Table set (44 Photo): рациональная практичность и роскошный декор — Design

Table set (44 Photo): рациональная практичность и роскошный декор

Long time dining sets were not just spectacular kitchenware for family feasts, but the pride, which most often stood for glass and vytiralsâ from the dust once a year. Services «got», instead of buying, Therefore, on table they did not put, preferring to keep and use as an indicator of status and wealth. But today, ware became more accessible, so even a lengthy and expensive table set for 12 persons normally used for the purpose intended: eat from it on weekdays and on holidays, It does not protect for guests, and offer the most expensive-your loved.

White table set with a neat blue pattern
Table set made of porcelain with a delicate relief pattern
Modern dining sets have multiple variations of forms, sizes and drawings
Usually bundled service there are deep and small plates, cups, saucers, bowls
The coloring of the service can be a real work of art

Table set: rationality or luxury

Should be in every table set House or you can do disparate housewares, does not match between a? Of course, where nicer to eat light and beautiful dishes, component one set. It is therefore increasingly on modern kitchens appear dinner sets. Someone opts mass-produced Dinnerware, others stop at the Holiday Bowl: You should only pick up style service under the General style premises.

Linen design in keeping with the overall style of the premises
  • Before buying, you must accurately identify the purpose of the service: decor or daily use. If you will stand in the sideboard and decorate the House, You can choose a spectacular, but this delicate collection. While daily use more perfect simple and durable service.

Beautiful set with bright fun colors
  • Choosing a great set, should be ready, that all items of linen are not used and some of them will inevitably be idle.

Beautiful set on open shelves will add elegance kitchen
  • When choosing the material for the service should also understand, What is set: for example, glass or porcelain set "for himself" and refined porcelain "for visitors».

Plates from one set of, but with different colors — each family member can choose their
  • Before purchasing all the attention is on the manufacturer: especially prized sample tableware of leading European countries (Germany, England, Czech Republic, France), as well as from Japan and China.

Dinner set porcelain Czech production
Versace dinner set
  • Select set should be under your kitchen or style living room. This porcelain dinner set different restrained design and concise trim, because bright colors, stucco and rich gold finish-signs of philistinism.

The original design of utensils in Oriental style

Types of dining rooms services

The most common way of classifying messes sets is a count of the number of persons, for which this set is intended. Based on these data, There are two most common options:

  • Dinner sets for 6 persons. Usually, this set consists of 20 before 50 items, Depending on the complexity of the service. Deep, small, pirožkovye and bars plates, dishes, soup tureen, Salad Bowl, seledočnicy, sauce bowls-these are traditional tableware at 6 man.

Set on 6 persons in a modern stylish design

Council! If the houses are rarely going more than six people, It is not necessary to acquire a large set: small, but careful recruitment 6 persons would be sufficient.

  • Dinner sets for 12 persons usually contain more 50 items and traditionally fitted with various accessories: rings for napkins, slivočnikami and sousnikami the most intricate shapes. Universal messes servizah number of parts can be up to hundreds of: Of course, all subjects are not used at the same time, but the existence of such a service would make a long and substantial meal and still stylish.

Large sets Additionally can be equipped with konfetnicej, Kettle, a sugar-bowl and other dining items

Another way to classify services is a division of their canteens on the subspecies by material manufacturing. Of course, This is conditional enough graduation, but lets you intelligently approach operation Cookware.

  • Services from porcelain. Porcelain is considered to be one of the most elegant and durable, While in a porcelain bowl, food preserves a comfortable temperature. Such services often are not used every day, and priberegaûtsâ for special meals: for example, the arrival of guests or family celebrations events. Among the porcelain dinner sets are sets, Czech Republic (from Czech Republic), familiar to many more on Granny's servantam.

«FishNet» porcelain plates from Granny's trunk
Gentle table set in flowery Provençal design

Council! Quality porcelain service often check the sound: a slight bump on the edge of the cup from quality porcelain must be accompanied by a light melodic jingle.

  • Sets of faience are more budget option Dinnerware, Since this material is considered to be a less refined. This set looks not-so-subtly, (a) traditional sound check gives a deaf ringing. But it is the crockery remains popular for everyday life: This is due to the price availability of sets and their democratic.

Bright red table set made of faience
  • Services from dolomitic pottery is much more suited for colorful ethnic cuisines, because stand out for their deliberate naivety murals and rude forms. Light and colorful sets can become a decoration of country style kitchens, delighting the hosts and guests with its simple and intuitive beauty. But such sets worth relate maximum carefully: clay, from which this Dinnerware, no different durability, Therefore, cups and saucers and cracked often from blows, and from sudden changes in temperature.

Ceramic ware with carved patterns surround harmoniously fit into the kitchen in country style
  • Glassware in recent years is gaining in popularity, anything related to the continuous improvement of technology and release all the stronger, reliable and resistant designs. Modern technologies make the fragile and delicate glass in an ideal material, who is not afraid to temperatures, downs and detergents, but it remains a spectacular externally: the apparent fragility of offset reliability and perfect performance. Among the most popular dinner sets worth noting luminarc, distinguished by perfect quality and stylish design for every taste.

Glassware is easy to clean, She is beautiful and sturdy

How to properly care for a dining set: Tips and recommendations

It's not enough to simply buy and enjoy dining set: behind him still and care should be very carefully, observing techniques and following the advice of specialists:

  • High-quality table set is not worth a dishwasher, After all, thus you can damage the thin porcelain.
  • Czech dinner sets are extremely gentle and require careful treatment: they should not be washed a stiff brush or aggressive detergents.

The snow-white table set with simulated bamboo finish

Council! To clean tableware reviews use a soft brush for children: they made the most carefully clean the surface of the porcelain.

  • After washing the dishes should be thoroughly and gently rub it against moisture, avoiding the appearance of divorces and faded spots on the surface.
  • If table set has lost its luster, It should be wiped dry with a soft cloth with a light solution of hydrogen peroxide and dental powder.

Bright table set in a playful ethno-style
In some sets of crockery can be found cream jugs and boxes
Table set with fine elegant painting

Table set — Photo:

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