60 ideas of beams on the ceiling: the modern solution for interior — Design

60 ideas of beams on the ceiling: the modern solution for interior

Ceilings with beams in addition to its extravagance create proper acoustics in the room, by creating an atmosphere conducive to communication
The decoration of the ceiling of the various materials literally transforms the Interior
Wooden beams can be painted in contrasting or matching ceiling, give any graphic form, passing the placement of special comfort, mood and style
Natural wood ceiling beams have a positive influence on the microclimate in the room and are more useful for health
Ceiling beams are equally appropriate for any room, so consider designers. The main thing is to decide on such constructive ceiling decoration

Interior styles, involving presence of beams

Snowy Scandinavian style with white ceiling and a wooden beam

A slab of wood to look organically Scandinavian, Classic, Victorian, the rustic Interior, as well as indoors, decorated country style and Provence. High-tech design involves the use of beams, However,, Here they are more functional, emphasize restraint and conciseness.

Country style emphasizes natural finishing and building materials
Luxury Victorian style addition of beams
Chalet-style beams tone interior look very organically

Often the project involves staining floors. For example, Provence style uses light shades, expressing tenderness, lightness and comfort. And here is the Chalet or alpine style decorated in natural colours, where great fit rough beams of coniferous trees, often directly from the bark. Such registration can be seen on the photo of the snowcovered House in mountains.

Alpine mountain style with pine beams in the cortex

Decorative beams

Advantage polyurethane beams before beams from other materials advocating resistance to moisture, fire safety and the ability to not absorb odours
Elements have a u-shaped profile. Designers use this property, to hide the wiring, pipes etc.

So, wooden and metal beams is the destiny of country houses. What to use in urban housing, If you wish to recreate a certain style? Here come to the aid of polyurethane beams. They feature light weight, How to install them on the ceiling you can own hands, Unlike metal, installation where trust only professionals. On financial and labour cost, polyurethane beams is the best option if you have a small budget for repair, so as not to severely hit by budget. Are they solid or hollow, in the latter you can install spotlights and hide inside wiring. Besides decorative beams on the ceiling represented various colour and textural palette, most often creates an imitation wood.

Polyurethane wood beam with pinhole lighting
The painted beam in accent color

Design by using ceiling beams

some of the designs suggest transitions with ceilings on walls, that gives a refined European style room

In any interior, special attention is paid to detail. Beat the ceiling can be totally or partially, make a whimsical or strict constructions. Examples of stacking weight beams, look at the photo and repeat it in your interior or decorate it according to your taste and discretion. At the peak of popularity now European design, When overlapping the ceiling gradually moved to the wall. There is a huge amount of styling techniques, everything here is limited to fantasy. Also handle rough ceiling and create the desired design you can::

  • Brushed. With its help you create a simulation of the clear outlines of wood textures. Do you even traces of bark beetles. Thus decorated beams on the ceiling will give the impression of, that floor is already years 200.

Various ways of furnish of a tree affects not only the visual perception, but the entire interior is entirely
  • Invoice processing is the aging of the wood by artificial means. Achieve it using a special kind of brushes and rough planing.
  • Vintage style -with the use of paints and lacquers, bringing hardwood floors are becoming a kind of vintage.

This style of beams, located in parallel form some rigor and quality
  • Ethnic style — involves the use of forged items, Twine.

Ethnic style bright freedom, but bright walls and ceiling
  • Traditional style -simplicity and ease in combination lead to the sensation of a cosiness in the House.

To achieve the simplicity and sensations home q use regular lacquer or oil-wax coating of wooden beams

How to position the overlay?

Make the room wider or longer can be various methods. Ceiling beams feature according to the objectives, that implies design:

  1. Make the room wider can be putting them on the short wall.
  2. The length of the room visually increase, If the overlay will be placed in the length of the entire ceiling.
  3. Simulation of room volume is achieved by caisson ceiling, When the beams criss-cross.
  4. Select the zone in the House can be multiple or single beam. When placing the dishes look spectacularly selection bar rack one beam.

Of great importance is the frequency location of beams. If you have a big house with high ceilings, then you can arrange the beams are close enough to each other and thus, a little lower ceiling. If the room is not too great, or medium height ceilings, then it is better to attach the beam at a distance
Beams, located in the right direction, help purchase room shape
The corridor is becoming increasingly visually with the help of massive beams

Council! You can save space in the kitchen, If you make directly to the joist hooks for utensils, stemware, baskets with things.

  1. Interesting look wooden beams on the ceiling type šalašnogo, If the ends of them to go into the wall, and the design permeates supporting columns.
  2. In the modern interior at the metal beams cover electrical cords or descend with them lights directly over the desired area.

Beams, located in the form of a hut
With beams in a premise and style always has the feeling of something unusual and exclusive

How to beat beams on the ceiling

Many owners of country houses are trying to bind the wooden slab with a view to hide beams. They remind owners draft ceiling. Carry out this, installing Pocket or stretch ceilings, or do-it-yourselfer upholster skeleton leaf or pogonažnym material. But it is worth remembering, that if you do, the premises will lose several tens of centimetres in height,.

The Visual sensation of q home and warmth of the hearth in a room with exposed beams ceilings will always create a sense of coziness and immense comfort

Whether it is easier to beat cleverly designed? You do this by using lighting solutions, such as led Ribbon, recessed and pendant lights, within the design space.

Interesting! LED backlight, laid on top of the beams, creates a feeling of soaring design.

Interior design, as a rule, involves the combination of all surfaces in the House with furniture textiles. This can be taken into account when colouring beams, inflicting on them the predominant pattern, or relief, as well as the emphasis on detail and paint the beams on the ceiling so, to play on the contrast. Now presented a great number of photo, on which issue the rough ceiling is easy.

How to installation of beams with his hands?

The unusual idea of coloring beams in accent color
Any solution using ceiling beams will always win, and the room will look stylish and unique

Hollow wooden beams are installed on the ceiling with the help of metal profile, to which they are attached with screws. Hats of screws do not look aesthetically pleasing and not in every design fit, Therefore it is necessary to do so, in order not to be seen. For this purpose them heat in the material and mask the waxy pencil stub or close in tone to beam. Metal beams set professionals only, Since the weight they have large enough not worth the risk and to strengthen their own hands.

In order to hide the connecting seams, educated at connection of beams in length, use decorative straps

Beams on the ceiling look important in almost any interior and create a unique original design. Before making such draft option appeared to be the ceiling and exposed sheet set. Now it's trendy bar, allows you to combine functionality and comfort in the House, and thanks to the emergence of new materials and photo can be conceived with their hands to perform without assistance of professionals.

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