The au pair will fit all! Decor of old dishes — 55 Photo ideas — Design

The au pair will fit all! Decor of old dishes — 55 Photo ideas

If you go through together and sweep the barns, certainly there are deposits of old dishes. On the one hand its aesthetic appearance is already indefensible, and on the other hand, throw a pity. There is a third party. Old glassware is the perfect raw material to create different domestic decor with your hands. Kettles, cutlery, even nadkolotye plates will be an excellent basis for future masterpieces hand made. Need a little patience, zeal, imagination and a couple of additional consumables.

Old enamel light movements of hands with a drill (imagined thin drill several holes to drain excess moisture) and paints (for external decoration) turns into an elegant original flower pot. For this same purpose amiss and ordinary seating cups homemade mini-plants.

A set of glass jars (with a sealed screw cap or blockage) is not only great for canning jams and pickles, but the whole decorative compositions.

Picture Bank

Framework for photos You seem to be too boring and not original? Here's an idea for a 3-d framework. A half-liter bowl filled to the brim with vegetable oil, then it is placed black and white photography and tightly closed lid. Create an oil photo collection on shelf in living room and surprise your friends.

Flowers in pot

It is not about ordinary use banks as a flower vase, Although this option is also worth considering (the Bank can decorate colorful dense thread for knitting and top stick fabric bud). Flower arrangement (head Lily with petals, Violets, Bud Roses, Orchid) is placed on the bottom of the jar, which neatly poured, so as not to damage the flower, cooked mixture of boiled water and Glycerin in proportion 1:2 and covered with a lid. Decor is ready.

Christmas toy

At the bottom of the cover is glued superkleem children's toy (You can borrow anything from a collection of Kinder Surprise or make yourself a landscape with miniature House), preferably on a winter theme. In a jar with a handful of finely chopped foil and filled to the brim with canning mixture from the previous example. Bank with lid tightly attached toy. Check in advance, to the dimensions of the toys allowed it to seamlessly fit in a jar. You can now shake and invert the jar and enjoy snowfall freakish, slowly covering toy.


Fabric bows, organza, silk threads and ribbons, multicolored buttons, a little glue and ornate vessel for candles-pills ready.

That strange can be done with old plates? There are a few options.

Disc painting

Use old porcelain plate as the canvas for children's creativity. You must first prepare the plate under uni-texture. The surface degreased with alcohol, promakivaetsâ sponge with water diluted PVA glue (1:2) and after the primer is applied several layers of washable latex paint White color. To your plate zablestela in the Sun, You can choose to paint with gloss. If you would like to receive "canvas" another shade, use multicolored kolery. After the entire preparatory process, you and your kid can start a fascinating mural.

Plate with buttons

You need the buttons. Lots and lots of (Depending on the size of the plates) different-sized, brilliant, tactile buttons, which abundantly available in the shop fabrics. On the back of each buttons is put Superglue and glued to the plate, Since the mid-. The completed surface can be left as is or bring Euroclasses a single color and reveal a gilded spray paint.

Decorative fence made of poppets

Your home garden country house You can decorate the unusual fence from old plates, dug until the middle one after another.

Old Cup is a treasure trove of dekoratorskoj fantasy. Use as a lovely flower pot not all their functionality. Starting from glued from plates and cups of grounds for lamp, ending with avant-garde design chandeliers or original holder for curtains (in this case, the Cup cut bottom, with further prodevaniem through her curtains, and the pen acts as pristennogo hook). Popular enough tools design candles. Old wax candles are going to be melted to the liquid state, then poured in a cup, When the wick is kept upright in the Centre to complete solidification of wax.

From forks and spoons you can make napkin holders. To do so passatizhami spoon is bent into a ring with a diameter of 5-6 see. At the forks of the pre-need "bite" the sharp ends of the teeth.

Broken crockery is sometimes more functional and more beautiful, than a whole. From the shards can be folded intricate color applications for Croft in the form of panels, tracks, stairs, Decoupage tabletop or doors.

Decor of old dishes — Photo

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