MDF wall panels for interior decoration (55 Photo): beautiful and practical — Design

MDF wall panels for interior decoration (55 Photo): beautiful and practical

MDF wall panels appeared on the market recently, finishing materials and quickly conquered its place among other alternative design options
Bedroom in the style of modernism with MDF panels
MDF panels in the Interior of modern style

Lignin — environmentally friendly component. I.e. wall panel for kitchen MDF, for hallway or Working Cabinet does not adversely affect human health. This purity is ensured by the lack of a chemical element.

Mdf Panels — eco-friendly material

A property wall MDF panels

  • This material can in no way be confused with the PARTICLE BOARD or FIBERBOARD. From wood-fiber plates (MDF) density and weight are much higher. Means, and strength increased, allowing for the condition of the walls you can not worry over a very long period. To the plate to break or bend, You must make enough pressure.

MDF panels have a tremendous amount of positive qualities
Stylish garage with finished walls of MDF panels
  • MDF panel wall sheet shows itself with the best side of the resistance to moisture and temperature extremes. The material is not jarred on and swell under the influence of a moisture. This property allows you to apply plates in premises with the raised humidity.
  • The material is easily machined: polishing, milling, bonding, drilling, attachment. They can decorate decorative cutting and cut them any patterns. For this purpose it is enough to have tools for wood and, Of course, skills.

MDF is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, as well as easily processed
  • MDF tolerates any glue for wood. For this material developed "liquid nails" — special adhesive composition, which allows not only to glue, but to seal cracks on the surface and between panels.
  • Various sizes of wall panels MDF permit in the course of work to reduce the amount of waste.

Bright MDF panels with 3D effect
MDF panels are perfect for kitchen apron

What are the different types of

Installing wall panels MDF will help to create a unique image of any premises. Various ways of furnish of an obverse surface, the size and shape of this material will from a variety of options for you to choose the right.

MDF will help create a unique design of your premises

On the physical characteristics of MDF panels are divided into the following types of:

  • Gear rack — the most common type of material. Ease of installation is available on each rack panels Crest — on the one hand, Groove — with another. This allows you to easily perform the installation with their own hands, without resorting to outside help

Rack and pinion type of MDF
  • Sheet panels are sheets of various sizes, decorated in various ways.

Laminated MDF panels help you quickly produce furnish of walls
  • Tile MDF panels are similar to tiled floors, just have a larger size. Installation in tile format runs on the principle of a slatted — "the comb into the Groove».

Walls white lacquered MDF panels to create sound insulation
Tiled view MDF

Types of surface decoration panels:

  • Veneering. Such panels are maximally resemble natural wood and texture, and color. Their cladding is applied thin layer (less 3 mm) natural wood veneer.

Veneered MDF panels perfectly imitate natural wood
Veneered MDF panels
  • Panel, on an obverse surface which polyvinylchloride film, called laminated. This type of wall decoration looks very stylish. Diversity pictures, shades and texture differs from other types of material. Finishing glossy PVC film gives the room a respectable view.

Laminated MDF panels look very attractive
  • MDF wall panels with photoprint — new trend fashion. Photo printing with different images applied to the front surface of the. To protect the picture above is superimposed layer water repellent acrylic lacquer.
  • Decorative MDF panels with 3d effect — know-how in the construction market. This method is applied on finishing material by coloring in different colors simulate waves, geometric 3-d shapes, carving, relief. Registration of premises of such material helps to solve the most complex design ideas.

Decorative MDF panels with 3d effect
MDF panel with 3D effect will help translate into reality the interesting design ideas
  • Panel, painted with special paints, — the traditional method of processing. Evenly spreading on a cloth, Paint smooths out small bumps. In shades of paint, there are no restrictions. Finish with silver or mother-of-Pearl effect corresponds to modern styles in interior design.

MDF panels, painted paints, have a huge range of shades

When choosing MDF consider their application. For example, laminated material is more resistant to abrasion or scratch. Painted products have higher moisture resistance, than veneered. But for veneered products have to pay more, because it is a natural material.

On the properties of MDF in many respects superior to the tree

Pros and cons

We have already talked about such virtues of the finishing material, as strength, moisture resistance and environmental friendliness.

MDF panels every day are becoming more popular

What else can be attributed to the pluses of data panels:

  • Dry wall finishing method. Installing wall panels MDF does not provide a preliminary preparation of the base surface: stopping, plastering, priming. "Clean" installation is the absence of large amounts of dust even when cutting or cutting material.

Installing MDF panels does not envisage preliminary training walls
MDF panels in the hallway in a modern style
  • MDF — not a static material, not attracts dust. In this case ensured easy care, allowed even wet cleaning.
  • Additional sound- insulation premises. Insulating material easily and conveniently laid between the wall and panels.

MDF panels are easy to care for

Cons Of MDF:

  • Wall panels MDF kitchen or bathroom accessories should be used with caution. Their edges after sawing or cutting necessarily handled special structure to protect it from moisture and dampness. Will swell and warp the whole structure.

MDF panels used for ceiling finishing
Thanks to its properties, MDF and are ideal for bathrooms
  • Installation of wall panels MDF, non-vlagozaŝitnymi properties, not running on places where condensation.
  • This material has a low fire safety. Therefore, electrical cables and wiring, which are laid over the panels and close to them, must be placed in special boxes.

Room decoration and its MDF doors

Features of installation

This finishing material fastened to the walls in two ways:

  • adhesive;
  • skeleton.

MDF panels are easy to install
Dining room with bright MDF panels

Features exist, every method. But, regardless of, What will apply the method to install the wall panels MDF, the material must be prepared. To humidity panels was equal to humidity of a premise, the walls of which will get, material within a few days should stand upright it is in this room.

MDF panel under concrete

Frame mount

  • If installation of wall panels MDF frame will run method, lathing (skeleton) at first covered with drying oil or soaked in antiseptic.
  • The frame is assembled from wooden bars. MDF panels are fixed to the vertical bars, horizontally on the wall and vice versa. Bars are also installed on the perimeter of a premise and openings.

Before installing MDF panels need to prepare
  • The most laborious method of fastening frame is the frame mounting. Wall Panel fastened quickly and easily. To connect the "comb into the Groove» separately purchased special clamps — fastenings for finishing boards. Fastenings for finishing boards first inserted into the Panel Groove, then fastened to the frame. It is necessary to secure the panels to the frame. Klâjmerov design does not interfere with the insert into the Groove of the crest of the next panel.

Frame mounting method MDF

Adhesive mount

This method is more simple in execution, because for fastening of panels in this case does not require the installation of frame. But the Panel for mounting adhesive prepared perfectly. They are thoroughly cleaned from all kinds of attacks and with the utmost precision aligned.

MDF panels in interior marine style

Before purchasing "liquid nails" for fixing adhesive, check, to coincide with the color panels. An example is the body there is a dried BLOB on the package with gluing structure.

Some MDF panels have glue mounting method

Operation features

  • During operation the material enough to occasionally wipe with a damp cloth. Detergent in this case should not contain abrasive materials.

Bathroom with MDF panels
  • During the operation phase the MDF might need their minor repairs. In this case the Panel easily dismantled, and in their place new.

MDF panels can be easily replaced if needed

Reasonable price with high quality, excellent appearance, ease of installation, care and maintenance-all these qualities, gathered together in a single product-MDF panels, ensure its relevance for finishing all surfaces.

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