How to make a hammock with your hands: 55 Photo — Design

How to make a hammock with your hands: 55 Photo

Sleep in the air came up with South American Indians, which, actually, and invented the hammock. Since then, hammock has undergone many improvements, becoming quite versatile. It is possible to sleep, He unimaet back pain, a gentle rocking motion calms the nerves and relieves stress.

In urban environments, When the hard deficit of residential space, the hammock is actively used as an additional bed. On dacha It can replace traditional bassinet.

Types of hammocks

Hammocks come in:

  • Pendant-classic, the simplest type of. There may be some variation (Mount, presence/absence of laths, material manufacturing), but in General, it is the most affordable option;
  • frame hammock-it is not necessary to decide, What actually strengthen hammock. Usually the frame-design team, Therefore, this hammock is easily transported and installed in the desired location, and in winter- apartment;
  • armchair-Hammock-unlike the classic, It, First of all, sit comfortably and conveniently enough work.

Hammock with my hands

The simplest type of hammock, that you can make yourself-the Mexican, reminiscent of the cocoon, which completely envelops the person. Fall out of this hammock is almost impossible. And for its production will need a piece of solid (to stand the person) fabric and a pair of sturdy ropes. Another option is to weave the hammock from the ropes (not only synthetic), for this purpose it is enough elementary skills of macrame. For standard (2,5 meter) the length you will need to order 150 m rope (cotton cord).

And a couple of original ideas: hammock for your beloved cat and favorite healthy products

Hammock with my hands — Photo

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