Bio fireplaces for apartments (50 Photo): fireplace in a modern House — Design

Bio fireplaces for apartments (50 Photo): fireplace in a modern House


Bio ethanol fireplace — luxury apartment decoration

The element of fire always Manila and fascinated man. Tongues of flame, surrounded by gracefully Sergei Lavrov's statement followed, defiant and elusive sparks, maintains logs, light kurâŝijsâ smoke-all this immerses into a trance of appeasement, Snipping vanity and severity of everyday problems. Bio fireplaces for apartments is an opportunity to get a safe real live fire even in apartment blocks in the city.

Custom form biokamina will be even and decorative interior decoration

Bio ethanol fireplace: device and operation features

In corpus biokamina built his "heart" — fuel burner or block, filled with bioethanol. In inexpensive install burner-glass-stainless (thickness- 2 mm) steel. Fuel blocks-more convenient and functional, Thanks to the installed cover-zalonke, regulated combustion intensity. It also increases fire safety fireplace, allowing you to securely ' extinguish the flame ", as well as avoiding falling into the fuel impurities (dust, suspended particulates) and evaporation. Due to the complexity of design models of fireplaces with fuel blocks are more expensive.

For charging èkokamina using environmentally safe fuel-bioethanol, produced based on, It lights up in flames, without smoke, sparking, smoke and noxious gases, without the soot.

Council! Do not use for charging of normal alcohol-when it is burning it turns out "lifeless"-cold blue flame.

To ignite the fireplace using a long match or a normal lighter. At the beginning of burning may appear characteristic sharp smell of alcohol, that is fast eroding. The smell can be partially neutralize, adding aromatic oil into fuel.

Modern shell for past ideas and functionality. As before, Kamina is relegated to the most worthy place in the House

Èkokamin in the design of the apartments

Bio ethanol fireplace is a great example of the evolution of things surrounding us. Saving almost completely its functionality, It is completely adapted to modern times with its requirements and the rhythm of life, bribing a multitude of virtues:

  • easy to install-no permissions from BTI and fire inspection, chimney installation and other problems. Èkokamin created the "bought and use», its installation is very simple and does not require professional help-enough to examine carefully the enclosed instructions.
  • easy operation-no need to harvest firewood, clean ash, clean chimney, t. e.. no problems, inherent furnace wood fireplace. The preparation consists just in fueling bioethanol fireplace, that will take a few minutes

Interesting location of fireplace, which is masked in the structure of the Cabinet. Due to security biokaminov, You can place them anywhere
  • security-despite the open fire, the likelihood of a fire is very small. Housing carefully thermally insulated, the heating unit is designed, that when you rollover the flame automatically blocked, and fuel is not flowing, even if the tank is "full". In addition, products of combustion of biofuels for a person totally harmless, do not have an unpleasant smell, soot and smoke
  • mobility-compactness and light weight allow you to have a mobile version of the fireplace, not "bound" to one specific place. In the summer you can take on a summer residence, where in the garden it can be lamp -Garden torch or serve as a "bonfire" in pools, While the flames are whimsically play and pereotražat′sâ in water

Mobile, Compact rectangular fireplace — stylish simplicity for all occasions
  • a variety of models-bio ethanol fireplace in pure form-it's just a burner, very advanced, which allows almost any decorating material-stone, tree, marble, Granite, steel, glass, artificial materials. That is why stylish biofireplace easily and harmoniously can be integrated into any interior style.

Example of the use of marble in the decoration of the portal biokamina
For strict interior with seasoned colours an indispensable element becomes a fireplace, who can emphasize style and in turn make a touch of comfort and warmth
  • additional heating for a small room èkokamin can become an additional source of heat, that is especially important (in particular — for city apartments) in the off-season, before turning the central heating
  • aromatherapy-enough to add a little aromatic oil into biofuel

Composite Center apartments — fireplace with an unusual design, which does not weigh down the space

Bio ethanol fireplace in the Interior of the apartment: types and characteristics of the installation

Mobile, recessed, frontal bio fireplace is a guaranteed way to diversify monotone interior, Adding energy, light and heat even in the most strict and cold atmosphere. For any style you can choose a model, that will give the Entourage of elegance, a large assortment allows to select the desired type èkokamina:

  • Portal-fireplace-floor bio fireplace, most accurately conveying the fascination of classic traditional fireplace. They are permanently, thoroughly, they are equipped with Portal-from a tree, metal, Stone, many modeling, for the Interior in Empire style used expensive materials such as marble or ebony. For the reliability of the burner stilizuût special ceramic heat logs-in conjunction with a live fire that gives effect to this wood fireplace. For the Interior in hi-tech style or minimalism Select strict model of metal and glass.

Fireplace-tv Portal, hosted over it — Central composition living room
  • Wall mounted gel fireplaces-distinguish between the two types is built-in (stationary) and mounted. Built-in placed in niches of plasterboard. Wall model-short, very similar to a flat widescreen tv, because the harmonious interior minimalist, high-tech and Loft

Built-in biofireplace in gloss black frame — modern design for your kitchen
Amid white-silver wall successful contrast looks black hanging fireplace with rounded corners
Bio ethanol fireplace built in wooden panel adds warmth and comfort to your apartment.
Bio ethanol fireplace mounted in chrome frame for modern Studio apartments
  • fireplace basket-detached, Mobile oven, may dekorirovat′sâ fatigues

Thanks to its white colour, This modern, at first glance, the shape of the fireplace perfectly blended into the Interior in the style of Provence. But due to its mobility, a fireplace can take worthy place anywhere in your apartment
  • table biofireplace-compact, made of steel, refractory ceramics and polished steel. More often than not comes in two form factors-cylindrical or in the form of boxes, may dekorirovat′sâ natural (artificial) Stone. Ideal for a small room, take minimum space, often manufacturers simply mask them inside backgrounds. This is the original alternative candlestick charts, to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Because device-small, It's easy to knock over, so they set the burner with extra protection-special rollover valve blocks the flame and biofuels

Table fireplace simple geometric shape — irreplaceable thing in the apartment. No problems — But how many positive emotions
Glass cylinder with fire will complement de-signed and will create the atmosphere of coziness
Kitchen countertop is simultaneously and stand under the fireplace, that saves space and provides an unusual his decision.
  • corner is another option for small apartments, He fills the internal maloispol′zuemyj (external angle), saving useful space. This solution enables ease and expand the space.

A great option for smaller houses or apartments, compactness and functionality
The place for unusual fireplace, but the previous function — beauty and comfort in the House

High trend-fireplaces "fire line". To do this, several modules fuel blocks is together-sometimes the length can reach 1,5 m. They equip niches, wall or interior wall catwalks in, designed in the style of minimalist or hi-tech.

Long fiery hell good would complement the minimalist Interior and keep the idea of straight lines

Choosing a location for biokamina, It should be borne in mind, that in relation to it the same rules apply, as for the classic fireplace. Most often, it becomes the center of indoor decorative composition, clearly and forcefully occupying a leading position in the Interior.

Island biofireplace in composition with shelves — an unusual detail of your interior

However, embedded èkokamin can perform one, inaccessible for wood fireplace, the function is to be a tool zoning of premises, transforming it into functional clusters.

Council! Bio ethanol fireplace, enclosed in glass from floor to the ceiling creates incredible light effect, lightness and volume, at the same time helping to divide a large room into two different functional areas.

End-to-end model biokaminov installed in openings of walls, in doing so, they mark the boundaries between different functional (residential) zones. If the layout of the apartment will allow, You can embed a tripartite see-through fireplace, effectively divides the space into functional mini-territory.

By installing see-through biofireplace you can simultaneously create a home, warm atmosphere in more than one, and simultaneously in several areas of the apartment
Fireplace, inside partitions, facilitates design. This location gives you the opportunity to enjoy live fire from two sides
Glass cube with a fireplace inside will be the highlight of the whole apartment
Tongues of flame, that will burn straight from the floor. An unusual decision for brave people

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