Fireplaces for the home (78 Photo): wood as classics of the genre — Design

Fireplaces for the home (78 Photo): wood as classics of the genre

Remember important fireplace installation and operation rules, and it will bring you a lot of positive emotions
Cast iron wood burning stove organically looks in modern interiors
Wall with fireplace provides a warm, cozy space for gatherings and relaxation
Furnaces-fireplaces in the interiors of kitchen rooms allow you to solve multiple tasks at once

But if modern city apartment can only afford electrical simulation (put this fireplace is very troublesome and expensive case), the wood-burning fireplaces country house -It is quite affordable and easily implemented idea. While wood burning fireplace, Unlike electric or gas analogues, choose exactly for the special magic atmosphere, You can only create it. This and a range of heat, close to natural sunlight, and the crackling of logs, and lingering in the air with fragrance mist.

This detail of the Interior dolžnavpisyvat′sâ in the basic design of your home
How nice in frost and snow sit near the fire, to listen, as bursting tree, feel the warmth and comfort of the hearth
Fireplace — the dominant element of the Interior, creates around itself a certain atmosphere

Types of wood-burning fireplaces

In its stylistic diversity, wood burning fireplace you can harmoniously fit in almost any interior:

  • Classic -wood burning fireplace in this style traditionally performed in the form of, resembling the letter p. For such fireplaces typical straightness, geometric shapes and symmetry. For decorative fireplaces in the classic style are actively using granite, tal′kohlorid or marble, and as additional decorations make extensive use of gratings, scoops and other metal products, as well as sculptural compositions, thread, bas-reliefs and columns. A benchmark classic fireplace is considered to be English fireplace

You can artificially age stone or its as close to the natural mind
Fireplace classic forms in the Interior, Art Nouveau
Classic fireplaces are suitable for almost any interior
  • country-style is a brick fireplace, has the unusual shape of the portal, that its shape resembles the letter «d». Fireplace in the "rustic" fireplace is located in the heart of the, the lower part of the, with deepening-relegated under wood, lateral parts perform as banquettes will. Required element is wood crossmember, which stack on top, above the combustion chamber. It serves as a sort of stand for the many accessories and decorations: candlesticks, photos within, hours, figurines, etc.. Rustic fireplace (rustic) style is crowned by a hood or Cap, in most cases only a decorative role analyzes. For facing the fireplace using a shell rock, sandstone or, much less, marble. The first two are quite cheap and easy to handling, but have one significant drawback is the inconvenience of care, in fact, due to the high porosity in stone can accumulate dust

Natural stone cladding will serve as an excellent complement to the suburban life style
Fire brings us closer to nature, allows you to breathe the vivifying force of fire, recharge positive energy
The correct style and model fits in your interior
Fireplace — an integral element of the Chalet-style homes
  • modern -in the design of such fireplaces prevail flowing lines, combined with flexible forms of decorations. The Interior of this fireplace is used as the basis, focusing on attention

Fireplace with geometričnoj furniture, game of light makes interiors simple, but not boring
  • high-tech -in the manufacture of fireplaces in this style using modern materials-steel, fireproof plastic, chrome, glass and ceramics. Classic example of a fireplace in high-tech style is a metal fireplace from polished (more often than not) or textured steel, which is complemented by accents of chrome parts. High-tech metal fireplaces can be rectangular, elongated or round, When this design transparent doors stylized under the plasma-screen big screen, often elongated horizontally, reversion to a spectacular game of flames. To increase and improve review, install the door with a u-shaped cross section, or in the form of the letter g, as a result, only the back wall of the fireplace remains opaque. However, in the Interior in high-tech style often used over-arching fireplaces with parallel transparent walls, that can be mounted in a wall divider.

Modern refractory materials and fancy designer blend perfectly in high-tech style
Oven in high-tech style
Cast iron fireplace with straight lines well fit into the Interior in high-tech style
Thanks to fire your home will always be filled with warmth

On mode of the device the Firebox fireplaces are distinguished:

  • closed -fireplaces with embedded toplivnikom usually embedded in the wall of the building of the capital, the chimney channel too mount wall. Closed brick fireplaces-the most compact, they occupy a very small area, It is therefore perfectly suited for small spaces

The fire behind the glass looks very beautiful and elegant in any room, When the risk of fire is reduced to zero
Fireplaces with a closed combustion chamber are safer and have a higher heat transfer

Council! In order for the, to improve the efficiency of heating and heat transfer, closed fireplaces have walls better have not perpendicular to the back wall, and at an angle, by deploying them to the side of the portal. For the same purposes, the back wall too make a sloping.

Elegant, austere is ideal for Cabinet or living room
  • semi-open -This is most often added fireplaces, have the chimney (channel smoke) stick to the wall, allowing you to experiment with their design. Unlike a closed, in a semi-enclosed hearth partially or completely missing one (or two) side walls toplivnika, as a result, Ingle proves to be more visually open. If you compare the thermal characteristics of closed and semi-closed fireplaces, the latter lose, because more air escapes into the chimney from Heatable, but they have a larger RADIUS, through which the radiation of heat. Fireplaces for the home corner (wood or other solid fuel) is one of the varieties of half-open fireplaces, that not only deliver maloispol′zuemoe angular space, but also to adjacent premises heating

Modern fireplace-this functionality, laconic rectilinear shapes and minimalism in the decoration
Open fireplaces look beautiful in the exquisitely decorated room
  • open fireplaces -attract, First of all, His exotic views, in this case the design with an open combustion chamber uniquely acts as a central element of an Interior. More often than not they have design or suspended under construction on the light pillars, so they will look good only in spacious premises. As the heater they are ineffective, In addition, for it is necessary to arrange special smoke flues-umbrella (smoke Chamber). In addition, open fireplaces are very high fire risk.

When choosing a fireplace, pay attention to usability
The modern equivalent of the hearth, around which will gladly meet your friends and family
An outdoor fireplace can easily give any modern interior is stylish and complete
Thanks to the fireplace decor of your home will be completely on another level

Wood burning fireplace for a country house: What to consider

The special charm of a wood fireplace we talked above, but, If you are going to build a fireplace, remember it's fairly complex «nature». First of all, You should not rely on it as the main source of heating in our century struggle for energy efficiency EFFICIENCY wood fireplace (However, like any other solid) very small-on heat (heating home) leaves the order 15-20% energy from fuel combustion, the rest-literally, and this is no exaggeration, flies to tube. In medieval England, to maximize the resulting heat, smoke ran on a complex maze of chimneys, including events and horizontal plots, While thus the wall.

Select fire wall background by using bright colors
Than nezamyslovatej and easier decor stove, so it would be better to emphasize the overall style

Current projects include the possibility of unification of water heating and fireplace (rice. 1), for this purpose it is necessary to lay pipes in the rear wall of the double Firebox. But other problems, inherent in the wood burning boilers (namely, the role of the boiler then will speak for the fireplace) -Quick fuel valve, no ability to control the combustion process, the need to clean up the ashes, etc..

Use a wood fireplace as solid fuel boiler connected to heating water

True, There are modern variants of wood burning boilers, which involve prolonged burning, but it is lost largely just the effect of burning firewood. In this case, there are requirements and to the firewood logs:

The probability of observing a living flame and security closed fireplace will give you peace of mind and relaxation
  • wood moisture should not exceed 20%
  • you do not want to use firewood smolânistyh rocks, While they while burning and emit a characteristic pleasant smell, at the same time stands out a lot of resin, which intensively accumulates on the walls of the chimney, worsening cravings
  • You cannot load the Firebox lots of firewood, so they burned longer, perhaps, traction force alone will not be sufficient, to give the products of combustion, Therefore, the smoke begins to spread in the home
  • flue only then you can overlap, When all the wood dogoreli, You cannot extinguish the smoldering wood water

Angular fireplaces — one of the many striking examples of contemporary interior design

Thermal efficiency wood fireplace largely depends on material, of burners. For more effective heat use cast iron wood-burning fireplaces for the home. Like any other metal, cast iron warms up quickly and quickly begins to give heat, its EFFICIENCY for the hearth with a closed combustion chamber can reach 80%. Cast iron, Unlike aluminum or steel, better makes changes in temperature (heating/cooling), without deformation while.

Fireplace as design looks very stylish — It is beautiful, original, not mannered

Home wood burning fireplaces (made of bricks or cast iron furnace) must be planned immediately-in a further embed fireplace in ready home is almost impossible. First of all, fireplace will require a solid foundation, If it is on the ground floor, You can pour a separate Foundation. In wooden house, as a basis for fireplace use special metal joists. Wall, to which the fireplace is to be mounted, should be of fire enduring materials, on it is strictly prohibited to carry out electrical wiring and other communication.

Council! If the wall external, to reduce heat loss, be sure to stack a layer of insulation, for example, mineral wool-coated foil.

Diagram of wood fireplace

Build a wood-burning fireplaces for the home with his own hands quite difficult, given the complexity of the design (Fig. 2), especially in the arrangement of the chimney, and high cost of materials, so it is best to seek the help of a professional. You should consider, errors when building a fireplace is not just a nuisance, but a direct danger to people's lives (fire situation and carbon monoxide, that can accumulate in a room). In addition, the process itself (from the start of construction to commissioning) a sufficiently long, may take several months, most of the time it takes for a thorough dry-before that stoke the fireplace is strictly prohibited.

For those, who are not afraid of difficulties-recommendations for the construction of a wood fireplace look at video:

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