Awnings and canopies for terraces and verandas (50 Photo): types and features — Design

Awnings and canopies for terraces and verandas (50 Photo): types and features

Polukassetnaâ Marques: When there is no need for shade, fabric canopy retracts into a roll
Traditional terraced Marquis open type of striped fabric
Traditional, from the striped fabric, Marquis of closed type can be used for shading a fairly large area and will be more stable, If supplemented with front legs
Modern open Marquis for homes. Its canopy may not consist of matter, a glass or even solar panels

Now buy the Marquis for terraces difficulties does not represent a. More difficult to choose the right design among the huge range. About appointment, types and virtues of Marquis and go further it.

The purpose of the Marquis

So, Marquis is a carport, created with easy, but durable aluminum frame and composite alloys, as well as special fabric, processed all sorts of protective impregnations. Such environmental resistant tents Wednesday, im not afraid of no wind, Neither the scorching rays of the Sun, no precipitation.

Due to its durability, as well as the species diversity of the marquises have a fairly wide range of use. They are used as:

    • awnings for summer playgrounds in restaurants and cafes;
    • tents for commercial and promotional pavilions;
    • boat sheds, protect seated from the scorching sun;

protection against rain, Sun and strangers on the balconies and terraces.

Foldable Marquis square in size medium with front legs for summer ground Cafe
Pergol′naâ Marquis really accentuate a garden with Asian flavor

Consistent use of select and type of construction, because, say, to terrasnym Marquis nominated other requirements, than to awnings, used boats.

Types of Marquis

Of type designs make open, closed and semi-closed awnings.


This is the most simple and accessible design. Apply such awnings and canopies for terraces, stalls and summer grounds Café. But you can install it only if, When there's a niche or visor, under which it is possible to hide outdoor gear from external weather influences.

Folding Marquis, shading large area — an indispensable accessory for terraces
Classic closed cloth Marquis for the porch of the House. This type of awning you can often see above the storefronts of shops and other outlets

Cassette and semi-cassette

Mechanism, responsible for disclosure of fabrics, in these awnings have partially or fully closed. As a result they can be used under the open sky, not experiencing, that design will jam.

Marquis, cassette-type: fabric canopy is fully protected against dust and dirt, When not in use, because the mechanism, retractable awning, smatyvaet it in the private case

On the form and purpose of the awnings are also divided into several groups. We will dwell on each of them.

Pull-out model

Most often sliding awnings used in Cafe, restaurants and other shopping areas. Such popularity of this design is, that this canopy in the open position is able to cover large areas, When closed-almost invisible, that is very comfortable for summer playgrounds, not functioning in cold season.

Equally popular for both private estates, and retail space, awning type — retractable. During, When the awning is not used, It is folded against the wall and occupies minimum space

Besides, on matter, cover frame, You can advertise, as the institution, and sponsors, suppliers, etc.. Not immaterial and aesthetics such models.

Dome or Wicker awnings

Got its name from the shape of the canopy. Look very original and gives the building a special charm. Data structures without problems add up, (a) as a material for the hinges can be used not only metal, but plastic.

Dome (or Wicker) marquises and equally popular for private houses, and outlets. Very decorative look such awnings over the Windows or glass panoramic displays in stores

Sensor option

Awnings, allow you to adjust the level of illumination. Despite the name, they are used not only in retail stalls, but also on balconies. With such a short cab ride, details of the Interior do not fade and not exposed to rain.

The most traditional type of sun awning-awnings — Open, from the striped fabric, give special chic exterior of your home
Lightweight comfortable tent for protection from the Sun in antiquity are equally valued and know, and merchants

Matter, stretched on a frame, If necessary, you can easily replace.

Vertical models

These awnings are, As a matter of fact, external blinds. They are created from high quality breathable fabrics, that allows to ventilate, opening the window itself, but leaving the matter omitted.

Perfect vertical awnings for terraces: the fabric protects the seated inside people from insect bites, rain, the Sun and the strangers, but lets enjoy clean air.

You yourself regulate the length of the blind. So, When the weather is clear, you can omit them on level, large enough to shelter from sunlight, and during a rain-drawing does.

Vertical Marquise — a cross between Roman curtains, blinds and hand-held. This type of awning very unusual adorns the façade of the building

Horizontal awnings

If the vertical model is blind, the horizontal- roof. Large awnings allow you to cover more area, so perfect for spacious terraces and outlets. For sustainability in such constructs add front legs.

Horizontal awnings, with or without canopy fabric, opaque shade large area. Sustainability of them attach to the front legs

Sectional (pergol′nye) awnings

A great option, When you want to create a resistant to winds of coating. Pergol′nye awnings resistant, as supported by powerful columns. Combining multiple partitions, You can get the desired duration of the shelter.

View pergol′nogo canopy, looks most decoratively, but also trebuŝij more effort, than traditional Marques, for its cleaning and folding

Bilateral model

If you want to hide the space, not adjacent to a wall, use free standing awnings. To do this, create a fulcrum, corresponding to the BTP future tents. Use bilateral models for sports grounds, in the garden, in the yard, etc..

Very comfortable bilateral awnings over the pavilions in the yard. The inclination of the two parts of the canopy can be as usual two sloping surfaces, and reverse
Matter you can drape the Marquis with semi-open sides, If the question shadowing is not critical
For shading of smaller terraces, or spacious loggias and balconies well suited the traditional open Marquis. Folding mechanism adds convenience in its use and ensure its durability

Domestic awnings

Play the same role, as the blinds, However, it can be run from a dense light fabric, which transmits light in sufficient quantity. This model is good, When you want to close a large glazed surface.

Hybrid roletnyh blinds and awnings is ideal for rooms with panoramic Windows

Awnings, used in the winter garden

Plants, placed in Winter Garden, the winter shelter is required, which would protect them from the cold and snow, but it was missing the light, and in the summer, on the contrary, reduced activity of sunlight. Special model Marquis fine job with both of these objectives.

Winter garden with panoramic Windows beautify and make more convenient domestic awnings. Depending on the matter in winter they can give and some warming effect due to air layer over them

In addition, Currently, there are many automated models, Simplify handling of this type of roofs. So, You can purchase, for example, wind sensor awning for terraces, which, in the case of an orgy of nature, will automatically be folded.

Pergol′nye awnings come with electric drive, folding yourself to gauge weather conditions

Awnings: advantages and disadvantages

So, to the pluses of this type can be classified as sheds:

  • shading and protection interior from fading;
  • mobility, the ability to collapse partly and fully awnings;
  • energy saving. As the room gets much less sunlight, the temperature does not rise too high, that allows you to use less air conditioning;
  • free air permeability;
  • light-weight construction;
  • ease of cleaning, cleaning;
  • various coloring fabrics, possibility of logos and advertising on it.

The main drawback of Marquis is their sensitivity to strong wind, prolonged rainstorms and heavy snowfall. However, with data deficiencies manufacturers continue to struggle, creating all the more solid and durable construction.

After playing with the choice of colors fabric and frame material, You can set the style of the terrace: from the beach to a luxury good Central East
The most resistant to strong wind types of Marquis — rigidly mounted to a metal skeleton

Installation features and rules of operation Marquis

Of course, bundling different kinds of Marquis can vary significantly, However, the design, as a rule, common to all models. It includes a box (square or round), shock absorbers, shaft, stretch belts, aluminum frame and krepâŝeesâ on him textile fabric.

Tools for installing awnings, usually, attached to a set of. Installation of the Marquis can be angled, front or ceiling. While krepjat their to hollow, building bricks, as well as ordinary and porous concrete. Before installing the other coatings, you need to consult the wizard.

The easiest way to clean the Marquis, cassette-type — She winds up in a wall case at the time of non-use

For long-term use Marquis, should observe a number of rules:

  • take off the canopy in bad weather conditions;
  • rewinder structure with manual drive must be implemented from the top down;
  • before the renovation of the wall, to which is attached the Marquis, need to update from the manufacturer especially dismantling procedures;
  • dust cloth is best cleaned with a dry brush, You can use for this purpose and a vacuum cleaner. If very dirty, apply a weak SOAP solution;
  • If you notice a failure mechanism, refer to the master, stopping on time operation canopy.

If these simple rules, no problem with "you will not have.

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