Electric boiler heating for the home: advantages and disadvantages, features choice — Design

Electric boiler heating for the home: advantages and disadvantages, features choice

Electric boiler in the bathroom
Rice. 1. Diagram of heating systems with solid and electric boiler

Laying the night fuel, You can "raskočegarit′" system, to working mode, then switch to electric heating boiler, to not to enclose firewood (coal). Another advantage of night operation system-electricity prices much lower at night, than the day (assuming the installation of special mnogotarifnogo counter («day and night»), for an ordinary counter, no pay gap). The same tandem allows you to prevent the system from freezing, If the owners won't be home for a long time, and it means that no one will support the fire. In this case, electric boiler can maintain a minimum water temperature value, that will allow the system to freeze, and the price for your electricity is quite justified in view of cost recovery heatsystems.

Electric boilers are easy to handle
The electric water heater is very advantageous to use paired with solid boiler

However, If a small area of the House (in doing so, to take all necessary measures for energy saving) buy and install modern (for example, induction) Electric boiler, the price for the heat is perfectly acceptable.

Electric boilers for private house: appreciate the benefits

The main factor, that affects the final decision to buy an electric heater is easy to install it in a private home: only the presence of required electrical outlet 220 In. Extra plus, due to the total final price of heating systems is lower, than when installing gas boilers-there's no need to create a, the harmonization (approval) project, as well as in a separate room and creating it special (for example, ventilation, the presence of chimney) conditions.

Installation of electric boiler you can do yourself

Council! PETN boiler can be installed in residential premises, But if you decide to buy induction boiler, It is better still to take it beyond the residential zone-doctors have not determined their position definitively, how harmful electromagnetic fields.

Induction boiler best place in uninhabited premises

In addition, There are several factors, that you should consider, choosing, What to buy pot:

  • electric boilers can be easily integrated into the system "smart House", they are very self-sufficient and automation, requiring minimal supervision by owner
  • security component, on which electric boilers are superior to the rest. They have no explosive components (gas), open fire, as well as not highlighted the dangerous carbon dioxide
  • easy maintenance-it becomes often a determining factor, in fact, buy electric boilers is to not have problems with the purchase of fuel (coal, peat, briquettes), their storage, as well as not to engage in further disposal of ashes, In addition, There is no need to clean a chimney
  • gas boiler can reliably provide the owner of a private house with hot water
  • affordable price for most (an exception would amount to only induction) models

The Office heating, integrated into the system «Smart House», using a Smartphone
A small boiler, placed under the kitchen sink

TÈNovye boilers

Classic water-heating devices, the core of which is the HEATER (abbreviation of "thermal electric heater"), metal tube, which fill with quartz sand or other ceramic insulator. Inside the stack nihromnuû or tungsten spiral, ends which the reliability of weld metal contacts, that voltage is 220 In. A classic version of Petn has a form of the Latin Letter U, voltage is applied to two contacts, located at the ends of the device. More modern versions of Petn are issued in the form of tubes (Rod) stainless steel, with just one touch, in the role of Second Corps used Petn

Examples of classical (at the top of the) and modern (in the middle of the) Heaters

The workspace is the boiler tank, where is coolant, in which, Depending on the required capacity, loaded one or more Heaters. It is not a fundamentally, How will be the tank-it is equally effective as a horizontal, and vertical placement. When you turn on voltage 220V switched by simultaneously all Heaters, the system operates at a maximum, and when you reach the desired temperature, the specified home owner, intense heat stops and periodically turn on one Burner, maintaining the preset temperature.

What attracted TÈNovye boilers:

  • reliability-the release of electric TÈNovogo type mastered already quite long, therefore their production technology, well-developed, that allows to produce (and reviewers confirm this) quality teplooborudovanie

PETN boiler in the kitchen of the farmhouse
Electric flow water heater
  • a variety of models on the market today, you can find and buy almost any model power (on 220 or 380 In), as one- , and gas boiler. There are options, where the double-boiler in summer can only be used for the preparation of hot water
  • If you compare prices, It is the most affordable option out of all types of electric boilers
  • compact-all the necessary equipment-own boiler, circulating pump, the control unit (controls the water pressure and temperature) can be placed in a small box, which you can place, for example, in the hallway or kitchen (rice. 2)
  • maintainability — in case of failure, TEN easy to buy and replace

Rice. 2. An example of the layout of the TÈNovogo boiler
PETN boiler. Inside view


  • over time, reduced heating power of ten, for 3-4 It may be less 15-20%
  • scale formation (deposits) on TÈNe, Therefore it is better to use specially prepared system (distilled) water

Electric boiler with water filtration system will last for a lot longer
  • high-inertia system will require a lot of time (especially if the heating system big), to warm up the entire volume of water

Electric boilers

Have you had to deal with the simplest homemade modification of boiler, manufactured only two blades. The electrode boiler implemented the same principle, based on the conductivity of water, If it contains salts of various metals. In this, true, is one of the major drawbacks of this type of boilers-they need to be used as a heat transfer medium special, enriched with salt water, in normal water concentration of salts is low enough, and with distilled water boiler simply will not turn on. When this speed, which will be heated water, directly depends on its chemical composition-some manufacturers even indicate the desired indicators in passport. Over time,, because of work, Because hot water salt gradually precipitate (delayed filter, It must also be taken into account when installing the system), conductivity coolant will fall along with it-the efficiency of the entire system.

Electrode boiler

Electrode boiler is a metal tube, covered with insulating layer, inside which placed steel electrode, on which network connects phase wire. The second electrode acts corpus, zero connects electrode. With the pipe ends sealed, and welded fittings for connecting the side pipe heating systems. When the voltage 220 In water, enclosed between the electrode and the main building, begins intense heat. To increase the efficiency of heating, use trejfaznuu network — inside establish multiple electrodes, that allows you to get the boiler sufficiently compact size. The water from the system, acting through the bottom outlet, heated and squeezed in through the upper system. If the pipeline length small, the one-story house in the heating system can not install the circulating pump.

The operating principle of the increase of electrode type

Council! When one electrode is not enough coolant to heat the boiler, You should buy and Daisy the second.

If you compare the electrode boiler and Petn, then you can see, that the effectiveness of the first above (order on 30%). This is because, that Ten boilers for heating the heating process the coolant (water) It flows only in the area of, where it is directly in contact with the heating elements, that allows all 7-10% the volume of coolant, What is in the pot. The electrode the same boiler heating process fluid is carried out throughout the volume of the working Chamber.

Note the shortcomings, characteristic for electrode boiler:

  • no ability to manage power boiler, changing the mains voltage it will continually work on high. Water temperature adjustment (and, as a consequence, the temperature in the House) is carried out through periodic on/off boiler automation kit

Electrode boiler water temperature adjustment is due to the automatic cut-out
  • equal power higher price, than Ten samples
  • electrode boiler piping more complex, than TÈNovogo
  • the need for periodic cleaning of the electrodes, that will form a scum

Induction boiler

Induction boiler is essentially a transformer, placed in welded metal housing (rice. 3).

Rice. 3. Schema induction boiler

The basis of his work was based on the fact, What if placed inside metal core inductors, by Foucault currents command, He proceeds to bask. It is inductive coil in boilers of this type serves as a heating element-it is placed in a sealed compartment, that guarantees a complete lack of contact with the coolant. As the secondary winding can be core or tube, which applications, heat-transfer agent, moving around (inside) the secondary winding (rice. 4).

Rice. 4. Working principle of induction boiler

The main advantage of this type of boiler is, that their effectiveness is not decreasing over time, as it happens with TÈNovymi boilers (Warm-up wear) or with electrode (reducing the conductivity of the liquid). Yes and the degree of calcification is much lower. The main disadvantage is, First of all, high price, especially when compared to TÈNovymi boilers. In addition, induction heating furnaces were the largest in size and weight compared to other samples of èlektroobogrevatel′noj of heat engineering.

After connecting to the network 220 In, due to the nature of design, induction boiler runs continuously at their full power, because installed on auxiliary generator, that would be a regulated power (changing the voltage) -inefficient and conflictive. It is much easier and more cost-effective to equip the boiler automation, that will ensure the cyclic on/off electrical installations, providing a coolant heater. While the basis for equipment can work, measuring the temperature of the fluid and comparing it with the specified, or getting information from teplodatčikov, installed in the House.

Heating system with gas and electric boiler
Induction boilers have large dimensions

There are two types of induction heating boilers:

  • Vortex (Vin) -they, to enhance the magnetic tension and Foucault currents induced (thereby increase the temperature) the talk of network with frequency 50 Hz before, like he will be served on the primary winding, convert in high frequency. Such boilers, to increase the heating surface and hold heat the coolant faster, from ferromagnetic alloys are produced as a secondary winding, and the body
  • boiler type Sav -in these boilers secondary winding is used as heat exchanger, It is made in the form of a labyrinth, has thick walls (This allows you to increase the area of heat transfer, thereby improving the heating of the heat-carrier). As the conductor is located in an alternating field, Advanced coil generates and reactive power.

Induction Ariston water heater
Electric boilers provide the highest degree of environmental performance due to the absence of combustion emissions

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