Table tennis with your own hands: dimensions, types and features of assemblies (51 Photo) — Design

Table tennis with your own hands: dimensions, types and features of assemblies (51 Photo)

Art Nouveau table tennis table

Table tennis table, with their hands made of available materials, will diversify the rest, by making it active and busy. This is a very dynamic sport, Which one, In addition to the load on muscles, allows you to train your eyes and ability to concentrate, develops fine motor skills and reaction of the hands.

Many dream of having your own table tennis table in the yard or at the cottage
Playground for tennis with stunning views of the city
Dining table easily transforms into a tennis

Standards table tennis: what you should know

The generally accepted, "classic" dimensions, regardless of its purpose and the type of, make up (rice. 1):

length- 2,74 m
width — 1,1525 m
height- 0,76 m

Rice. 1. Standard size tennis backgrounds

And here is the thickness of the tennis table can be different-from 12 mm (for all-weather table) before 28 see (for professional Club), but it should set the standard rebound tennis ball-if it quietly, without accelerating drop from a height 30 see, his first rebound should not be less than 25 see, but not to exceed 30 see. With indicators of rebound must be identical across the square Pro backgrounds.

Glass table on metal pillars

The table tennis table necessarily applied markings-the edge okantovyvaûtsâ white stripe thickness 20 see, and the table itself is divided exactly in half white line thickness 3 mm.

Reinforced concrete — the best material for street backgrounds

For competitions are allowed only two tables of colors: Blue and green. Some players noted the influence of colours on the playing: Green has a calming effect, so the game runs more quiet, tactical vein, While Blue is more aggressive, exciting color, the game takes a gambling move. Table tennis tables for villas and home use usually are presented in four colors: traditional blue and green, as well as gray and brown colors (the latter usually are made of waterproof plywood). The table surface can be both glossy, and Matt. The glossy surface is better suited for presentations and exhibitions, to the table looked presentable and impressive, but for games better pick up Matt, It is smaller flashes, so the ball on it better readable.

Wooden table in the Interior

Separate note mini tables, they are called children's, at length 1,1 m width is 0,61 m. If you wish,, You can install them even small apartment. And yet they can be folded into the trunk of the car and take out the nature or counselling.

Mobile table tennis from pallets
Homemade table tennis table for home use
Stationary table tennis table granite

In appearance there are several types of tables:

  • table tennis Street -Weatherproof version, You can use it as a street, and indoors. Such models have countertops are resistant to moisture and temperature extremes (plastic, melamine), and to save color cover, It covers special protective layer of UV light. Outdoor table tennis tables can be fixed, and folded at the end of the season they can be placed in barn or to rearrange and play House. Usually such tables fairly light (40-70 kg) with the thickness of the countertop from 12 before 19 mm
  • table for lovers is it a bit thicker (16-19 mm), but when the countertop is made of MDF or chipboard, Therefore, it can only be installed indoors-this tabletop afraid of moisture. Often their design consists of metal corners and tubes and is equipped with wheels
  • Professional table tennis table — its thickness reaches countertops 22-26 see, but its weight is about 100-140 kg. Thanks to such massiveness, as well as an additional locking devices (brakes) on wheels, such a table is very stable, its hard to budge, even if you accidentally push.

Table tennis table with unusual shape

Council! Foldable table tennis table not only helps save storage space, but some systems allow folding locking half countertops vertically-this will even play yourself, without a partner.

And a little about choosing sites for games. It should be spacious enough for lovers would be sufficient grounds 7h3, 5 m (calculated very simply-one meter on the sides of the table plus 2 meter-on movement near the "facial" edges). It is important to, to the playground was equal-almost all tables, In addition to professional, do not have legs, vertically adjustable. And yet-coating, which have to play, should not be slippery.

Compact table tennis table in the Interior of modern kitchen

If you plan to install your table on the street, In addition to the square, should take into account several other factors. Cover-it should not pylit′, the problem can be partially solved, If before the game a bit to moisten the soil. The second point is the location of the Sun, so it is not slepilo players. And yet-you should select closed from the wind place, because easy tennis ball will move on unpredictable trajectory.

Original design wooden backgrounds for tennis

For the care of tennis tables, you must use a sponge or soft cloth, not suitable abrasive household remedies-they can cause abrasions and scratches, that worsens the rebound. For professional tables release special cleansers, which, removing dust and dirt, virtually no impact directly on the cover.

Glass table tennis table with mirror surface
Games room, table tennis
Wooden table with a slate surface in the spacious living room

Table tennis with your own hands: step by step instructions

Table tennis itself takes up a lot of space, Therefore, the best option is a table tennis table with removable table top (more precisely-with removable legs), You can just put near wall, freeing place. For its manufacturing will require 4 BRACKET (the sketch is shown in Figure. 2).

Rice. 2. Bracket for mounting legs

Material for countertops you can choose laminated chipboard or plywood-of course, bounce the ball would be far below the required, Therefore, the game speed is below, but perfectly acceptable for home conditions and for teaching beginners. That is particularly well, not going to have a lot of customized dimensions-standard sheet of plywood — 1525h1525, Therefore, for the manufacture of countertops need 2 a sheet of plywood, at the same time, each will have to cut on 155 mm. Thanks to this joint (better joined sheets "factory" side, so they will fit tighter) will be located just below the grid.

For legs and support structure (its layout is shown in Figure 3.) perfect bar section 50 x 50 mm.

Fig. 3. Scheme and the location of the supporting structure.

Beam pre process an antiseptic tank-this option will substantially increase the lifespan of the table, After all, it would have to be stored in garage or shed, where at times can be quite wet. After that, cut beams required dimensions and using the self-tapping screws collect anchor design (rice. 4)

Rice. 4. Supporting structure for countertops

Fasten frame brackets at the corners, that perform a dual function. With one hand, they are inserted and fixed legs, on the other hand, they reinforce the frame, adding her rigidity (rice. 5)

Rice. 5. TRUNNION mounting with brackets.
  • fitting the feet to anchorages — It is very important, to leg was easy, but it is tight enough. From the tension bolt, fixing leg, you need to insert an additional plate-it will transmit the load from the bolts uniformly throughout the square beam, otherwise, with the effort of press metal bolt eventually just crash into the soft wood. Because when manufacturing brackets may vary slightly, for each of them will have to customize the leg individually, When this, to prevent any confusion, must be numbered and legs, and brackets.

Mini table for small apartment
  • Installing countertops -tentatively trying, the finished frame using self-tapping screws fixing the countertop. You can tighten the screws from the front (gaming) hand, but the e. formed heterogeneity, When you hit on which the ball will behave unpredictably. Better fastening of countertops to hold on the back side, main, to choose the correct screw length, to a sharp tip is not stuck out on the surface. If you use laminated chipboard, Mount spend only on the reverse side

Table tennis table from plywood

Council! If the screw a little longer, It is possible to enclose a small wooden plate or washer.

  • painting countertops -need to, If the material used for worktops used plywood. For this preliminary surface carefully align, then purge the powerful air jet (as an option-wipe very stiff cloth). Cover stained twice, After the first layer is worth the wait, until it finally dries

Fixed table for outdoor tennis courts
Standard table tennis for fans
  • marking -painting tape mark the boundaries of markup, and for applying it is best to use spray paint

The playground for the game of table tennis — dining table
Weatherproof metal table tennis
System for holders of rackets and balls
Table tennis table with neon drawing
The lightweight model tennis backgrounds

Table tennis with your own hands — video

Table tennis with your own hands — Photo


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