Cočetaniâ gray interior (41 Photo): moderate splendor — Design

Cočetaniâ gray interior (41 Photo): moderate splendor

Grey interior decoration

There is a perception, that gray interior a priori boring and monotonous. However, if you understand, turns out to be, that this claim is just a stereotype, based on an understanding of grayness as something devoid of faces, individuality, «highlights». If you belong to the category of people, игнорирующих серый цвет в интерьере, I will eat my boots: When you read this article before the end of, your opinion will not be the same. So, begin!

Breaking stereotypes: Gray road in the Interior!

Чтобы серый цвет в интерьере выглядел органично, in his introduction to a number of factors, influencing the perception of premises, in a similar vein,.

And first of allGuo, have to carefully pick up the neighbors for noble, but capricious gray.

If you do this, given the laws of colour, room size, its degree of illumination, Office location to the sides of the light and so on, as a result, you get a true masterpiece.

Bright cheerful accents in the gray interior

Variations on a theme: the many faces of grey

As any of his fellow, grey boasts a huge number of shades, each of which behaves in a special way in the company of other tones. The most famous of them-steel, anthracite, Tin, coal, the color of the river Pearl, wet stone, iron, wet asphalt, Disney's shade, the color of the elephant, verbnyh "seals" and so on.

Such an impressive list of options of gray opens space for imagination of the designer.

Living room decoration in light and dark shades of gray

Two words about the materials

Если вы хотите создать уютный интерьер в серых тонах, обратитесь к использованию деревянных элементов мебели и аксессуаров. Природные расцветки древесины способны преобразить помещение, decorated in shades of grey, and give it a touch of homemade spirit. Beech, Alder, light oak, Birch, Walnut, svieteniâ, afromorsiâ, gonkalo, dussiâ, spruce and many other types of wood are well combined with any shade of gray.

If you are aiming for execution premises with other natural materials, In addition, you can use wood wicker furniture, products from rattan, masonry, decor sea pebbles, fur Capes on chairs or carpets.

Раз уж зашла речь о натуральных элементах в сером интерьере, рекомендуем вам прибегнуть к помощи живых растений. It can be both trees in barrels or potted flowers in pots, так и свежие букеты. В первом случае вы добавите в атмосферу помещения больше уюта, the second will make it a more sophisticated.

Grey gets perfectly and with artificial materials-glass, metal and plastic.

Light walls in the neighborhood with bright tile in graffiti style
Комбинация серых стен и обнаженной кирпичной кладки

Grey and Red-bright pair

Red is one of the most aggressive representatives color palette. Use it with the same attention to modernity shades, as he himself (Black, rich blue or acid-Green) -too risky undertaking. But gray! Even if you use one of his dark options (for example, coal or anthracite), in combination with the red color will serve those soothing spot, looking to give your eyes a rest.

To avoid overloading the room bright accents, It is recommended to use red in the least comparedYu with gray.

For example, When filling the living room walls can be painted in any of the matching gray shades, (a) carpet and decorative pillows on the couch and chairs choose Ruby, Scarlet or cherry colors.

Often in company with this pair of colors supported white-at its fate falls not only pressure» climate, but the task of the Visual increase of premises, because the abundance of Red could visually compress room.

The combination of red with grey extended in such styles, as high-tech, minimalism, Loft, You can meet him in constructivism and other directions, relying on contrast and bold color mixes.

Red and grey tiles in the bathroom
A good mix of Red wallpaper and bright colouring of walls
Red framed wall grifel′nyh furniture

Grey and white: nobly and fresh

This color tandem becomes an excellent option for those, who does not dare to make out room too bright, but at the same time wishes to somehow "Cheer" is already available it grey.

If the room faces the north side of the House and has a small area, It is advisable to seek the assistance of warm shades of white-dairy, slivočnomu, cream and so on, to avoid the effect of a cold room. If room sizes and degree of illumination enable, can use and cool white.

This combination of colors, as well as use in interior minor black accents-common when applying for housing in Scandinavian style.

Grey kitchen set on a white background
Calm bedroom Interior
White furniture looks quite dark walls bedrooms

Grey and blue

In addition to blue grey colour perfectly coexists with his close relatives- Turquoise and blue. The bold option is registration room (often cuisine) furniture with bright blue neon facades and elements of chromed metal. Most often, such a course is justified in high-tekovskih interiors.

If your bedroom or living room, and want to make those premises a touch of vintage chic, We recommend you contact the Pearly shade of gray, that is worth to complement the light blue details.

When developing design projects in Classic style the combination of the "blue + grey will also not be superfluous. In this case, it is worth to stop the choice on the restrained noble colors and be sure to embed in the Interior natural materials.

Wonderful trio — grey + Blue + White — in the design of the kitchen
Bright turquoise wall will suffice, to refresh gray minimalist Interior
Blue furniture looks great in the Interior, executed in shades of grey

Grey and pink

Depending on, light or dark shade of pink you choose, Interior will turn out or restrained and a little feminine, or glamorous and pompous. Warm shades of both partners are optimal for small spaces, because using more saturated colors you risk visually "fill up" room.

To create a strong minimalističnogo of design it is recommended to choose a dark gray color variants of iron, wet asphalt, anthracite-for walls, and Purple, dark pink, Plum as colors of furniture or carpets. This will help you create superb color accents.

Anthracite in combination with gentle pink
Dark-grey + intense pink — spectacular blows in the Interior
Dilute gray unylost′ will help bright pink accents

Grey and sunny colors

Yellow and orange in the company with a grey look to cheer only, If the foreground stands it is grey. Then create the illusion of "glow solar accents.

Recommend grey used for wall decoration, yellow or orange the same embed in lamps, furniture or decor elements.

The successful combination of yellow and grey
Showy yellow grey living room furniture
Grey-yellow bathroom

Summing up

Правила сочетания серого цвета с другими тонами подразумевают гармоничное внедрение в интерьер любого из его оттенков в соседстве с подходящими по стилю и размеру помещения цветами. So, for small rooms, Go North, recommended light grey shades and complement them or a neutral white, or warm yellow or orange colors.

While more spacious rooms with large Windows making allowed the walls of dark shades of gray, and creating color accents possible using Active tones-Red, Blue, Fuchsia and so on.

Grey and pink in the design of child

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