What is the color of Red blends — 75 Photo — Design

What is the color of Red blends — 75 Photo

Red is a very difficult color for a designer. This color with a strong psychological and physiological energy, that excites and excites, This is the color of fire, rage and passion. This color attracts power and strong people, but to be in a room for a long time, you have to have very strong nerves. That is why interiors, in pure red, are very rare, and create their risk only really upscale designers.

Successful combination of

The powerful energy of the Red can be mitigated, combining it with other colors:

White/Red-White chill good flame red neutralizes, their combination means fairness, care and purity
Orange/red room is full of pure radiant energy of the Sun, a great combination for children's rooms
Brown/Red-will give the room a solidity and nobility
Blue/Red-ice and fire, Red very well emphasising the bright shades of blue (Blue)
Green/Red-effectively the combination would result from using light shades

Accents in detail

Red-emotional and bright color, It is simply impossible not to notice the Interior, so it is often involve, to focus on certain elements of decor.

What is the color of Red blends — Photo


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