Do dog cage with his hands (50 Photo): What to consider and how to build — Design

Do dog cage with his hands (50 Photo): What to consider and how to build

In order for the, get your dog all year round felt fine in the residence, It is better to build him a cage for dogs with their hands. Already proven, the dog vol′ernogo the contents get sick much rarer its residential fellows. When you construct you can take into consideration all the rules of such structures, which were not always observed in the finished versions. Also owners it is important to follow the nature and behavior of my dog, to provide details of the new structures at the site.

Beloved pet in accordance with his needs stands provide the best conditions
Spacious beautiful Aviary from the booth

General requirements for enclosures

Aviary for dogs must obey certain principles, otherwise, your pet will be uncomfortable or even dangerous to want it to be the territory of the. It is important to observe the following rules and principles for the construction of the cage for dogs:

  • When building a cage for dogs, the dimensions of the pet is one of the determining factors. There are minimum standards square enclosure, that depends on the dog's height at the withers:

— height 45-50 see — area of not less than 6 kV. m.,
— height 50-60 cm-area of 8 kV. m.,
— height above 60 see, an area of not less than 10 kV. m.

Council! Not worth saving a place for your four-legged friend, but to devote too much space do not need to. Even the enclosures for large dogs should not be very free, otherwise, extra space would prevent the concentration of heat in winter, which dog will be cold.

On the sizes of enclosures, In addition to other, There are also the so-called. «walk-in», that is such, in which the hosts could go without problems
  • Thinking over Paul and choosing material for cage for dogs, It is worth to resolve uneasy issue, on which opinions differ even among specialists. Usually, it is proposed to make certain material entirely from the floor (often boards), However, for unusual dog defecation in this paddock. Better, If only part of the enclosure will be equipped with floor, and the other part will remain free of boards and foundations, Although in this case, the dog may begin to dig holes, and then be able to escape from the fence. You need to take into account the habits of your pet, to select the appropriate option.
  • Wall in dog housing should not be deaf, because our scary curious four-legged friends will want to watch, What's going around. At least two walls (in an extreme case, one front) It is advisable to make a lattice of material: This can be forged, Weldments or mesh netting. Many dog kennels are not advised to do for dog cage mesh-netting, If it is normal cells, because the dog can catch hold of her weave and hurt yourself teeth or skin. For solid walls to choose material with breathing properties: tree or brick.

Aviary with wood and booth open from three sides of the fence mesh

Council! The best option will be an open-air cage for dogs of wood and wrought-iron lattice, Since tree, as a natural material, accustomed to pets, and forged parts very reliable.

It is desirable to ensure high-quality insulation roof cage for dogs. More often than not it do gable, Sometimes a straight with tilt
  • Roof You can do over the entire enclosure, While most of your pet are trying to protect from rain and other natural phenomena on all sides. You can select any roofing material, but in the roof structure must provide the base of the tree (need for thermal insulation) and a layer of soft material (for noise).
  • Door should open inside, However, even in the finished models, this rule is often not respected. For security purposes, it is important to, that the door was equipped with safe Lock-Gate from the outside and from the inside.

If you buy gotovyq Aviary, rather than do it themselves, check the ease of opening of doors and reliability of locking
  • The presence of booth is one of the indispensable conditions of PSA, However, in some cases, booth becomes part of the enclosure, but because it is not separately construct. How to calculate the size of the booth and build it properly-see video:

Device shown schematically, the most common type of wood booths
You can make your pet exclusive cute booth, or you can buy a ready-made
Selection of ready-made booths for dogs — huge, Kennel could even emulate the architecture of the house owners
Made with love for a pet-it-yourselfer with a covered booth outside of the — an intermediate option between simple booth and pen

Council! All the situations described, When we do an Aviary for dogs with their hands on dacha or rentals. If you need an enclosure for apartments, which is used for short-term isolation pet, rules for his arrangement is not such a hard. Usually intended such room enclosures for small dogs and represent only the walls (grille or grid). Necessarily in that dog housing provides sleeper, dog toys, diaper or tray as a toilet.

Mini enclosure inside the House, required for short-term isolation pet. The options here are endless, one of the most popular — use free space under the stairs to the second floor
Completely stationary Aviary with standard Foundation, inscribed in the landscape of the plot, for three dogs

Preliminary work

Before you build an Aviary for dogs, worth a future location to select the right pet. In terms of the choice of the place there are also a number of conditions, you want to meet:

  • It is not worth to have Aviary next to source of noise or fence, If the close is the vibrant Street (the dog will constantly distract passers-by);
  • housing a dog it is better to put in the vicinity entrance door At home (need, that the door was in the range of PSA);
  • better put on an Aviary, the dog saw, What happens at the site (in the Hollows of his have cannot be, otherwise, in case of rain flooded the space will);
  • to the Max you want to remove the pet from the space for composting pits and other stinking places, otherwise the dog's sense of smell may be affected;
  • better input placed on Western or eastern side, as on the South side of the POC can be too hot (While in cold climates it is acceptable), and on the north side of winter have to often clean the snow.

The function of the enclosure can run and another room or outdoor space, for example, veranda mesh lined
Near a private home can danger area, ideal for rapid erection of simple indoor enclosure, for example, between the wall of the House and lot fence
It is very important to successfully arrange Aviary, especially if it's stationary: It must be close to home, from it should be a free site review, and it should easily and conveniently wash and clean

To include all the details in the construction, you need to prepare a drawing of the enclosure for dogs. It necessarily provides, stationary in dogs will be housing or not, What determines the presence or absence of a foundation. Also worth drawing to delineate zones and determine the dimensions of the wooden platform (on its territory will be booth), places for food (yet to lay out a piece of wood or tiles) and territory for walking with soil or grass.

It is necessary to determine, whether a private booth in the Aviary, so as to make an open-air cage for dogs, in some cases, it is possible and without it. Booth is required to fully open enclosures, where the only walls, as well as partially insulated enclosures, where there are three or two trellised walls and roof. When building an Aviary with the insulated unit, a separate booth is not needed: the insulated unit.

Aviary with insulated block, designed for four dogs
If you are going to make Aviary for a dog with your hands, rate, which option best walls for your site: with three walls and independent entrance, corner with two walls and independent entrance, or with two walls and the entrance of the House

The construction of the enclosure

The construction of the cage for the dog alone is carried out according to the following schedule:

  1. Create the bottom of the: pouring the Foundation (If you want to) and floor laying. To start the driven 4 pipe around the perimeter, then filling is made from clay or gravel. Further impose a frame of beam, to which krepjat a wooden boardwalk. If provides a foundation, you first pour rastvornuû screed thickness 40-60 mm. Stands provide a slight slope floor (just above the back façade), not to accumulate water in the enclosure and it was convenient to his clean up.
  2. Next put the fence from a previously selected material. First you need to make the frame from pipes, and on the front wall should be one intermediate horizontal pipe for fixing door latches. Then cage "fill": deaf wall tree, front-welded grating (or other acceptable options).
    If necessary, the wooden parts Additionally insulated with ecowool or minplitoj. If you need to mesh cage for dogs, you need to follow, that it is not lunging to pivot, otherwise the pet get hurt at the slightest impact on it, and does not extend.
  3. Next, install the roof of any material, but better retention screws or special hidden elements, that dog doesn't hurt nails.
  4. All the wooden parts of the enclosure to be processed an Emery paper, cause morilku and lacquered twice. This will increase the service life of structures and improve its appearance.

Nice user-friendly aviary, wooden frame, that you can make with your own hands
Step 1. Cut rack of the size required, in the beginning and sverlim holes for fasteners
Step 2: collect individual wall panels, varnish and sheathes their metal mesh
Step 3: collect the wooden frame, cover his stained and varnished
Step 4: fasten the frame Panel previously collected, one of them, door, sadim and install hinge latch
Step 5: put blank walls with plywood, install roof and build an Aviary beams

That the dog had no problems in her "residence", for the control you want to validate the reliability of the doors and latch it, no sharp parts on the grid and in places of fastening. Then pet can show his new Habitat.

Check the safety enclosure: It should not be sharp ranâŝih details
Aviary for walking multiple dogs, made with your own hands

Do dog cage with his hands — video

Cage for dogs — Photo

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