55 ideas covers new year backgrounds 2016: How to make happy Monkey — Design

55 ideas covers new year backgrounds 2016: How to make happy Monkey

Serving new year backgrounds — the most important culinary and festive event in a year

Christmas for all of us is a time of miracles, and serving new year's table and cooking holiday dishes-the whole culinary event. Эх, What a pity, that we have no, as in the movie "magicians" tablecloth-samobranki. So she thought for us, What colour to choose a tablecloth, What dishes to Cook. Well, We will do this ourselves. And ideas you will prompt the symbolism of the year.

The hostess of the year 2016 -Fire Monkey

The mistress of the future 2016 the year is Monkey. And not a grey or brown monkey, and the Red Monkey, even the Fiery. And nothing, that year under its authority will begin 8 February 2016 year. Start enjoying it now, so much so that the monkey attacks on flattery.

2016 year — year of the monkey. Servirujte your desk, given the characteristics and preference of the hostess of the year

Color table dictates a hostess of the year. Therefore, there should be a lot of Red, Golden, Fiery-Orange, Raspberry. Crystal, glass, tableware with glossy surface is too get out of cabinets. And no Chinese superstition is understandable, that such a festive decoration, a bright and happy new year.

This year your Christmas table should be bright, sparkling, with a variety of fruits

If you are foreign to science Feng Shui and you've grown largely indifferent attitude towards such symbolism, simply decorate the new eve 2016 year table beautifully, solemnly, fun. And new year's Eve at home will be held just wonderful. Means, and the coming year will be the same. So, begin.

So it is important to celebrate the new year happy and fun…Create using the correct table setting the appropriate mood

Draw table on Feng Shui

Serving new year's table should be performed in the Red or close to it-shades Yellow, Pink, Orange. With the dishes might well put TU, that there are, only festive and cleaned to perfection. And here's the table cloth and other items to choose red.

  • No red tablecloth? It does not matter. Red bar is quite suitable fabrics, referred to as a runner restaurants, postelennaâ on top of a white holiday tablecloth.

Red runner on a white tablecloth this year will be more important than ever
  • If wooden table, then the white cloth will not need. Bright red runner wonderful will emphasizeand natural wood. Monkey live? Correctly. And natural materials it is not alien to.

This year, welcome all natural, wooden desk would be appropriate for the mistress 2016 year
  • Napkins can be red or white-red. Are quite capable of any mistress ordinary white napkins lined lace, braid, make embroidery.

Red and white-red napkins on the new desktop
  • The center of the table pull not under or a duck salad, and decorate it with his own hands made the composition of spruce twigs, tinsel and tree decorations Red and gold colors.

Composition of FIR branches on new table — natural and festive
  • Color tableware: салатников, cups, plates, kremanok, -should be white, transparent or Golden. But not blue and not multicolored. Firstly, Multicolor with stretch can be called a festive color, Secondly, the blue color is not to the taste of living in tropical countries.

Council! Monkey-big Fashionista. So adores any reflecting its beauty items. Glass, glassware, candlesticks -to the Max. And more rain, tinsel, glitter.

Monkey loves everything bright, brilliant, glistening… Use this year as many appropriate utensils

Design ideas for a new table 2016 year are presented on a photo.

How to tame the monkey

Совершенство познается в деталях. Therefore it is worth and details to think through so, to together they were like the mistress of the coming year.

Living in the tropics have to taste a lot of fruit on the new desktop
  • Tinsel and glitter. Central composition must be with tinsel. And if the House has no pets and small children, the edge of the table, you can make it.

This year with the table layout, it is important to use the tinsel
  • Standing next to the banquet table serving? Decorate and its, for example, Garland and preferably with warm blinking lights.
  • Cut out of felt or cardboard Golden or red snowflakes and lay them on the table. However, and circles of type birdekelâ also fit.

Birdekelâ for glasses with a crocheted snowflake
  • Useful at the festive table will candles: small or wide, high or floating as far as space allows. Color candles, of course, Red.

Most actual candles in red this year
  • Monkey-woman from the tropics. So it will be a lot of fruits. Both in its original form, and in the form of decoration-Orange rings dried, ikebana made of fruit.

This year serving new year's table should pestret′ fruit
Christmas decoration from dried orange slices

Council! You can combine fruits and candles, combining them in a single composition. Take the Orange and floating candle. Ложечкой удалите немного содержимого и вставьте в пустоту свечу-таблетку. In other fruit you can insert a candle cake. Decoration for the table ready.

Candles in oranges — original and contemporary decoration new year backgrounds

Serving new year's table can correspond to the way families, its traditions and style of the Interior. And some add-ons will honour the monkey.

Serving new year's table should be as festive and joyful, to the completion of the expiring year was associated with pleasant moments and you have, and your guests.

Classic style backgrounds

Classic implies a dear subject covers and restrained colors.

  • Table covered with a linen tablecloth white.

Serving new year's table in classic style
  • Napkins too white, starched.
  • Flatware in cream or beige color.
  • Porcelain, Crystal, Silver tableware, tableware with gold. There followed classic, and sparkling glassware is for the hostess of the year.

Tableware, to use when serving in the classical style must be gold
  • The number and variety of cutlery must match the versions of dishes, that will be in the new year menu.

It is believed, that the representative character of the new year cares about the brilliant things, so classic tableware with gold will it taste

The emphasis in red can be done on the Center table, erecting there Christmas song.

Scandinavian style backgrounds

Serving new year's table in Scandinavian style

New year and without a hint of Lapland? It cannot be that!

  • Wooden table covered with a runner made of natural canvas.

Runner from natural materials on a wooden table
  • Near plates-sand or cream napkin from flax.

When serving new year backgrounds use napkins made from natural materials
  • If there is no thematic plates with a Christmas theme, they can put printed and cut out snowflakes, reindeer figurines or Santa Claus in a red suit.
  • Candles do not necessarily have to be red. You can take an ordinary table candles and wrap them in red serpentine, tinsel or make them an ornament in the technique of decoupage.
  • Cosy and family warmth will look table, on which stands the chandelier with candles.

A required attribute on the new desktop — chandelier

In serving, use natural materials: Stone, glass, tree, textiles.

Eco style for new year backgrounds

Fire Monkey welcomes the use of natural materials, Therefore, eco-style have to her liking.

Serving new year's table in eco-style

As in the Scandinavian, Here, too, choose natural materials. And the colors-natural style: Beige, Brown, Green. Red tones are acceptable only as a point of emphasis.

Wooden details — required element of the Christmas table setting in eco-style

Beautiful composition of conifer branches, cones and candles will decorate new year backgrounds.

Christmas arrangement of FIR branches, cones and candles

Decorations for new year backgrounds

Decor in citrus — great item covers new year backgrounds, that liking for owner of the year

Many ornaments you can buy. And some of them can be done at home, privlekši households.

New year's table decor with natural materials
  • Christmas figurines children cut out of paper. Photo templates provide. It remains only to print.

Paper figures on the new desktop
  • Ordinary white napkins turn into holidays, having sheathed edges red braid. And on the edges of runner sew small bows from Red narrow ribbons.
  • Ikebana new year include not only twigs and balls, but the tape, red berries, bumps, tangerines, small figurines of the characters of the year, rain. Pritrusite all artificial snow.

Christmas flowers — a required attribute on the new desktop

Have you noticed, each serving there are candles? Another would be, After all, in 2016 year at the table invisible present exactly the fire Monkey. Candles also can be done with your own hands or zadekorirovat existing. And the Internet to glean ideas for inspiration.

  • Cracked candles, without damaging the wick and melt them in a water bath. Then in the form put the wick, pour melted paraffin or wax and wait, While hardens. The form can be a glass of thick glass, impregnated paper (turn it kulečkom), Orange, from which spoon dragged the pulp, cardboard, the shell of a nut, cookie cutters.

Candles in the cookie cutter for biscuits — bright and unusual table decoration
  • Ordinary white household candles turn into red chip using wax crayons or food coloring.
  • The finished candle slightly softened in hot water. Now they can push bul′onki, beads, rhinestones. What ideas you have, the ornament and create.
  • The easiest way is to wrap the candle serpentine, rain, tape or glue sequins or images on lacquer.

White candles, wrapped in red ribbons
  • To decoupage need themed napkins with drawing and acrylic lacquer. Doily exfoliated. The top layer glued to the acrylic lacquer, which you have just covered candle.

Christmas candles, decorated with decoupage

Show imagination in table layout. Connect home. New year is a family holiday, Therefore, children will be happy to participate in decorating. Yes, and they have ideas which fountain.

And what ideas you have for decorating a table in 2016 year?

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