Stained glass is back in fashion — Masterpieces on glass — Design

Stained glass is back in fashion — Masterpieces on glass

Stained glass, — Perhaps, the only décor element capable of completely without occupying space literally cast a spell its refinement and sophistication. For designers, that go along with the time, It is no secret, that the stained-glass Windows has long gone beyond the classical style. They are well-blended and with modern, and even with the popular èkointer′erami.

Classical usage stained-glass Windows -accommodation on Windows. Here the image is constantly changing depending on the time of day and weather conditions for. Stained-glass on a window will always open in a new, and look at it will be a real pleasure for the owner and his guests.

Particularly appropriate placement of stained glass Windows in the nursery. You can depict favorite hero child, then the kid will always have to watch with interest how his character during the day. And if a child over time there will be new favourite characters of fairy tales or cartoons is an image on the window can be replaced. Modern stained-glass Windows enable you to create completely different pictures of almost any size.

With the help of stained-glass Windows You can beat the premise. Relate it, close not the best view from the window or by using the color bright textiles items beat, furniture.

In addition to stained glass Windows and can be used on doors. Here most frequently stained-glass Windows bear practical load. On the front door they are closing the premises from prying eyes, and on connecting allow you to create a zone in each room for privacy and relaxation.

Decorate room, make it more luxurious and elegant in addition to stained-glass Windows help facets. This small glass elements, that decorate the window, doors, mirrors and other glass surfaces. They can be the highlight of any product.

Stained glass and facets are mounted very firmly, Therefore it is practically impossible to damage them. Children or pets cannot do. Therefore, they, no interior do not suffer from curiosity or games.

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