Wall paintings in the Interior (54 Photo): original decor for condos — Design

Wall paintings in the Interior (54 Photo): original decor for condos

Artistic wall painting is very valuable, because it is unique and inimitable handmade

One popular way to decorate the House or apartment is painting the walls in the Interior: Photo exquisite paintings, turn the model room in stylish corners, can be found in fashion magazines, and in the network. Decorating your House such images becomes fashionable, but often in a desperate desire to make your home more appealing inhabitants forget about style and appropriateness. It is wall painting is considered thus taking, that can mess up, and decorate the Interior.

Painting the walls gives the room a bright individuality
Floral pattern on the background grifel′nom
Fresco in the art nouveau style

Wall painting: exquisite decor for all rooms

Interior painting, in the View Designer, appropriate virtually anywhere and in any style. Such universality of this decorative reception, as well as its originality make similar images popular in modern design. Art painting can change the mood of the space and make it a more aristocratic and refined. High-quality picture on the wall will remain intact for years, because the used techniques allow you to create extremely durable coatings.

Decoration of walls per child

COUNCIL! Select image for painting walls should be based on premises: pastoral paintings of Provence, pop art for Art Nouveau or abstract minimalist Interior.

Minimalistic pattern in the same Interior
Drawing inks have headboard

Art Wall painting in the Interior of the apartment is a great way to create a unique design. Choice of subjects, colours and finishing features paintings will help make every room its own unique line. This technique is appropriate decoration in all rooms of the House:

  • For decoration of living suitable neutral story, which will appeal to all members of the family. It is important to select subjects and motifs, Configure the positive: for example, sea or garden view. In addition, It is often used for living stories, able to visually expand the space.

Picture on the wall in the living room
  • Painting the walls in the bedroom is used just as often, as and wallpaper. Traditional considered pacified marine and mountain landscapes, pictures of flowers or sky, as well as all sorts of romantic paintings. Abuse an abundance of details in the picture in the bedroom should not be able to act on the inhabitants of the room are annoyingly.

Murals in the bedroom
  • Not less popular wall painting in the children's room. Instead of the typical photowall long familiar characters from the cartoons for children's rooms make use of customized tags, take into account the interests and preferences of the child. Standard colours for children's bedrooms-soft pastel tones, calm and expressive. Flashy and bright colors are appropriate only in the Interior of the room teen.

Graffiti in the playroom
  • For finishing dishes painted a little less used due to, as a rule, the small size of the premises, that not allows to correctly utilize the plane wall. Often paint a wall in dining area, striking image of an urban or summer landscape.

Nursery room for girls in Oriental style
Ink pattern on white background

All options ideas wall paintings should be selected only with an experienced designer, because the seeming appealing picture in large format on a wall may look not too successfully. In addition, to select a specific plot should style premises, its layout and furniture, to be put in the room. Because this inevitably becomes the Centre of semantic wall Interior, It should not dominate or overpower.

Accentual wall using Graffiti

COUNCIL! Designers recommend a balance: too bright and lively story on the wall should be framed by neutral furniture.

The geometry of color on the wall
White Rabbit, who constantly late
Stylish wooden fresco on the wall
Watercolor divorces

Types and techniques of mural

Work in wall painting is performed by specialists of crude or on dry plaster. These techniques differ equally radical, both watercolor and oil paintings.

Experts distinguish the following technologies indoor murals:

  • Fresco is the drawing of the image on the wet plaster, providing for the use of water soluble paints. This way of working with wall paintings is considered to be quite complex and require the maximum professionalism of the wizard, that has to do with Instant drying paints and the complexity of the adjustments in the picture.

Black and white gradient
  • Al′sekko is a somewhat different technique mural, that is drawing the image on a layer of dry plaster. This method is not as durable and reliable, but working with a dry surface more suitable for insecure artist.

Wall painting in watercolor
  • Modern airbrush suitable for creating 3-d and live images. This kind of painting is considered to be the most realistic, because the instruments, by the master, allow to put tiny images and details on the wall.

Figure, caused by using the airbrush

FACT! Graffiti, as street kind of airbrushing, can also be used as a home painting: abstraction and coarse technique is ideal for decorating modern interiors.

  • The classic version of the mural is considered the drawing of the image with acrylic paints on pre-prepared flat surface. Sohnuŝaâ fast and safe for human use paint ideal for indoors, without creating special problems. In addition, This option is easy to combine with other: for example, Supplement acrylic picture special phosphoric paint, that will glow in the dark.

Graffiti «Lucas»
The asymmetric pattern on the wall
A wall with a picture of Savannah in the nursery

Features of drawing of the image and the care of the painting on the wall

Specialist, professionally painted walls, standard works according to the following scheme: creating a project, preparing the wall, drawing a sketch and painting colors, anchoring images. Strict adherence to a given schema allows achieving maximum result, because unimportant details in this work no.

  • The sketch is selected under sizes and styles focus premises. Ask the expert will help you avoid problems with irrelevance of the plot in the Interior.
  • Smooth plaster and zaškurennaâ surface is covered with a special primer, that not only lays down the wall, but it also makes a softer brush movement.
  • The sketch is a prerequisite for working in large areas, because the slightest distortion lines threatens to damage the whole impression of the picture.
  • Paints are applied, on the basis of the selected technique. Preference will be given to the maximum safe materials without strong odor, fast sohnuŝim and long maintain brightness.
  • To consolidate images typically used Matt or gloss lacquer, allows you to wipe the wall with a damp cloth for cleaning from dust.

Bedroom in the attic
Traditional bedroom with a touch of the exotic
Door decor

Wall paintings in the Interior with their hands-a decent room upgrade, suitable creative personalities, wishing to decorate your home yourself. Despite the abundance of information, relating to such interior decoration, specialists do not recommend sparingly and wall paintings without careful preparation.

Take care of the wall painting should be neatly and carefully: to cleanse the surface used maximally sparing formulations, soft rags and brushes. Lacquer layer is practically not used up, that allows you to save the brightness and sharpness of images for many years.

Vegetables on the wall
Murals can cool the premises seldom revive
Drawing with chalk on the slate wall

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