Draft baths from a bar with a terrace: opening new possibilities — Design

Draft baths from a bar with a terrace: opening new possibilities

What could be better after a bath, than the rest in the comfortable terrace?
The perfect combination of baths and terraces for complete relaxation
This comfortable complex: bath + Jacuzzi and resting place on the terrace

Bath of beam: layout features

During the construction of the baths shaped beams increasingly replaces traditional round logs, compared with whom he has a number of obvious advantages:

  • durability -beam handle special structures, that significantly increases its ability to resist such aggressive external factors, characteristic for baths, as moisture and temperature. In addition, beam, especially glued, good resists and natural hazards-the Sun (ultraviolet), precipitation, rodents, fungi and mold. An important point is the beam profile is designed so, that water, flowing down the walls, misses and not seeping into the joints, it away from the places of longitudinal joints Sipes
  • Despite the additional processing, beam maintains all the features and benefits of natural wood
  • possibility of construction complex (in the architectural plan) buildings, in the process of designing it is not necessary to consider strictly baths, for example, limit the length of logs, component total 6 m. Slats are quite easily along the length of the, When the construction is quite little waste
  • Light Foundation -Unlike a brick (Stone) baths, for baths of the beam You can completely manage column or screw Foundation
  • ease of erection -beam material light enough, so there is no need in attracting construction machinery
  • bath of beam requires minimal finishing work, that will affect, First of all, the steam room, where the choice of wood is limited solely to hardwoods (Linden, Aspen, Alder)

Stylish sauna with terrace and roof
View from the Bani to the terrace
Sauna with terrace, unusual design

Regardless of the type of designed bath (Finnish, Russian, Turkish or Japanese bath), the project must involve at least three premises:

  • dressing-room or locker room, its area are planning on the assumption that, that one person should have at least 1,3 M2, but the minimum size of locker rooms — 1,2× 3 m
  • shower -room with a size of 2 x 2 m (minimum)
  • steam room-it should not be too big, because then it would be rather difficult to warm up to the desired temperature and to maintain it. Minimum steam, in which you will feel comfortable enough 2-3 is the premise of 1.3 × 1.8 m, for 4 man-1, 5 x 2 meter.

Other premises (recreation room, kitchen, billiard room, pool or font, toilet, rice. 1) -the personal choice of the future owner, that depends on your personal preference, and financial opportunities.

Rice. 1. Draft baths with pool, billiard room, living room and two terraces

On the terrace you can not only relax after the sauna, and hold family dinners
The terrace can also be a place for a pleasant relaxing

Designing with terrace: options

Draft baths with terrace (rice. 2) especially justified in small summer cottages -This allows you to more efficiently use the available area, than in the case of separate construction. In addition, It's so much easier to endure a single architectural style for all buildings.

Rice. 2. Draft baths with terrace

If the site allows, You can build quite a spacious terrace
Bath, includes and sitting room, and terrace

Before beginning the design phase, it is worth to decide such an important factor, as the frequency of use of the baths. For example, If this bath to give, then it will be used mostly in the warmer months. In this case, the project can safely replace a recreation room on the terrace (rice. 3) -in the summertime here would be very pleasant to drink herbal tea after paired procedures, and the room is stuffy and uncomfortable. On the one hand, even if you make a terrace large enough to square, on this don't need a lot of material and, means, and money-it will give substantial savings. On the other hand, in winter enjoy the bath is not very convenient, because the locker room quite small.

Rice. 3. Draft baths, in which terrace replaces guest room

Beautiful modern sauna with terrace

However, recently the terrace near the baths is no longer just a place, which set the tables/chairs/loungers. Sufficient popular terrace in American style -in this case the pool (font) place directly in the floor terrace. With such an arrangement, the water stays clean much longer-to dip, no need to go on the sand or earth. And if the Sun is carport, artificial pond turns out to be protected from leaves and other debris, Which one, Once in the water, starts to rot. And another advantage is closed from the sun canopy, such water is less than warm, staying cool, This is very important for the "correct" bath procedures. This project is presented in Fig. 1 baths. 4.

Rice. 4. Draft baths with swimming pool on the terrace

Council! Usually the Joint designing of saunas and adjacent terrace. However, Annex terraces will significantly complement the area of baths, in this case, particular attention should be paid to secure binding terraces to the already constructed building of baths.

Practical solution — the swimming pool is set on the terrace near the baths

This floor terrace must use special water-resistant Board, which, By the way, and is called-terraced, that excellent transfers moisture, Besides has she has a high wear resistance. Even falling sand and Earth particles do not affect its attractiveness, not scratching the polished surface.

On fig. 5 submitted draft guest cabins with baths big enough (25,4 m) closed terrace with barbecue, where you can receive visitors from early spring to late autumn, While Mangal performs as its "direct" function, and acts as a fireplace.

Fig. 5. Draft-Guest House

Another popular Variant sauna with terrace and barbecue, that will further save space on the plot. Naturally, such a project would prove to be costly, After all, will provide several important points:

  • a separate Foundation for BBQ, for terraces, as for baths made of lumber, It is quite possible to do easy column Foundation. BBQ same will require a more solid foundation
  • a separate chimney barbecue-it cannot be shared with the chimney for stove, installed in the sauna room
  • Special fire safety measures, to avoid the possibility of ignition wooden buildings

Draft baths with barbecue on the porch is presented in Figure. 6

Rice. 6. Draft baths with a barbecue on the terrace

Council! When hosting a BBQ should take into account the direction of prevailing winds, to smoke out to vacationers on the veranda. As an option is to make the pipe above.

Area with barbecue allows you to enjoy a delicious lunch after visiting the saunas

Another fairly popular project, where the Sun acts as a binder of the bridge between home and bath. While all three buildings can have as a common foundation, and overall roof.

If we talk about the size of terraces, the draft platform are the most commonly used area 6-8 m 2-good enough to host a table, chairs (chairs) and several lounges. To host a barbecue or pool will require much larger terrace, Here projects start from 11 M2. It is important to, to the project included two exits to terrace-like to the outside of buildings, and from the inside.

Unusual and stylish design: bath cylindrical shape with a belting her terrace
Located on a small bench terrace allows you to enjoy after a bath the surrounding natural beauties

Traditionally, the terraces are planning and constructing along one (usually — frontal) walls baths, but it might be the lateral (Fig. 7) and angular accommodation verandas or surrounding (terrace is located near two adjacent walls, Fig. 8). Choose the location of the terraces is defined as the usability and usefulness of planning, and surrounding area, to open the view from the terrace of attractive forest or Lake.

Rice. 7. Draft baths with lateral placing terraces

Rice. 8. Envelope with project location terrace

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