The combination of Brown in the Interior: solidity and tranquility — Design

The combination of Brown in the Interior: solidity and tranquility

Brown in the Interior — color of nobility and refinement

The combination of Brown in the Interior is one of the most natural, After all, Brown is the color of the wood, which for a long time remained the main material for construction, and for interior finishing. New technology, materials and stylistic solutions significantly pushed Brown, in some styles it is almost never used. It's all in the psychological features of brown color.

Brown symbolizes the naturalness and comfort

It calms and soothes, creating a feeling of comfort and security, promotes thinking, helping to make informed, calm and thoughtful decisions-that is why the Interior Brown colors often used for finishing offices. Brown is a symbol of stability, Brown furniture and floors will add confidence and sustainability. For those, who have to spend a lot of time in variegated, noisy and colourful places, a lot of movement and contact people, fits Brown living room — It will remove accumulated psychological and emotional stress, helps you relax, get away from the hustle and bustle and worries.

This color gives a feeling of heat okutyvaûŝego
Brown fine «sounds» the stylish modern interior
Accented by the sophistication of the living room
Brown — very «yummy» and a stylish colour

Designers include Brown as a "solid" and "elegant", that is why it preferred the discussions, self-confident and self-sufficient people. And here is a view, who tries to express yourself, looking for your own style, It is best to avoid Brown-it relaxes and even blocks the imagination.

Council! Psychologists recommend highly dosed use Brown for child's room decoration: It could be Paul, doors and furniture piece, but not walls-they should be more cheerful.

Brown in the Interior: features choice of shades

Brown has a wide variety of sometimes quite similar and not very different, shades. Once you've found the correct combination of Brown in the Interior, not only can you adjust the Visual shortcomings premises, but also create your desired atmosphere, mood. To add vitality and energy, well suited reddish-brown tones, and for cold rooms (Windows are located on the North, Little Sun) fit blonde, yellow-brown shades. Entering the bedroom Interior Brown, You can get the atmosphere of relaxation, While darker colors can help you relax, feel secure, but bright-feel the lightness and freedom.

Recreation and forces such guarantees filling bedroom
Quiet Brown gamma creates the right atmosphere of relaxation
Natural materials in brown tones fill the bedroom natural warmth

If we talk about the stylistic decisions, the Victorian cannot do without shades of hot chocolate, cappuccino or black tea. Provence and country gravitate to the colors of baked milk or caramel. And here in Japanese style very often you can meet the rich dark brown tones.

Beige and Brown interior is a very good solution for small spaces: toilets, bathroom or hallway. On the one hand, Brown is a very practical color for rooms with great maneuverability, But if it's a lot in a small room, then it becomes gloomy, and wall-davâŝimi. And here's a bit of "caramel" adds warmth and comfort, will look particularly good combination of Brown and beige tiles on the kitchen floor.

Beige-Brown tandem is also perfect for the living room
Naturalness and warmth — specifications interiors in Brown

Brown kitchen-this is the classic version with wooden furniture, that will look spectacular against the backdrop of bright walls. Insertion of opaque or translucent glass (dairy or darker shades) Add the elegance of execution. Even a budget option is the furniture made of chipboard or MDF, covered with veneer, will look presentable, elegantly and solidly.

Dark brown interior is appropriate only for well-lit spacious rooms, especially for large libraries or Cabinet, rarely for a living room.

Council! Use chocolate brown shade will give the room a luxury, will make it expensive to look at, adding a little flair of mystery.

Chocolate creates a luxurious atmosphere in the Interior
«Snake» Bathroom Decorating, Paul wood and chocolate wall — This bathroom is soaked in luxury and glitz
Laconic, but no less luxurious bathroom in Brown

Brown wallpaper will add blagorodnosti and interior refinement, they are very good at imitating natural wood finish. But only should not abuse them in small spaces, Here is a better play on the contrast, paste over them just one wall.

In the living room, Brown curtains, combined with a plain light-coloured walls, help visually expand the space a bit, creating a feeling of spaciousness. In the bedroom is more suitable beige-gold. However, If you like to soak up the morning in bed a bit longer, dark brown drapes effectively will protect you from sunlight.

Luxurious Brown curtains will reliably protect your son from intrusion of sunlight in the morning

Brown color: Select the harmonious combination

Brown is a "team player", interiors, based on its combination with other colors, look very winnable. Although not all colors and shades it can advantageously be combined.

White-Brown interior is practically a classic color combination, which is suitable for almost any room decoration. As and Green, Brown calmative, and on its background can completely open up white, adding room space and freshness. At the same time in small rooms, to avoid the effect of "rabbit hole", white color should dominate, and Brown should be bright colors. For the kitchen we can recommend the perfect combination of white furniture and dark, saturated Brown laminate.

Fresh, airy and cozy white-Brown Interior
White tile brings freshness and lightness in Brown living room loft

Light brown Interior protects from stress and anxiety, but in General, it is a sample of conservatism and stability (so it dominates classical interiors), to spice it up, need some bright accents.

Interior in beige and brown colors made to monochrome, After all, beige and Brown (dark brown) belong to the same colours, though it is located almost at opposite ends of the. This is a balanced combination of beautiful looks harmonious and calm, compared with white-Brown, This combination of greener, It would work good for the bedroom or a small cozy living room. And to add room energy, make a few bright accessories using items of decor or textiles.

Subtle beige-Brown Interior dining
Blue accents effectively dilute with beige and Brown range

On your mood taupe Interior close to brownish-white combination, Thanks to the incorporated them balanced and calm mood, It is perfect for decorating a study. But in other areas this combination needs thinning more energetic colors- Lilac, Green or pink.

Light brown wood color fits in the white-gray interior
Luxurious Brown-grey living room

Much rarer in the Interior of the combination of Brown and other colors:

  • for Cabinet English style you will need to Red-Brown "Soyuz", the resulting combination, strict and bright at the same time, Configures the focused work. But this unusual combination is also interesting will look in the living room

Spectacular reddish-brown Interior
This combination of colours stimulates brain activity
Red-Brown tandem looks incredibly impressive
A beautiful combination of colors in the bedroom
  • yellow-brown -This combination of energizing and positive, Depending on the brightness of the yellow, It can be used in virtually any style, but he is best suited for retro and country. And here is the Brown and orange -traditional combination for Arabic and Indian styles, It is most often used to decorate the boudoir and bedroom. From there it moved to European traditions of design

Very warm color combination
Luxurious interior with a warm atmosphere
Brown-Orange bathroom wraps you in warmth and sunshine
This Interior promotes warm conversations and intimate dinners
  • Brown, yellow and green -natural, natural, a natural combination, reminiscent of foliage on trees, highlighted in the Sun. This combination will fill the room with optimism and harmony, will look fresh. For registration of the living room you can use bright green shades-light green or pistachio, Brown will balance their excessive energy. And that's dominate yellow good for kitchen Interior

A natural combination, symbolizing the tree and green leaves, creates a very comfortable interior
This combination gives the Interior colors of freshness and lightness
Real live nook right at your home
  • Brown and pink -Perhaps, the only way to use a justifiable-Brown for a child's room decoration. Pink walls too will look lusciously and compulsively, the introduction of Brown in the Interior will add elegance and trogatel′nosti premises. This combination is also well suited for living room or bedroom

Very tender and delicious combination of brown with pink
Perfect color tandem for bedrooms romantic girls
  • Brown-Blue -unusual, rarely found combination. If you use dark shades, the atmosphere will turn out not so much serious, how grim, Therefore, it is preferable to use light shades. Much more interesting looks brownish-Turquoise option-a warm and bright, He will suggest pleasant associations with summer and the sea, these tones are especially relevant will be relevant for retro-Interior

Luxurious color combination, pleasing to the eye and creates a unique atmosphere
Blue-Brown interior envelops the atmosphere of the sacrament
  • Brown and purple -a very complex combination of, in which both colors are aimed at suppressing emotions, bringing the melancholy, creating a mysterious, even the mystical atmosphere

In this incredible Interior really has something mysterious and fascinating
Discreet luxury that attracts connoisseurs of all original
Modern loft interior this combination also place
Brownish-purple interior looks very juicy, elegant and fresh, thanks to the white and yellow accents
  • black and Brown -very bleak, This combination is associated with medieval castles. To them in a couple of necessarily requires any more legkiy, aerial color, for example, White, or light beige

Not everyone will like this pretty gloomy mix, but people, not afraid of experiments, get unique stylish interior
Brown-Black Interior calmative, encountering the reflections
Insightful and original black and Brown Interior
This bedroom will look at least original and non-standard

Brown in the Interior is original and interesting ideas look at video:

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