65+ 3d wallpaper ideas on the wall in the apartment (Photo) — Design

65+ 3d wallpaper ideas on the wall in the apartment (Photo)

3D wallpaper is groundbreaking in terms of finishing materials

What is a 3D wallpaper?

This widescreen images in the style of the movies 3D, Create surround effect drawing and intended for pasting of walls. When looking at them creates a sense, that picture is not just on the walls, but also goes beyond it. However, many people still doubt, whether it is necessary to arrange such wall-all rooms.

Brooklyn Bridge New York evening will look great on the wall of your living room
3D the wallpaper with the image of ocean Bay calming
Wallpaper in bathroom Interior

Pros and cons:


  • long service life;
  • do not lose the starting color;
  • easy to clean with special means;

3D desktop meet all modern requirements, requirements for finishing materials
Modern wallpaper, thanks to their qualities will last you decades
  • does not contain toxic substances;
  • possibility to order wallpaper on a wall with 3D effect in any size;
  • processed by the special structure and therefore not prone to fire.

Evening mountain in the Interior of bedroom
Wallpaper with your favorite cartoon characters in the children's room


  • The cons can be attributed only to a higher value, than the most qualitative and expensive conventional wallpapers.

First 3D wallpaper used only in public places-clubs, bars, restaurants, hotel complexes. Today the variety of volumetric photowall so extensive, that you can use them in any apartment as unique interior detail. 3(d) desktop in the Interior are divided into types depending on the nature of their images.

3D wallpaper with textured wood look very impressive
Wallpaper depicting the bustle in the design of living room

Types of 3D photowall

Types of 3D photowall:

  • Single. It is part of the 3-d images, which do not cover completely the wall, and used as a separate element and applied to the surface of the wall as pictures. Sometimes they decorate frames.

Single 3D desktop
  • Standard. These wallpapers are completely cover walls, they do not imply picture selection and represent the three-dimensional geometric shapes, the waves of the sea, space themes in the form of a starry sky, abstract or ethnic patterns, etc. Their main advantage is considered an opportunity to visually expand the space.

Space style in modern interior design
Wallpaper with a sea motif
  • Panoramic. These 3d wallpapers are put on a single wall canvas, They feature a picture panorama type, that's like pushing all the boundaries. When looking at them is born the illusion, seems worth making another step you enter in a parallel reality and find yourself in a different dimensional world. They are coated to any image, It can be a simple landscape, seven wonders of the world, a surreal images, footage of the famous and favorite movies etc. Having pasted wallpaper in the living room or bedroom, We can each day to feel full hero beloved films or live life in another Galaxy.

Fantastic forest will help plunge at least momentarily in a different reality
  • Led light. It's not even the volumetric wallpaper, but the real electronic system, that gives the opportunity to change the picture. They represent different combinations of colored LEDs, that is embedded in a special chip. These moments give an interesting advantage-by combining LEDs can not only change the picture, but the nature of the lighting, because these 3d wallpapers and are used as a backlight.

Nightclub city looks beautifully backlit
  • Fluorescent. This combination of panoramic wallpapers and illumination, the picture changes depending on the type of lighting. During daylight hours, they look like ordinary panoramic 3D desktop, in the evening the emit neon light, which the contour of the frames the image details. For their production and use cold cathode fluorescent lamps glowing powder.

Fluorescent 3D wallpaper on the walls and ceiling
An important role in using fluoresentnyh wallpaper plays backlight

Council! If you do not sleep, do not put these wallpapers in lounge!

However, few buy wallpaper 3D, they should be able to correctly paste.

3D bridge in style living room loft

How to glue 3D wallpaper

How to glue:

  • Wall surface must be well prepared is to remove old wallpaper, check for defects. All chipped and dented zaštukaturit′, bump to smooth out an Emery paper. Apply primer.
  • If the wall smooth, It is better to be on the safe side completely thin layer zashpatlevat, after drying smooth out and primed.

Sticky 3D photowall is analogous to sticking vinyl wallpaper
  • Tech stickers 3D photowall is identical to working with Vinyl wallpaper, use the same type of glue in combination with PVA glue, and strips are glued joint to joint. In doing so, it is better not to hurry up and come back to check measurements, as even the smallest deviation can lead to "blur" paintings, When this, lost all visual effect.

Stylish bathrooms

How to best use in the Interior

3D wallpaper can be pasted in any room, plays no role, will this bedroom, Living room, children's or even the kitchen. The only important point will be to find the right picture, most suitable for every room. Also worth having in view, that some images are readable type panorama, especially, If they are too realistic.

3D the image in the design of country-house garage
For the bedroom it is better to choose peaceful motives

Council! For example, wallpaper for bedrooms must be relatively calm nature or abstract, space, scenes from the movie, water depth and ocean secrets worth keeping for the living room.

Black and white spirals in modern living room

For baby quite suitable 3d cartoons on the walls, either desktop or backlit fluorescent images. But here, it is worth considering, that not all children fall asleep peacefully in the shade of light diodes or phosphoric light effect. Wonderfully unusual and exciting look 3D wallpaper on the ceiling, There it is best to pick a theme day or night sky with the stars, Northern lights, etc.

Episode Star Wars is perfect for children's rooms
Wallpaper with Batman in the students'center

Council! Some designers, who love to use in interiors 3D desktop, apply special lighting on the basis of ultraviolet rays. You can take their admission adopted, such lamps and lightings can optionally emphasize volume.

Snow-White bath looks great against a backdrop of green forest
3D wallpaper in the living room modern style

To date, the 3D desktop backgrounds are becoming more popular and fashionable, However,, due to its relatively high cost, they are widely distributed so far only in large cities. Subsequently, they will become more available to everyone wishing to.

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