Led ceiling lights for your home (47 Photo): light extravaganza — Design

Led ceiling lights for your home (47 Photo): light extravaganza

Led downlight is the most modern light source

Still relatively new spot lamp led was used solely for uzkonapravlenno illumination indoors some zones. But now led ceiling lights for your home extremely in demand: they are easily combined with different types of lighting, just mounted, Today they are the most aesthetic and modern solution for lighting.

Advantages of LED lamps

And all this is largely due to significant advantages over other types of lighting:

  • term of service -with the right mounting, stable power supply and high-quality components for led systems he is around 100 thousands of hours of (When the daily work on the 10 hours will be 25 years of operation). It is in the 60-200 times more, than that of conventional lamps. Their reliability is not reduced by the number and frequency of switches (on/off cycles)

Large chandeliers can emphasize the unique and exquisite taste of their owner
  • economy -led lamp converts the light order 22% the resulting electricity, This is one of the highest percentages among lighting elements (for example, filament lamps have a total EFFICIENCY 2,6%), a significant portion of the loss falls on the stabilizers and power converters

Designer chandeliers demonstrate belonging to a special master class fans of original and beautiful things
  • focus lighting -luminous flux is aimed strictly at one hemisphere, Therefore, for repeated reflections of light there is no need to install reflectors. This helps to further reduce the svetopoteri-reflektorah is scattered and lost 50-70% luminous flux. That is why such headlamps very effective for spot, targeted illumination

The magic led luminaire is reflected in the bright light, He radiates
  • stability of lighting — led lamp generates smooth, not blinking luminous flux, advantageously differs from the fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. Shake light, created by artificial lighting, not registered by the brain, but tired eyes. This effect is particularly hard when reading or working at the computer.

Council! High-quality LED lighting fixtures totally deprived of low frequency pulsations, that allows them to engage in the working area, in students'center -everywhere, where there is a big load and work for the eyes

If you want a stylish and efficient lighting, the led chandelier will be the best solution
  • the lack of inertia -lighting illuminates almost instantaneously and over all the power

These chandeliers provide a soft light led backlight with high color, insensitive to voltage fluctuations
  • environmental friendliness -led lights are environmentally safe, they do not contain, for example, mercury vapour as fluorescent lamps. If you break the flask of energy-saving fluorescent lamps, to avoid poisoning pairs will need special degassing premises. Led lamps do not require special disposal and maintenance

Led light fixtures are also instantly have surge protection
  • small dimensions -the ability to create extremely compact lighting system. For example, LED panels, implement in suspended ceilings, the thickness is less than a centimeter
  • reliability -design of LED lamps no fragile glass bulb, that provides high mechanical durability. Polycarbonate glass can withstand great as permalinks, and drums (peak) load. The absence of a lamp filament causes a high vibration resistance

The advantage of LED lamps is longevity
  • the absence of overload -When switching on the LED lamp consumes current order 0.6 -0, 9A. For comparison-when you start the discharge lamp light starting current value reaches 4-4,5 (A), that puts a heavy load on the network

These light fixtures soft, but giving clarity subjects, and this balanced, that seems to be, If it penetrates into the House, Shining all around

An important feature is the possibility of combining all led lamps into a single system with motion sensors, luminous intensity, clearance, cameras and infrared sensors and light control power programmatically-driven regulators. A simple example is to maintain a constant level of general illumination indoors. Light sensor records the changing light conditions during the day, sending signals to the control system, which increases/decreases the power of the artificial lighting. Этим удается создать динамическую и более комфортную для человека световую среду и дополнительно сэкономить электроэнергию.

These fixtures are characterized by excellent illumination options, quality execution, reliability

In fact only two flaws, but they are quite significant. The first is the high price led Illuminators, Although she eventually quite offset long service life and low energy consumption. The second is the need to create a heat sink for very high-power LEDs, because the recommended temperature for LED-lamps-to 50 degrees.

Scattering glass pendants attached to the illuminant device luxury, glitter, the solemnity of the

Led lights in the Interior

Led headlamps, Thanks to its compact dimensions, may have a variety of types of structures, who will pick up the desired style and the type of lighting, taking into account the design and features of the room:

  • for suspended ceilings-the best use will be in the same room several types of LED lamps. Led ceiling lights in this case will not only regulate the intensity ceiling, but by using lighting zonirovat space, creating different lighting effects. For example, for a large kitchen in the working area, you can install ceiling lights, with swivel design, with internal lamps, that will generate cold hard light. And for dining area fit with outer lamps lamps, create ambient radiation is more comfortable, warm light.

Some ceiling lights have a warm glow, that will give the room a sense of coziness and comfort
Led headlamps fit perfectly into the premises with low and high tension ceilings, providing maximum bright light room
  • fine lines stretch ceiling can be tiered to stress, Installing led Strip

Using led strips can be vividly highlight the contours of multilevel ceiling
Very powerful and bright led Ribbon works under all conditions, has a great temperature threshold and will last many years
Led Ribbon will help illuminate the complex, glass, suspended ceilings filled with fluid, because they have high flexibility and moisture resistance
With the help of tape to any interior, you can add a hint of romanticism, passion and even working mood
  • lighting-spotlights, having a different color of radiation, give unusual, multicolored lighting, creating different shades. This variant of lighting suitable for child, and for the living room, adding space to the colorful

Lighting-spotlights, due to the directional light and rotating mechanism, perfectly suited for art galleries
Spots are distinguished by excellent flexibility and the ability to regulate their direction in different directions
The optimal choice for ceiling will be recessed spot
Ceiling spotlights — indispensable not only as an integral part of the décor, but they are easy to use
  • led Panel is perfectly suited for Office premises. They have a high luminosity, which may be of the order of 5500 lumen (for incandescent lamps, this value order 0,5 kW), power consumption of the lamp will be within the entire 60-80 Watts. With standard dimensions 120 x 60 or 60 x 60 cm such led panels simply fall between the slats of the suspended ceiling instead of tiles

Cheap, powerful and bright led Panel to easily replace the fixtures in the Office
  • built-in lights-can be both extremely catchy and fine, and maximally concise. Glass, Thermoplastic, metal or brass, a wide range of colors, from black to silver and gold, almost any shape

Recessed luminaire is ideal for installation in suspended and tensioning system for residential premises
Recessed fittings have easy-to-use design, fastening and doesn't take a lot of extra space
These fixtures will be original and incredibly beautiful lighting for ceiling
  • chandeliers-miniature size LEDs makes it possible to get in one device, a large number of light sources. This opens up almost unlimited possibilities for designers. So, for classical Interior You can pick up a chandelier with candles and lamps-wrought metal. It will be a massive construction with pendants or faceted crystal glass, oddly shaped matte shades in combination with bright, flowers-diodes or other decorative garlands. For retro-Interior rožkovuû you can pick a chandelier or a model with round shade on a long cord-Sling. And for the fans modern design the choice is particularly high: spherical abstract designs, chandeliers-airships, chandeliers-pillows, glowing spiral, various track systems, chandeliers-platform.

In addition to its direct applicability, chandeliers are also used as a decorative element of the Interior
Decorative lighting, using ceiling lights, looks wonderful in any interior

Council! Led lamps are very sensitive to humidity, Therefore, for such premises should choose Special, Weatherproof models.

Intelligently designed led lighting helps in creating an atmosphere of comfort in any room

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