50+ ideas decoupage Christmas balls with their hands — Design

50+ ideas decoupage Christmas balls with their hands

Give your new year celebration notes of uniqueness and originality, sozdavši ornaments on the tree by yourself

Step by step decoupage ball

To create Christmas balls handmade enough to include fantasy and tune into festive wave
New year's Eve Ball, handmade, created by using paper with notes

Decor for beginners is gluing pictures of napkins or thin paper on the surface of the globe. In the further processing of paints or other assistive technology Toy looks like hand-painted. Serve as starting material Christmas decorations: wooden, plastic and styrofoam.

Modern handmade motif — Christmas balls, created in the technique of decoupage and mixed media
Vintage Christmas decorations add a special charm to your new year

Preparation of the globe to decoupage. At the beginning of the work from the ball, remove the wire mounting, tightly fasten for convenience on the rod. Then fine sandpaper to clean off the toys glitter, and a paint wash off, having moistened cotton pad with liquid for removal of a varnish. Rinse with water and again smooth out nazhdachkoy. After such processing will better grip pattern and surface globe, as for perfectly smooth through harder make decoupage. Next you need to degrease the prepared material.

The first step in the manufacture of handmade balls — remove paint and spangles

The next stage-a primer, that is an underlying cause, under pictures. To do this, PVA glue, about 5 ml, Add in 20-30 ml white acrylic paint. This applied to the workpiece using a sponge and leave to dry, then repeat layering.

Prepared by the balls, covered with white acrylic paint

Next, you should directly decor Christmas balls in the technique of decoupage. Picking up Christmas motif to fit the eločnogo globe, cut it out and glue to a surface. The best material in this case are napkins, where from the top of the paint layer need to tear off the selected pattern.

Council! The separated or carved figure it is recommended to make cuts, allowing picture take the form of toys and avoid wrinkling, that you must carefully remove.

For gluing it is possible to use PVA glue, diluted with water in equal proportions. Figure is glued in one of two ways: You can make an image and fluff the top brush with soft bristles or apply glue on the surface of the globe, a glue festive motif. In both cases, caution, not to tear the picture.

For gluing picture with napkins used PVA glue

After full drying of the ball it is necessary to once again open the acrylic paint, to tie the line between background and fixed image. The foreground color of each picks up as desired and depending on the colours of the picture.

After drying, again cover ball acrylic paint, softening the border around a graphic

After drying glue may leave rough tracks, that need to be tweaked using sandpaper. Decor at the final stage depends on the imagination. Enough options: add glitter, highlight the contours of the image using a thin brush and paint, etc. d. The last touch-application of glossy lacquer in several layers with full prosyhaniem each. For greater visibility we offer colored step-by-step coaching decoupage Christmas balls with their hands with photos and videos.

Master class

For works in the style of decoupage will need:

  • Christmas balls;
  • napkins with Christmas motifs (better sandwich);
  • acrylic paints;
  • PVA glue;
  • glossy varnish;
  • brush;
  • sponge;
  • contours;
  • semolina.

The necessary materials to create handmade jewelry eločnogo

All necessary supplies ready. When toys processed in accordance with the foregoing recommendations, You can begin to implement their hands decor. Mousse sponge paint, mixed with decoy, on the surface point way to succeed snow effect. While balls dry, prepare paper napkins. Separate the upper paint layer and stare at a picture roughly along a path. Fix, gently smoothing from the middle to the edge.

Acrylic paint is applied with a sponge

After, as the cloth dries, artistic creativity begins. Podšlifovav edge glued pictures, Paint untouched part, choosing the shade of paint, combined with tone pictures. Reveal the finished decoupage varnish-and crafts with my hands ready to. Who have already worked with this technique and can show your master class, the decorating goes further. For example, uses glitter or using structural paste will give image volume and t. d.

The finished Christmas ball, handmade — beautiful and simple in execution

Options for decorating balloons

There are many styles to create handmade balls. Listen to yourself, What would like this year? Perhaps ease and nezamyslovatosti jewelry?)
Handmade Bowl with winter motif with birds

Unusual decoration of new-year tree will decoupage Christmas balls with their hands photos lovers. The same process, only instead of napkins-photo, which soak in warm water, and then pry off the edge of the needle and detach unnecessary paper. Remains thin image, it and glue. You can make a frame around of collapsed braid napkins. Next, a bit of the fine arts and completion-lacquered surface.

Decoupage eločnogo globe using photographs

Children bring joy colorful toys. Decoupage Christmas balls using foam runs as usual, and if we add a few strokes and glitterom apply to pictures 3D varnish, to give them a three-dimensional image, the styrofoam balls replace the expected gift from Santa Claus. Teaching a master class with relevant images can be viewed online.

Bright, colorful Christmas balls will help to create a mood sootvetsvennoe
Handmade Christmas decorations with a picture of a Christmas tree and bulging balls on it

Use contour painting would make even the most simple decoupage original ornament. Or, as an option, reverse decoupage their hands. In this case, do all the manipulation, only from the inside of the globe, dividing it into two halves, If stuff toys. Each process step by step, as described above. Painting is glued to the inside of polušarika, and the overall decor can be issued in accordance with photo craft projects in the technique of decoupage.

An example of contour mural on the new year's ball is handmade

Can, not quite Christmas theme, but very attractive balloons with roses. Pick up napkins with pink motifs, and for the main background is ideal to paint shades of ivory. In conclusion, fixing toys to decorate with ribbons and bows. This ornament will add to the décor of the winter spruce summer colors.

Delicate motifs of roses on new year's ball
Decoupage Christmas balls handmade vintage style by far the most popular

All of the above options decoupage Christmas balls with your hands is a basic information, and once you've mastered this technique, secure it viewed video, You can demonstrate your individuality in each and handicrafts to make not only an ornament for the Christmas tree, but gift souvenir.

Christmas ball loveable children's picture
Noble vintage for Christmas toys.

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