Projects of baths with terrace and barbecue (28 Photo): recreation area 3 in 1 — Design

Projects of baths with terrace and barbecue (28 Photo): recreation area 3 in 1

Stylish modern bath with terrace and barbecue

In addition, that decision and other benefits:

  • Organization of a rest-steaming and relax after the sauna, right on the veranda, Nowhere here, You can cook shashlik or snacks on fire
  • joint construction helps withstand exactly the General architectural style for all buildings on the site
  • If the bath is planned to be used at the cottage only during the season, then a large terrace with BBQ facilities can completely replace a relaxation room, that will help you save considerably on the construction of the baths
  • There is no need to link detached objects tracks, that allows you to optionally save useful area, and reduce costs
  • grouping multiple objects under one roof will help significantly reduce costs, Indeed, in this case, for example, bath wall will speak and the wall terraces

The choice of material

Complex, includes swimming pools, a sauna and a spacious relaxation area

The most popular and economically sound material for the construction of baths with terrace is a wooden beam. On the one hand, It keeps warm, so the bath does not require additional insulation. In addition, It is tree-traditional material of Russian bath, It allows you to create a unique "keep" atmosphere. Additional plus-tree as a "breathable" material independently regulates humidity, but this would require extra protection from mold and fire.

Baths of brick is more reliable in terms of fire safety, but they last longer get warm, demanding more fuel. In addition, brick baths require mandatory installation of ventilation systems, otherwise, it will start to accumulate condensation in the bath, provoking the development of mold and bacteria.

The most common options — baths of beam
Traditional Russian Banya from a bar

Laying the Foundation

Despite frequent common roof, under the terrace and sauna provide a different Foundation. Bath, Naturally, harder terrace, Therefore, for a large area and high-rise buildings require tape monolithic Foundation, and for small baths you can do pile. If for the construction of baths used foam concrete or brick, then definitely poured a strip Foundation is another simply will not withstand the weight of the construction.

For wooden terraces will be quite enough pile foundation. In those cases,, When the terrace is situated on the complex ground, prone to frost or drop., on the slopes, to enhance the reliability of the better lay the screw piles. This wooden buildings, it is very important to properly organize waterproofing between the tree and the Foundation, to avoid rotting of wood.

Council! Because the soil under the more severe bath will shrink faster, than under the more light terrace, foundations of terraces and saunas you must split the layer of insulation.

An important stage in the construction of the baths — laying the Foundation

Terrace and BBQ: plan properly

Planning your terrace, first of all it is necessary to take into account, What is the direction of the wind is the primary, job Bani closed a terrace. In addition, This will correctly place and barbecue, to wind attributed the smoke and heat away from campers. If the terrace will serve to shelter from sunlight on a hot summer day, It is not necessary to place it with the South. Or vice versa-terrace with chaise longue can be an excellent spot for sunbathing-it all depends on the tastes and desires of the owner. In addition, to choose the location of the terraces many influences and the surrounding landscape-contemplation fence hardly adds mood on vacation, where nicer to enjoy forest, Lake or landscaped landscaping.

The terrace can be positioned frontally (t. e.. along the façade baths, rice. 1), on the side (near one of the walls), She may have angular location (along two adjacent walls) or ring (along three mill, sometimes all the way around the baths, If the territory).

Rice. 1. Draft baths with front terrace location

Fronatl′noe the location of the terraces
Project a stylish and elegant baths with terrace and barbecue

If you do not plan to invite a lot of people, in view of the installation of the BBQ facilities (Mangala), the minimum recommended size of terraces 7-8 M2. But it is better to start with 9-10 M2, then in addition to tables and chairs on the terrace you will be able to put a deck chair, a pair of armchairs, When this man, Standing at the BBQ, will have enough space to work, but vacationers won't bother the heat from the stove and the smoke.

Although the terrace in the classic sense is outdoor playground, For more comfort, it has a roof to protect from rain and Sun. This can be an extension of the roof of the baths and be made of similar roofing material, and you can cover terrace semi-transparent Polycarbonate. In addition, opaque canopy will create shade in the bath, so you have to include the earlier light.

Council! Polycarbonate coating particularly justified for large terraces on the area-no need to construct a massive Foundation, light metal construction will not clutter the space, staying almost invisible.

For sex on the terrace is best wooden board or decking. Of course, You can put a paving or tiles, but the tree will look cosier. Natural stone is used as a coating on the large terrace

Natural stone will be a spectacular finish for terraces

For installation it is necessary to lay the foundations of a BBQ separately, and for construction use a special refractory bricks, When this basis do by height order 70 cm from the floor level.

Council! To improve fire safety, around BBQ better put a stone (tiled) Tile instead of wooden cover-even if it drops the spark, It will not cause a fire.

In the front wall make a rectangular niche, in which you can store a small supply of firewood. To vent smoke BBQ makes a separate chimney, that height must ensure effective fume from the baths.

On the terrace you need to allocate space for firewood
Spacious relaxation complex, includes restrooms, bath, terrace with barbecue

Design of baths with terraces and barbecue

Draft baths, regardless of the type of (Russian, Turkish, Finnish) should provide for, as a minimum, three premises:

  • changing room-dressing-room with a minimum size of 1.2 × 3 m, but be aware, that regulations shall be on the person 1,3 M2
  • shower room-minimum size 2x2m
  • steam room-its size is a trade-off between the convenience of accommodation and the need to maintain the desired temperature at low cost fuels (electricity). The minimum size of a steam room for 2-3 people will be 1.3 × 1.8 m.

If there is a large terrace for seasonal baths you can forgo the rest rooms. The rest of the planning, Naturally, depends on the willingness and capacity of the future owner.

Longitudinal project baths with terrace, interconnected polycarbonate roof
This project fits under one roof everything needed for a relaxing stay in the bath

Take a look at some projects more.

Corner bath with terrace and barbecue (rice. 2) allows you to effectively use lot, If you list it in one of the corners.

Rice. 2. Corner bath with terrace and barbecue

Space is used very functionally-spacious shower installed font with cold water. Quite spacious steam room-to heat the furnace it will be comfortable enough, She shifted closer to the corner, away from entrance door -so it is safer to, because your eyes after bright lighting shower should get used to the subdued light sauna. If the material is selected for the bath brick, the stove can be embedded in the wall. If you do steam a little less, When such an arrangement the stove can drown out the shower. In general there are two entrance vestibule is one directly from the street, second-with terrace.

Draft-Guest House (rice. 3) with veranda and barbecue, quite a large area- 98 M2. Therefore,, If you expect her to year-round use, requires the installation of a heating system. Inside is a spacious living room and separate kitchen. Terrace is located from side, by area, it is actually half of the structure. Sign-on both sides-from the Street through a Tambour (Winter entrance) and with terraces.

Rice. 3 Bath-Guest House with barbecue and terrace

On fig. 4 and 5 two more projects are presented with terrace and barbecue, which can be used as a guest house.

Rice. 4. Draft-Guest House terrace and barbecue

Rice. 5. Sauna with terrace and barbecue

On rice. 6 drawing baths with terrace and barbecue, to which you should pay attention to the front door in a recreation room-it is situated at a maximum distance from the barbecue, to completely exclude the possibility of smoke in the room.

Rice. 6. Drawing baths with terrace and barbecue

Bath from a bar with veranda and barbecue in the traditional Russian style-watch video presentation:

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