50+ ideas of glass in Interior — Design

50+ ideas of glass in Interior

Glass blocks and walls of them is not a thing of the past, and live and still

Glass blocks as construction and finishing material used in Soviet times, But having passed through the Decade and having undergone significant changes, glass brick in the new image back to decorative functions. In modern construction, this material is widely used due to its unique properties and vibrant diversity.

Classification of glass blocks

Glass blocks are the two glass, bonding between a polubloka. Inside the hollow. Variety of forms, sizes and colors, which can be found in the catalog with images. New production technologies allow producing matte and colored glass blocks, grooved and with inserts, that will transform the Interior of any premises.

Glass blocks in the Interior of the art nouveau style
Gorgeous glass Tower
Beautiful loft style kitchen
  • Forms. Produced in the form of bricks, rectangular, half-hearted, hexagonal and corner. The last two are original, the first is the most popular.
  • Colours glass in the Interior:
  1. colorless (from 70% before 90% transparency), color (from 50% before 70% transparency);
  2. Matt (transparency of less than 50%), transparent (transparent, svetonapravlâûŝie, light-scattering);
  3. embossed surface (drop, wave, cubes) and smooth;
  4. with internal inserts and decorated in the style of stained glass (reviewing images, You can pick up options with various decorative fillings);

Glass block decoration in the style of stained glass
Thanks to the huge range of forms and colours glass blocks again become very popular
Colored glass blocks in the Interior
  • The technique of coloring runs on two different technologies. Paint the inside surface before soldering the halves or attach color when cooking glass. This rate affects the ability to transmit light.
  • The scope of the. Three main types-decorative, Interior and industrial. Shower with elements of any type will be original and unique.

The red color in the Interior of the bathroom
Shower glass looks very stylish

Thanks to its technical characteristics of glass bricks have a number of advantages, to use them in different directions, a wall of glass bricks, made with their own hands as a constructive element will delight not only beauty, but practicality.


  • Have a high fire resistance. Withstand high temperatures.
  • Durable, have excellent heat-insulating, energy saving and soundproofing qualities.

Unusual table in modern interior
The use of glass blocks for wall decor
  • Moisture resistant, therefore suitable for showers and swimming pools.
  • Glass blocks in the Interior do not require plastering, coloring, facing other materials.
  • Have no contraindications for use in residential areas and comply with all rules of hygiene.
  • Installation of glass blocks is easy to accomplish with their hands.

Windows made of glass blocks
Cozy living room in modern style

Glass blocks and Interior

For a long time was an unequivocal attitude is boring, unremarkable material, blows coldly, place it in clinics and institutions of public catering. Then even oblivion. Now if they broke into our House as something new, original. Glass blocks in the Interior make the room bright and spacious. In construction are widely used as a finishing material for processing individual items bedrooms, cuisine, bathtub, the device of partitions in premises. Glass blocks in the Interior apartments create a unique atmosphere of comfort, as evidenced by the numerous photo.

Panoramic Windows from glass blocks
Staircase to second floor, decorated glass wall

In Studio apartment original decision will divider for zoning space from glass blocks. If we assume, that window remained sleeping area, the living room was deprived of natural light, but thanks to partition, made of glass blocks, the apartment has enough light, bedroom hidden from prying eyes.

The use of glass blocks for zoning rooms

Glass blocks in bathtub and the shower is a popular decorative material. On the one hand are lightproof and Miss part of the scattering of light. Thanks to stekloblokam as shower partitions visually expands, and closing the toilet area of such material, you with your hands add originality in style.

Council! Before buying blocks, look at the various ways you can design rooms on the photo and choose the most appropriate, not to make a striking element of disharmony in the big picture.

Glass blocks in the Interior of the bathroom
Beautiful furniture

Glass blocks in the Interior cuisine -a good option for any, even the smallest premises. Over the sink, you can lay out your pannos hands or photo of individual elements or replace part of a tile over a gas stove on a glass mosaic. For large size kitchens suitable partition, constructed of glass bricks. As a result, you get a full kitchen and a separate space for dining room, with a very original design.

The use of glass in interior kitchen
Glass partition in the kitchen

With regard to the living room or Hall, Here is where fancy roam. Using glass blocks in the Interior of these rooms with a colourful pattern, You can achieve the extraordinary comfort and warmth. Transparent and corrugated elements add room elegance. Get design ideas from existing images.

Decorating a metal partition mortar

Increase the Visual size hallway It is realistic to, applying the glass blocks in the Interior as decorative elements. For example, decorate the door from the hallway to the living room.

Installation works

Installation of glass blocks, like their styling is simple, with which, following technology, You can cope with your hands. To do this, use a special glue. But he should prepare a level, rubber Mallet, Silicone sealant transparent, renovator for seams and crosses for glass bricks. Initially cleared and leveled the base, and then begins the installation of glass blocks.

Installation profile
Laying the first bricks

We recommend that you first block laying by the wall, in view of the, that between stekloblokom and wall junction must not exceed 1 see. Continue laying glass block continues using crosses (as the instructions refer to the training images). After every third row fit reinforced bars, matured time for glue drying. When laying glass over, their hands pointing, a colour is chosen to shade glass blocks, melt away seams. If the elements had protective film, It is better to withdraw it after the completion of all works. Walls and partitions, made of glass blocks, different incredible strength.

After every third row fit reinforced bars
Grout joints

Focusing on such a design decision, as glass blocks in the Interior, You can own hands bring to life the most incredible designs and feel the lightness and the positive of this material.

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