Finishing baths inside (49 Photo): create a cozy relaxation — Design

Finishing baths inside (49 Photo): create a cozy relaxation

In any case, — bath is a special place, that it is pointless to compare it with something else

Interior design options in bath

Classic version of the baths is just three premises: locker room (dressing-room), shower (washing) and steam room, Although the traditional Russian bath washing and steam can be combined. Everything else-pool (font), recreation room, toilet, playrooms (Billiards), smoking room, the kitchen is a matter of personal preferences and financial possibilities of the hosts. Interior modern baths-this flight of fancy designer adjusted for peculiarities baths.

Modern materials and technologies offer designers ample opportunities

But still remains the most popular decoration in the traditional Russian style-concise, discreet, without pomposity, even a little Puritan, antique utensils, massive table, beds and benches. A bit of modernity will add tv or billiards.

Classic — mandatory option to consider when choosing your bath design

Formalizing bath "antique", in the waiting room (recreation room) You can focus on the embroidery, forged items, wooden household items and supplies to decorate carvings, Wall decorate different brooms-Birch, Oak, bundles of fragrant herbs.

Having drawn bath «antique», You get an unbeatable vacation spot from oversaturated information world

Carrying out finishing baths its hands, You can consider this option, as Bath-House. More precisely, use of the baths as the Guest House, When a recreation room (dressing-room) transforms into a sleeping. When the guests get their own, Although temporary, living space, not constraining hosts and feeling with this looser and more comfortable. Yes, and the owners do not have to sacrifice their own habits and comfortable accommodation. For this it is worth consider setting sofas, that can be transformed into a full sleeper.

Guests will be grateful for the opportunity to live in such an unusual House

Finishing baths inside: choose materials

For interior finish materials shall meet the following conditions:

  • resistance to temperature changes, resistance to high temperatures, high humidity and the ingress of water

Using different colors of wood, You will be able to effectively diversify Interior
  • safety-do not cause allergies and burns when in contact with human skin, the absence of toxins, released from materials with heat

Wood trim — a great way to reinforce a calm and cozy atmosphere of the baths
  • hygiene-the material should be easy to wash, does not react with household cleaning products

Light-coloured wood is great for small baths
  • durability and strength

Qualitatively made bath — valuable property, that will pay off handsomely
  • aesthetic and decorative, finish should not be annoying, a pleasant looking.

Unusual for sauna interior element — window, can change for the better is your idea of bath

In this regard, almost perfect (especially for the Russian baths) suitable wood, that meets all the requirements, absolutely green plus has aromatherapy properties. The main thing is to choose the correct grade of wood for each room.

The tree is not only meets all the necessary requirements, but also has excellent aesthetic properties

Steam room

The sauna is suitable for finishing exclusively wood hardwood. This wood is heated (You can't get burned), does not allocate pitches, as well as, that is very important, even with a little airing quickly dry out, not letting develop fungus:

  • LIPA-attractive externally, does not darken with time, for her low heat capacity and density: She quickly warms up, but you can't burn yourself touching. When heated, highlights the delicate scent of unobtrusive and quite high, so has affordable price, especially in the southern regions
  • Aspen is a traditional material for the steam room in the northern regions. Sturdy wood, It is difficult to divide or split, has bactericidal properties
  • Alder-aesthetically appealing, pleasant tactile, resistant to hot and cold water, couple and condensate, washing solutions (acid, alkaline), easily processed
  • abachi is only beginning to gain popularity, wood hails from the African tropics. This is particularly good for making wood shelves-even at very large heat it does not heat up, keeping temperature, close to human body temperature. Does not darken under exposure to steam, water and temperature

A small steam room will help to fully enjoy the bath procedures
Incomplete trunks favorably contrasted with smooth and neat boards
Bath — an unsurpassed option for recreation

The tree should not be painted or varnished cover, However they were not quality-when heated they will give an unpleasant chemical smell. When mounting screws (nails) should be deeply recessed and closed above-otherwise, warming, they can cause burns. Battens should fill vertically-resulting from the condensation of water droplets will drain faster. To protect the joint sex and a wall establish high skirting made of waterproof material.

Placing battens vertically, You increase the service life of your steam
In good a steam room you will see any screws
Tree, as material, fine by itself, that puts him at number one on the list to finish sauna

Council! At furnish of a tree cannot use wood with knots, compared with the overall array, their density is significantly higher, Therefore, when heated, they just fall out.

Traditionally, the floors in the steam room-wood, for these purposes is excellent larch. But still use tile looks preferable — It is better to clean, dries faster, on it will not start the fungus. If the tile you think is cool, from the top you can put wood removable grid.

Wood flooring will help to solve many problems, related to floors in the bath
A simple wooden floor will look simple and appropriate
Depending on the design, Tile may look great in your bath

Steam room furniture-wooden (Linden, Aspen, Alder) rounded forms, no sharp corners bulging.

For greater convenience in the steam room you can use some kinds of furniture
Well made furniture will fit perfectly into the Interior of the steam room


Place warm, but not hot. That's why here rests perfectly softwoods, allocated to them in this fragrance not only pleasant, but useful. Fitocindy tangibly enhance immunity, has a beneficial effect on the body's ability to resist infectious diseases and improving overall well-being:

  • Pine-economical, beautiful to look at, durable, durable and environmentally friendly, the most popular material for finishing the waiting room. Can some blush. Popular Scandinavian Pine, its wood has a smooth shade rose, and annual rings have an unusual decorative pattern.
  • spruce-pine a little lighter, structure of homogeneous, at drying remains intact, does not crack
  • Abies -for its main parameters similar to EFI, almost does not emit resin

From deciduous varieties for the waiting room you can advise the Birch. The basic rule for finishing-all room should be sewed around by one tree varieties.

Good dressing-room is an integral part of a good bath


Place, where preferable to abandon traditional wood in favor of tile-it better withstand constant contact with water and does not rot, for him it's easier to care. As a tribute to tradition, You can pick up the tile with a shade or pattern "under the tree".

Despite the advantages of tile, the tree will also look good

Finishing baths inside: General rules

Bath is a place, First of all, holiday, Therefore, dynamic shapes and bright colors of the Interior better to delete. General rule-cozy, Be quiet, without unnecessary accessories.

Creating the Interior in your bath, think in advance about the most appropriate colours

Council! If you want to bring in designer baths modern elements (ceramics, tile, chrome faucets), It is important to, to make them look harmoniously in this interior, find a combination of simplicity and fashionable details.

Lighting (in the steam room in particular) should be warm shades, to emphasize peace and intimacy of the atmosphere. To do this, you can mute the light filter or dispel bunk Lampshade. Electrical accessories must be waterproof, all elements of the wiring safely protected from moisture.

Lighting can become an interesting element to design your baths

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