Door handles for entrance doors (60 Photo): types of products and selection rules — Design

Door handles for entrance doors (60 Photo): types of products and selection rules

Full motives, sculptural forms grips have always been popular and are also used in modern times
Handle front door as accenting accessory hallway
Luxury pen in an art-nouveau
The dimensions of the doorway and door configuration also determine the choice of handle. Guided by the principle here is usually a lever

Handle as an essential part of the ideal front door

Most often, people prefer to buy the Castle from a handle for entrance door at the same time, not paying proper attention to the selection of models, ideal for specific conditions. This approach can be justified only in the absence of a decent choice, as well as in the situation, When produced door impression is not important for the premises owners. However,, It is with the input of an aperture begins his acquaintance with location, It is the front door sets the tone for the whole flat or House.

Handle bracket perfectly blends with the «raw» natural and primitive motifs finishes
Basalt door handle Swiss architect Peter Cumtora at the Museum of the Diocese of Cologne — modern building rebuilt on the ruins of pozdneromanskoj Church. Columba

Стремление к украшению своего дома и созданию в нем единой и гармоничной атмосферы рождает особый интерес и к дверной фурнитуре. Today, laconic and strict model claimed in the same degree, as bright, complex and fanciful designs. A wide range of, submitted by in stores, позволяет подобрать идеальную модель для любой двери и любого стиля квартиры или дома.

It is important to! Beautiful handle should be not only effective, but reliable, durable and long lasting. Model search, combining all these qualities, is key in determining the best solutions for your front door.

Trendsetters in architecture, furniture and meaningful design. Even minor accessories, as, for example, door handles, bear a recognizable style of each design Bureau and give an idea about their handwriting
Stationary handles large dimensions are used as luxury doors of houses in the style of classic, and in commercial buildings
Sculptural door handle in the animalističnyh motives, or in the form of mythical creatures — complement the themed exterior or Interior hallway. You can also use it in a contemporary setting as the only bright accent

Types of handles for entrance doors

Experts recommend starting the search for perfect door handle not from its appearance or value, and by determining the type of products, that best fits the specific conditions, specific doors and users. Someone liking swivel mechanisms, others appreciate the simplicity and laconism of stationary stationary grips. Selection is extremely complex and depends only on the future owners of premises, Since all the recommendations are the personalized nature of the.

  • Stationary: наиболее просты и надежны. The lack of a mechanism and connections with lock ensures long service life and reliability of such products. The modern interiors are most commonly used stationary models in balls, because they are refined and sophisticated concise design style. The subspecies stationary products include such an option, How to handle bracket for front door: almost a classic, familiar since childhood, and familiar to all model may be the best option for wooden doors.

Metal knobs (knob) — timeless classics. Fortunately looked on swing doors
Copper, Bronze, artificial patina — all this can be applied in modern design exterior hallway or home
Lunate form very large door handles — popular choice, especially for public and commercial premises
  • Lever: представляют собой механизм, consisting of two levers, United reliable rod. Best is considered a mechanism, which guarantees the opening by turning the lever on the 20-30 degrees: the smaller the degree of necessary rotation, the more functional system is considered. As a rule, mortise lock is exactly the kind of model, because of the lever mechanisms are considered to be the most suitable and practical from a functional perspective.

Ultra-minimalist front door with white combination turn knob
Tech, difficult to install handle-a part of the project «Smart House» — turns off the electricity and gas, When you leave
Modern design welcomes ease in selecting materials and textures, but unity lines and overall style in choosing accessories — always besproigryšno
  • Swivel mechanisms for entrance door, or knobs, can be considered a kind of handles pressure type, because they operate on a similar principle. The main difference is, What lever they replaced by balls. When the visual appeal and accuracy of such mechanisms for entrance doors were not optimal solution too, because they are not comfortable in certain life situations. However, such models are often used to create some styles.

The combination of a classic look and modern utilitarianism — the usual locking mechanism handle-Noba and additional protection of entrances using coded lock
Metal swivel handle, that can be used as a holder of correspondence
Brushed metal and wood — the perfect combination for a modern hallway

One of the criteria for the Division of grips on the category is the material, from which they are made. Modern technologies allow to use different materials ranging from metal to glass, but the entrance door knobs are most commonly made of various metals.

  • Steel products are considered to be the most reliable and durable in effect strength. In doing so, to give the product the attractiveness of steel often toned under any other material: for example, brass or bronze.

Clear contours, right angles and impressive surface nickel plated door handle
  • Brass models are also popular, and attention to the products of this metal not only attractive appearance, but unique tactile properties of brass: to touch this model extremely pleasant.

Brass — material, never losing in popularity
  • Aluminium handles on the entrance doors are used much less frequently due to their excessive ease and unreliability. Such models should be used to interior doors or not in need of protection of premises: for example, for pantry.

An unusual material for basalt door handles. Taking into account the practicality of application on a specific input into the room, You can choose and
Basalt, as metal or wood, It does not limit the choice of forms and very good with them same blends
Extravagant wooden handle front door
Bronze handles — the best choice for creating (or resume) exterior in the spirit of antiquity. Wear and patina only give gloss such sculptural subjects

Правила выбора идеальной фурнитуры

Choose the ideal model handles for the front door is a simple process, but responsible, because the selected option will set the tone for the entire the façade of the building for many years,. Solidity, durability and reliability are the main characteristics of the ideal product. Фурнитура входной двери, as a rule, feels much more serious loads, than interior, so we need a rugged frame.

«Disappearing» door handle. Utaplivaetsya outside the surface of the door, When you zapiraetes′ from inside the House or room

COUNCIL! Experts strongly recommend that you do not acquire door handles for entrance metal doors separately, and to pick up kits, which include all necessary elements. This variant is considered to be more reliable and guarantee maximum protection.

Smooth curved shape door handle in modern design hallway

Selection handles for apartments usually is not confined to the one material, but for the home better glean from the list of suitable: for example, wood or covered with paint and lacquer models should not be used on the street, because weather conditions can negatively affect their appearance. The best solution here is brass, polished or chrome plated stainless steel, as well as anodised aluminium.

Utilitarian appearance and wooden casing on metal basis. This pen is better to use on internal doors, Since most expressed the fragility of offset its warmth and pleasant to the touch, roughness
Exclusive design obliges to choosing appropriate handles. On the photo — Mediterranean exterior with heavy wrought-iron stationary door handles
Door handle of polished aluminum, repeating lines direct the rest home porch design
Making Vintage House sign-in allows the use of different bright accessories, carrying the spirit of antiquity, for example sculptured door knockers (door knockers)

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