Glass interior doors (60 Photo): stylish interior — Design

Glass interior doors (60 Photo): stylish interior

Glass doors create a feeling of lightness: soar, do not destroy the unity of the Interior
Folding glass wall with multicolored glass inserts
Glass doors give the Interior a special chic

Dignity glass doors

Сегодня стеклянная дверь в комнате не такая уж редкость. Order, who have not yet ventured to install glass doors, Naturally, I want to understand, Why do people give preference to such models.

  • The doors of glass have high svetoprovodimost′û. If you put such a door in the room, where no Windows, the light of other premises easily penetrates and.
  • Glass model visually expand the boundaries of the premises, give it the airiness and lightness.

Glass doors give a finished look around putting the design
Glass door razdvižnve original look in a modern interior

They perfectly fit into contemporary styles high-tech and techno.

  • Если створки в парилке стеклянные, You can be sure, that they never razbuhnut from moisture, because glass is absolutely vlagoustojčivo.

Sliding glass door freezers is the ideal solution for small spaces
Using glass doors and partitions, you can easily divide the space of your home zone
Bright bathroom with sliding door
  • Glass doors have no competitors in terms of diversity of design.
  • The doors are easy to clean and isn't susceptible to deformation.

Types of

Combining achievements of technical ideas with designer art, manufacturers offer us multiple types of glass interior doors. These include:

  • swing
  • sliding
  • pendulum

To more accurately determine the choice of, consider design features of each type of.

Традиционный вариант – стеклянные распашные двери, that can be opened only in one direction. Installation of these doors is carried out directly in the door or the door frame from wood, aluminum or MDF. For fixing use special hinges for glass. They can be single or double-, Depending on the size of the aperture.

Cabinet with glass doors
Swinging glass interior door with frame, made of aluminium

Эргономичные раздвижные стеклянные створки дают существенную экономию свободного пространства. Навешиваются они с помощью роликов на верхнюю направляющую, that eliminates the usual door thresholds. The movement of sashes is performed along the wall, allowing you to comfortably accommodate furniture. Такие стеклянные модели-купе прекрасно подходят для оформления interior partitions.

Sliding doors with dark glass accentuate the individuality of your interior and wardrobe
French doors will make any interior a delicate and unique
Glass doors is harmoniously «vpisyvaût′sâ» in the classic Interior dining
Using glass doors you can visually extend the room

Swingarm construction is often used in public institutions, apply it in everyday life. Her biggest plus is an opportunity to open the door as inside, and outward. Often used in combination with partitions.

Atmospheric interiors with glass doors
Living room Interior in grey tones, designed by Theo Ottenom, using glass doors smoothly separated from the bright dining room
Маятниковая стеклянная дверь

RADIUS glass door is a fashionable design trend. They can be and sliding, and the pendulum, and swinging. Their main feature lies in the curved glass. Convex or concave, It is used for the decoration of interiors or for its stylistic smoothing angles.

RADIUS doors are original and stylish solution for your interior

It is important to! Установка радиусных моделей возможна лишь в том случае, If their presence is planned at the design stage of the premises.

In criteria, We solve, What kind of door install, also includes the type of glass and design.

Types of glass

In the view of an ordinary person glass refers to the brittle materials. Fortunately, glass interior doors such vulnerable feature does not work. 21st century technologies enable you to create glass with high strength.

Sheet glass commonly used in the production of interior doors. It can be a different thickness and with proper marking.

Frosted glass to steel support gives the interior refinement

Tempered glass в процессе производства подвергается специальной термической обработке, that increases its strength in 5-6 times. Even if the glass is broken, It smashed into small rounded pieces, safe for human health.

Laminated glass представляет собой многослойный пирог, in which glass cloths are interconnected by a film and a special liquid. There can be multiple layers. When hitting the laminated glass is not broken, and crack.

Interior glass door with original artwork in the form of streaks on metal

Triplex considered simplistic views of laminated glass. Consists of two glass cloths, glued film or liquid.


Experienced designers claim, that this space in decorating, as glass, can not give no other material, used in the manufacture of doors.

To begin with, that glass sometimes transparent and frosted. Obviously, что именно матовые идеально подойдут для bathtub or toilet.

Skillful Division of rooms into two zones-admission, allowing for maximum benefit to tap each corner premises
A light Interior bathroom small size with frosted glass doors
Applying Interior sliding room dividers, You can mask off the entrance to the room or, Vice versa, make it fashionable and bright

This is followed by the variety of colours. Toning glass occurs at the initial stage of melting glass, When finished the mass is added a certain dye.

Sliding glass door with frosted blue glass

При изготовлении стеклянных дверей активно используется пескоструйная обработка поверхности по stenciling, After that on the main canvas door mat appears figure.

Glass in the Interior has always been one of the main materials

Те же стеклянные двери для toilets можно украсить смоляным витражом. Ornament stained-glass window is not created from pieces of colored glass, and drawn varnishes. Increasing coat of paint in the individual parts of the picture can be achieved volume images.

Sliding doors help today to create a comfortable and original interior solutions
The original sliding door with stained glass

Another popular method of decorating glass doors, This fusing. The canvas is rendered thumbnail images, then, Figure laid out pieces of glass and cake together. It turns out a watercolor effect.

Glass door, designed by fusing (manufacturing of stained-glass windows of sintering method)

And, Finally, the famous stained glass Tiffany, When all the cloth of a door consists of individual color details, together forming a magnificent picture.

Beautiful bright stained glass on glass doors leading to the bathroom

Installation and accessories

При установке стеклянных дверей, regardless of the type of, respected certain common rules.

Glass is heavy stuff. Fabric thickness 8-10 millimeters, It may weigh 25 kg. Installation of such structures requires caution and proper technical process.

The door cannot be put on concrete, tile or metal. When closing the glass should not touch the walls and solid surfaces come into contact with the floor. Transferring the glass door to door aperture, do not take it for edges and corners, better to do this horizontally, broad substrate or use special suckers.

Interior sliding doors — This unique design, with the help of which you will be able to save some space in the room, create an elegant interior and, Finally, get rid of the hated thresholds

Вся фурнитура для стеклянных дверей предполагает минимальное сверление дверного полотна. Usually producers advance bore through apertures for fastening of loops and grips.

Council! Do not attempt to drill glass door at home. Without special skills you can permanently damage the cloth, and the door will have to change.

Есть петли для стеклянных дверей, do not require drilling. At the door they are fixed with the compression screw. If the door design does not imply any doorframe, the appliance must be installed by using fittings.

Don't forget about practicality and quality, which determine the usage period of the whole structure

Модели ручек для стеклянных дверей представлены двумя видами: pull handles and knoby ("bumps"). Staples used in glass doors with high-bandwidth. Knoby good so, that combine and handle, and Castle, and is most often installed on interior doors.

When used correctly, the service life of the glass doors will be much more, than the rest

In the same way, both loops, замки для стеклянных дверей оснащаются прижимными механизмами, to avoid unnecessary drilling. They can be central and set in the middle of the outer edge of the door, and peripheral, hosted at the threshold or ceiling.


Caring for glass doors is minimal and is a regular wash cloth with soapy water.

It is important to! Do not use for cleaning glass doors cleaning with abrasive additives.

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