairs are different forms of. And as an extra you can use organza decor, bows, tape, brooches. Here the imagination has no limits. You can say, that this universal chair covers.

Gentle, luxury, flowing chair covers for weddings
Gentle chair covers with elements of weaving
Luxury Pouch on a Chair of guipure with appliques of flowers

Fabric choice

Not every fabric suitable for covers. It must be pleasant to the touch and look good. The most popular types of:
Crepe-satin -a great option for creating spectacular assemblies, folds and elegant look.
Gabardine -has good density and elasticity, in spite of the fact, the fabric is thin. The surface of the fabric matte.
Supplex (Lycra) -highly elastic, dense and fine stretches in all directions.

Council! In order to achieve harmony in the Interior, накидки должны сочетаться по цвету с curtains and cloth.

Original case with «skirt»
Gentle, sophisticated train case, decorated with pearls and flowers
Bright, exquisite satin Chair cover

How to sew yourself a Chair cover?

You can apply to the master, and you poš′ût any wraps. But if you decide to try your hand, We'll help you, How to do it. No need to buy expensive fabrics immediately. Perhaps, you have an old tablecloth or curtain.

So, How to make a pattern and sew cover Chair cover? The most important thing, at the outset,, withdraw the exact measurements of the Chair, and especially, legs, as to the bottom they may be with the extension. You must determine the most narrow and wide plots, draw a diagram and note them in the drawing. Be sure to consider the shrinkage allowances on the fabric and the seams (order 3 mm).

Original case-cover

Measure the width of the, the length and depth of the seat. As well as the width of the backrest and seat.

Because there are different cases, before making patterns for sewing slipcovers for chairs, you need to decide which option you will be doing.

There are options on the:

  • the backrest and sidušku (whole and separate);

Elegant cases complete the atmosphere festive feast
  • only on sidušku;

Sidušku covers are designed to protect the upholstery of a Chair from pollution
  • case back

Elegant Chair cover with appliques in the form of a flower
Beads will provide cover at beauty Chair, refinement and originality

Also consider, for what purposes they will be used (daily, on holiday), as well as assume from stylistic interior solutions.

Simple scheme of tailoring cover on Chair

Предлагаем рассмотреть самый простой способ пошива накидки с завязками.

You will need a:

  • sewing machine;
  • fabric;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • tracing paper for diagrams and a little patience.

You will need to measure the width and length of the Chair, as well as the depth of the seat. You can attach the fabric immediately on a Chair and make appropriate tagging or tracing.

Накидка будет состоять из двух полосок ткани, at which place joints fastened by a strap. One strip of fabric will completely cover Chair, from the bottom of the legs and at the back of the jump. And another strip of fabric is spreading at the side of the Chair, so, to legs were closed.

Simple scheme of tailoring cover on Chair

Treat all seams overlokom or zigzag, загните и прошейте ткань с двух сторон. Если у вас нет машинки, вы можете сделать накидки вручную, but then the fabric choose such, that will not crumble. You won't need it to handle. А завязки можно пришить вручную. Для обычного стула вам понадобится около 1,5 meter fabric.

In the case of, если сшить накидку не представляется возможным, You can take a piece of fabric, that does not crumble edge, and just cut out of her pouch. In this case, the pattern will have this kind of:

Roadmap covers without a single seam

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