Hanging bed (45 Photo): Sweet dream for soaring cloud — Design

Hanging bed (45 Photo): Sweet dream for soaring cloud

Pivoting double bed is sleep in zero gravity

Pocket beds: forms and their features

Of course, get away from the usual, standing firmly on the floor sleeping lodge, It is not easy to. Floating suspension bed the interior design is a prerogative of the bold and creative personalities. If you are going to so resolve the issue, Let us consider the subject of your ideas thoroughly. And let's start with forms.

Visually hanging bed soars above the surface of the rooms

Rectangular hanging bed is a traditional form for bed. It most often and choose, because even in the suspended version, it fits easily into the Interior and creates no difficulty in planning. Fasteners beds is carried out by means of four wire ropes. Suitable for baby, and for adult bedrooms.
For safe sleeping bed equip with three sides sides. Full headboards These models have no, but in children's models do it better.

This furniture is perfect for children's rooms
Hanging bed in a tropical style — the feeling of permanent holiday

Round hanging bed requires a careful approach to its placement. Designers advises have such models on the terraces, spacious loggias, rentals. Secure the product to a single point on the ceiling and a few dots, located on a circle bed. The round shape is optimal for a short day at the cottage or in a private house.

Round bed with canopy — a great place to relax and create fabulous comfort indoors

Meet square-shaped model, but it is rather a whim of owner, than a reasonable solution. For an adult with an average growth of you get a pretty big size bed, that is difficult to fit into the Interior.

Using wide chain hanging beds you can underline the main idea of the Interior

Advantages and disadvantages

In the virtues of outboard models boldly include originality of design and unusual locations in the Interior. Obviously, that under the bed easier floor cleaning. The space under the bed can be issued additional light sources, giving an atmosphere of bedroom romanticism and mystique intimate.

Variety of hanging beds allows you to equip a sleeper in any room

The cons include the inability to remove bed, the complexity of the installation and, If you get tired of this sleeper, have to fix holes in a ceiling.

Very unusual and extravagantly will look in the Interior of the spacious living room hanging sofa

The main effect of hanging furniture-swinging, It can be attributed to the pluses, and the cons, someone like that.
Avoid rocking effect in rectangular models can be, If you use apart from ropes on a ceiling mount to a wall headboard.

Hanging beds save space, providing original views of the Interior

Ways of fixing

Fixture hanging furniture depends on the type of ceiling. For the concrete surface using anchors of sturdy alloys. They can easily withstand heavy weight and securely mounted in ceiling. If a style decision Interior provided joists, the fastenings are better built in them.

Hanging bed more suited to children-dreamers
Hanging bed for a child is in harmony with the style of country music

In Hi-Teke slings hanging bed fitting mounted on pipes, laid on the ceiling. If you want to eliminate the effect of rocking, but leave the bed in suspended state, attach the headboard on the wall and leave ropes only in the legs. This combined method solves the dilemma between sustainability and originality.

Bed, attached to the wall, radically changes the Interior of the room
Hanging bed good fit into the Interior in high-tech style

Do it yourself

If you close an independent creativity, and you are ready to make hanging bed, We will do our best to help you constructive tips. First of all, You should find out, What kind of load can withstand ceiling. You can consult with specialists.

Children will be thrilled with this unusual bed

Now let's try to make hanging bed with his hands, and let it be rectangular model. To work will need: base products-sturdy and large Board or canvas, collected from several boards (You cannot use the CPD), Paint, sandpaper or sanding machine, metal hooks, electric drill.

The most suitable place, to relax, for the couch-hammock-veranda or terrace

Start with a length of rope, calculate. The formula for the calculation looks like this: length from the ceiling to the level, hosts the bed, multiplied by two, then four, We add four meters on the nodes. Visually it looks so: (2m x 2 x 4) + 4m = 20 m. This is the total length of rope.

Aloft lodge, made with your own hands — frugally, beautiful, convenient

Cut rope into four equal pieces. Put in half-it will be slings, you and hang the bed.
Trim boards, grind, gruntuem and paint. Get our sleeper, you lay mattress.

Bed made of natural wood — environmentally friendly and safe products

Then do the corners of Foundation hole for wire rope. Measure the diameter of the rope and, departing from the edge of not less, than on 15 see, do the drill holes in the Crown boards on all four corners.

Fasten the ceiling four hook. They can be fixed on a wooden frame, beaten to the ceiling or make individual mounts under the hooks bolts.

Bed-hammock has a custom design in an eclectic style

Folded in half pieces of rope cut off ends of skip into the holes and make a knot. In order to host does not need to be adjourned its mark joiner's glue.

When all four straps are secured based on, proceed to hanging beds. Here you'll need a helper. Drape the rope loop on the hook and ready. It only remains to put the mattress and bed cover.

Fantastic feeling — lie on bed lurching smoothly

It is important to! For toddlers and older family members hanging bed should definitely equip sides and soft headboard.

On the wall the couch can be comfortable to spend time

Location and style

Obviously, that hanging bed is placed in the bedroom or in the children's room. Bed for children is put along the wall. There are even options bunk beds suspended, but it is important to take into account the relationship of the child to such place their. Some children have difficulty carry wiggle and then better to abandon such a bed.

Suspended beds are comfortable, unusual and are able to make exclusive any interior

In the bedroom, the bed is the central piece of furniture. And decor, and additional pieces of furniture are placed around the bed. If you have chosen a hanging model, Note, that underneath it is nothing you put. In addition, will have to think over and ceiling design, There will be mounting the bed.

Hanging sofa on the terrace will relax, gently rocking and enjoying the scenery around

As we had not tried to enter a suspended bed in the urban interior, best of all she feels rentals, on the terrace, the veranda, in the summer house.

Such a bed obtains ownership in carefree childhood, When you could be lying in the cradle and nothing to worry

Regarding style, There are several options. Certainly, the best is the Oriental style. In such interior designers suggest using chains instead of ropes.

Hanging bed canopy Oriental style, will enjoy the summer sleep outdoors

Ideal for a country house will serve as a hanging bed rattan. Light, with the convenient fastening, it perfectly fit the close to nature environment.

Wicker rattan round bed looks very original

Looks great this model in Marine style, When and ropes, and the very bed reminiscent of the inner construction of ancient sailboat. Suitable hanging bed and ethnic motives. Ropes turn into vines, and the bed into a cozy Palm hammock. Hanging bed can be found in art deco, and in country.

Hanging bed-ship is a dream a little pirate

Fashionable, stylish, original, hanging bed, in whatever design you put, will give you a lot of fun and decorate the Interior. Main, properly beat hanging elements and decorative part products.

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