Glass fireplace (46 Photo): design options — Design

Glass fireplace (46 Photo): design options

Glass fireplace — original decor in Interior

The fireplace has become a symbol of hearth and home. Built-in wall chimney and niche for the fire to heat homes and built in ancient Rome, and in medieval castles. Big and small, with lush finish tiles decorated with simple and modest stucco, they faithfully served the man many centuries. Entering the twenty-first century, We saved the attachment to cozy heat source, But how to solve the problem of urban housing?

Raised fireplace highlighted in bright yellow stripe
A small wall niche stylized under the fireplace hearth
Stylized East fireplace — with small details and décor
Brightly decorated place raised fireplace
Raised fireplace in a modern interior

Glass fireplace: design and materials

Obviously, our apartments are not adapted to the construction of a full fireplace. Technically it is absolutely impossible task, especially in a tenement house. However, for those, who would like to decorate the Interior of this element, There is a solution, and is it in the construction of raised fireplace. It preserves the outward signs of full-fledged hearth, but does not require the furnishing of the chimney and Firebox. Moreover, make stylish fireplace with his hands is a real challenge.

Since the establishment of the imitation of the hearth does not require drastic reconstruction of premises and special skills in its device, design glass fireplace depends on fancy home craftsman. The main thing is the skeleton of the hearth. It can be made of metal profiles, wooden bruskov and reek, or simply use the invoice dashboard with decorative window inserts. The dimensions of the building interior element depend on the size of the premises, where it will be placed.

Bio-fireplace in the Interior
Fireplace wood and other items will help disguise «fake»
The original idea — ledge in the wall is the chimney
Fireplace decorated with elements of style loft — rough concrete surfaces
A niche in the wall, stylized hearth
In the niche of stylish fireplace you can store books, chests or other interior elements

Types of

Planning to install raised fireplace in the Interior, decide to, which kind is best suited for you. Designers subdivide them for reliable, conditional and symbolic.

In authentic models carefully observed all the parameters of this fireplace, In addition to the withdrawal of the chimney. A full backup is achieved by setting the "Firebox" biokamina burner or plain Electric Fireplace. For its decoration and applied tile, and desktop, and stone.

The raised fireplace can accommodate bio- or electric fireplace

Conditional residence -a niche in the wall, Portal, imitating the Stoker opening and garnished candelabra, firewood and other attributes of this fireplace. This model does not require a large depth, enough 20 centimeters, and give the internal volume, you can use the mirror tile, sized at the sides and back of the niche.

A niche in the wall covered with tree — unobtrusive simulated fireplace
Raised fireplace decorated with textured 3-d carvings

Symbolic raised fireplace is rather a picture on the wall, than full construction. It can be made of conventional ceiling skirting boards, specifying only the form, without the depth.

3-d convex elements are stylized under the fireplace
Raised fireplace with picture of fire — original and unusual

Styling products

For fans of olden time it can be stylized medieval models, with the use of artificial or natural stone. In the spacious living room looks great surround raised fireplace, with a broad fireplace shelf and deep niche "furnaces", that actively use under touches. It can be and candlesticks, and a pile of firewood, and family photos, and floral arrangements.

In the modern interior of the type of high-tech or Nouveau raised fireplace made of plasterboard acquires the most unexpected outlines. He can speak, as a central element furniture wall and be filled with books, or bear individual load, appear as a stylish art-object in black glass.

Raised fireplace can be supplemented by colored glass — cosy and original

Council! Want to see the fire, use for finishing its internal space reflective material (foil or mirror). Install electrical candles or LEDs, and your raised fireplace gives a feeling of warmth.

Empire light bedroom or Classic, designed in warm colours. White panels, with intricate moldings, make the Interior a soft touch of home comfort, and decorative framing raised fireplace wood fills a premise refinement of gentility. In addition, This item can be an vanity table, If you place a mirror on it.

Elegant stylish fireplace in the bedroom

Despite the presence of original solutions, the most popular remains raised fireplace with candles. And professional, and home designers choose for decorating it is candles. They are installed and furnace hole, and on the Mantel shelf. Select size and color, rank different combinations, put simply on the floor or placed in multi-tiered chandeliers.

The idea of! Small lighted candles create the effect of smoldering logs

Some masters use paints and paint a fire inside the Firebox. With properly chosen lighting turns out a stylish product, giving an association with a burning fireplace.

Effective solution will be the acquisition of a mobile equipped with a fireplace, You can help make the furniture workshop. This solution will allow you to not bind Interior drawing to a stationary subject decor, and use it in different rooms.

Creative idea of posting false fireplace in the bathroom
Modern elegant décor fireplace glass

Where to place

In a small living room or small bedroom, you can build a dummy-fireplace corner, that will save a place for furniture and give a special charm to the room a. Perform it on the same principle, that and any corner wall, a shelf or cupboard. The depth of the product chosen by yourself, based on the amount of free space.

Hotbed of angular glass fireplace lined with foil — For more «warm» sensations of fire from candles

Particular importance attaches to the interior glass fireplace, organised in Cabinet. It creates a certain mood, causes positive emotions and a creativity. Often such fireplace complement decorative wrought-iron grills, that reinforces the similarity with the English Lord of the Castle. Therein lies the respectability and financial viability of the owner.

Another story — It is equipped with a fireplace in the nursery. Keeping a common design principle, You can enlarge the Stoker opening and supplement it with shelves. To them, the child will store their toys. Increasing the depth of the "furnaces", you equip for kid foxhole for games.

Simulation of the fireplace in the nursery — another place for games

In the fireplace there and a large proportion of romance, which have to disposition and young family, and an elderly couple. Burning hearth, even if it's just an imitation, pulls together people, a spiritual rest, gives an atmosphere of comfort and family comfort.

Original design faux-fireplace
Gentle and romantic fireplace equipped in room
Fireplace niche is used for storage of books and other supplies

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