Carpet in the children's room for a boy (68 Photo): make informed choice — Design

Carpet in the children's room for a boy (68 Photo): make informed choice

Nursery boy — It's a huge world, that will be the place to implement bold boys fantasies
Kids will always be fun to play in front of a bright rug
Soft carpet will make the kids play it safe

Council! A child's room should match its small owner, and that means change and «grow» together with him.

Carpet can complement the room's atmosphere, represents a world of its own child
Listen to the views of the child to help him create a unique room design
Small round shaped rugs complete interior design children's maritime-themed

Therefore, caring parents should be ready, the carpet in the nursery will have to completely change the minimum times 3-4 as they grow older, young men.

The carpet in the children's room for a boy. Concern is safety

Little Scamps are very active, they are always on the move and will make full use of even the smallest bit of sex in her room. Carpet must be completely safe for them. It is very important, for it to be durable, durable, resistant to abrasion.

Soft carpet — required element for a child's room

It is important to! Children's rug should be heavy enough, not to slide under the feet and not roll over from the slightest breeze.


Especially point attention to material selection, from which manufactured product. On its quality depends a lot: as well it will warm the feet in cold season, will baby cozy, whether jamming sounds, not to disturb the sleep of a toddler.

♦ Wool. One of the most popular materials, featuring a durable, excellent eco-friendly qualities, warmth and safety. Made from the wool of the highest quality, such coverage is absolutely not allergenno. Disadvantages include the high cost and moodiness to care (wool does not tolerate wet cleaning and sensitive to rough, stiff brushes).

Even a small wool rug will add warmth and comfort room
Thick carpet serves as a great sound element

♦ Synthetics. Synthetic carpets (polyamide, acrylic or polyacryl) very soft and attractive. Such coatings have the property effectively repelling from their surface dirt, dust. They will please moms and simple, Universal care (they can be clean by any means, wash and make snow). They are very attractive and value. The cons of such carpets can be attributed to low environmental quality, the low elasticity of pile and a bad heat transfer. Synthetic carpets «cold».

Warm and fluffy carpet will not give the child's feet freeze
The correct carpet makes room for baby cozy and cute

♦ Polypropylene. Some of the popular carpets for children's rooms is a floor covering made of foamed polyethylene. Modern material simply unique. High hygienic, environmental quality with excellent noise- and thermal insulation. Polypropylene carpets are absolutely not is allergens, they do not absorb odours and repel dirt and moisture. In addition,, This coating is very little weighs, What's good for transportation.

The right choice of drawing and palette child carpet creates a good mood you and baby
Bright colors and filling of various parts in a child to stimulate interest in viewing, and then study
Quality carpet will last more than one year for your child

Council! Do not cover the entire floor with carpet in the children-it is too hard then shoot for the capital cleaning. Better zonirujte room and decorate each zone individual mat (for games, under work desk, off the bed).

Carpet and age

♦ Up to 6 months. Newborn baby needs, First of all, clean air and abundance. Up to half a year in the children's better not post carpets. So much more to this age baby practically is not in contact with the floor, most of the time spending on mom.

An example of an organic interior with carpet for a room of the newborn
Carpet covering should easily clean and maintain a presentable appearance after washing

♦ Up to 3 years. As a rapidly growing baby, and how rapidly the creeps, then inexorably runs! At this time the children could not have been better suited for carpet with long, soft brush. On it is so nice to crawl, run, jump and gently fall.

As soon as baby learns to crawl, and then walk him useful soft, warm and pleasant to the touch carpet
Thick and soft mat of soft color will become an indispensable place for games at an early age
Carpet in the room of a child must be environmentally sound

It is important to! Long pile carpets will serve for long, After a couple years of active use of this rug comes in disrepair.

According to child psychologists, baby boys room carpets should not be too bright, flashy colors. Use a flooring soft, muted tones (Pastel, Beige, Blue, pale green, sand).

Carpets or on long hair type of rugs brighten any room
A simple drawing and small decorative elements create an incredible atmosphere to study, games and creativity

Council! Try to diversify life baby soft carpet-puzzle. Baby will be keen to collect/disassemble the, While developing fine motor skills and logical thinking.

Carpet — puzzle game perfectly cope with the task of developing toys

Or go to choosing carpet creatively and create his own hands. Superb option may be soft voluminous floor covering. Browse, how easily you can create:

♦ From 3 before 7 years. Preschool is a time period of rapid physical development boy. Long pile no longer need time to give preference to carpets with pile medium length (After all, clean up the room now have to increasingly). Now children's becomes gaming. When choosing a carpet in this age it is important to take into account the psychology of resident rooms.

Go baby soft, beautiful carpet is much nicer and safer, than on hard floor
Stylish striped carpet in the Interior of the children's bedrooms

Psychologists advise when settling child leave the central part of the free. This is the place to be for the developing game boy, the main plot of the room.

That your baby will love? Kids carpet with cars and the image of the road? There you can create a real city with pedestrians, Toy houses, trees. (A), can, fit the carpet with the characters of his favorite cartoon characters or animals? Such gaming floor coverings exceptional enter Interior boyish child.

Carpet can serve to highlight zone

Council! When choosing a carpet bring the kid. Child 4 years is already capable of completely independently determine the, exactly what he likes. Ask his opinion!

Fashionable children's rugs now includes amazing-magic carpet 3D products. «Mini city», «Airport», «Traffic», «Fairy tale forest». 3D-carpet in the children's room for boy-masterpiece, that would be little more than one year master.

3D-carpet will interest any kid

The 3D effect is achieved by using variations of extrusion bezvorsovogo coating and application. Arise 3-d gaming islets on a product surface. They are not only pleasant to the touch, but also help develop babies tactile perception.

♦ From 7 years. Boys this age fidget, athletes and researchers. When choosing carpeting now to consider hobbies boy. For a young athlete to an excellent option becomes carpet-mini football field, for the little thinker-carpet with riddles, labyrinth, rebusom. For the lover of fauna-with a picture of bird species, fish or animals.

Lovers of active sports enjoy carpet-mini football field
Carpet can become a design element zaverŝaûŝim nursery
If your House is growing boy-sportsman, surround a defined environment

Council! When choosing colors solid product-consider the temperament of its Chad. Too active will not fit an abundance of succulent, bright colors (This carpet can perevozbudit′ child).

But if the walls and furniture in the nursery done in a very calm colors, You can choose the floor and a bright sparkle. For interior with rich tones pick up the carpet background colour (grey, gently Brown, olive green, Dark-azure, Beige).

Carpet, decorated in a colour scheme with walls, organically fit into the Interior
Bright elements in the Interior can give free rein to imagination
Carpets, oval and round shapes visually increase room, creating the effect of more space

♦ For a teenager. The carpet in the room of a teenage boy must emphasize sex master. Adolescence is a difficult stage in a child's life, at this time the boy reacts particularly acute at the, how he is treated and perceive: as a man, or even an inexperienced schoolboy.

Bright stylish carpet in the room of a teenage boy
Serene and laconic carpet in the room boy
Carpet color with bright, low-key accent
Long pile carpet in the room of a young musician
Bright grassy carpet in room creative teen
Bright and restrained carpet — ideal for boys rooms
The complete closure of the floor carpet will protect against the risk of catch the edge or stumble

It is very important, to the boss room chose yourself carpet, attributes, Desktop, furniture, Office equipment. At this time you cannot put pressure on vzrosleûŝego youth to develop room-let alone. From parents may require only unobtrusive tips.

The perfect carpet in room-teen: bezvorsovyj, monophonic, or with geometric, strict pattern. Choose direct, classic lines.

Cozy baby!

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