Gates of corrugated board (51 Photo) — a simple and affordable way to protect plot — Design

Gates of corrugated board (51 Photo) — a simple and affordable way to protect plot


Table of contents

  • Material features
  • Types of gate
  • Decking options
  • Installation designs

Gates of corrugated board are very popular

Now very popular gates of corrugated board, which, for all its outward simplicity can solve the problem of the protection of plot from penetration of uninvited guests. Many builders are professionals and owners of the sites profiled sheet appreciated the advantages of the countryside and the ease of working with it. Quickly and easily made gates and gate of corrugated board with their hands, It is important to only possess basic skills in welding and cutting metal. A variety of options colors and the form of the material, allow you to create a completely different exterior gates and wickets, so they can fit into any existing track out-of-town plot.

Sliding gates of profiled metal with decorative pillars
Stylish gate of corrugated board
Gate of corrugated board do not fade under the influence of sunlight and do not fade under the influence of atmospheric precipitation

Material features

Gates and fences of corrugated board not just become the choice of many people. This material has many advantages over other building materials:

  • high quality characteristics (profile sheets have anticorrosion layer, Additionally coated with a polymer exterior and lacquered inside),

Corrugated sheet has so many advantages over other materials
  • long life (Thanks to the qualities of the material itself and the competent work of decking may serve more 50 years),
  • ease of installation (simple preparatory excavation and construction designs themselves quickly),

Gates made of profiled sheet durable, beautiful and easy to install
Gate of corrugated board with its beauty have low cost
  • decent appearance (fence, Gates of this stuff look solid and thoroughly, and there is always the possibility to choose the most suitable colour and shape of corrugated board),
  • the low price of the material (Depending on the type of profiled sheet cost varies from 200 before 600 rubles per sheet).

Beautiful gate of corrugated board
Decking-modern, convenient and most importantly versatile material for construction works

Council! When seeking help from professionals when installing the gate cost of construction will increase greatly. The price of corrugated board with a wicket gate is not "needs redecoration», better for them to do-it-yourselfer, because it does not require any special skills or unique equipment.

Gate of corrugated board will serve you more than one year
Profiled sheeting — a great option for low-cost manufacturing, but the beautiful gates for your site
The successful combination of wooden fence and gate of profiled metal

If you choose this material is worth remembering and its shortcomings:

  • the small thickness of the corrugated board, that makes it easy to hack it if you wish,
  • the lack of soundproofing,

Contrasting combination of white collar and red brick fence
Profiled sheeting is well established as a material, ideal for gates and wickets
  • corrosive processes when the slightest scratches on the surface,
  • deformation of sheet with strong mechanical influence.

The slightest scratch on the profiled sheet can cause corrosion
The bright gate with decorative wrought-iron elements

Types of gate

There are several types of gates for their opening and closing mechanism:

  • Swing Gates (the most popular type of gate, the only drawback of which is the need for lots of free space for opening; for independent manufacturing is the most suitable option).

Swing Gates of corrugated board
Swing Gates — the most popular type of gate
  • Sliding gates (option, which saves place when opening; for him, it is necessary to provide upper and lower "Rails" along the fence for the movement of cloth).

Sliding gates of profiled sheet
The appearance of the shutters gate of profiled sheet different attraction
  • Lifting gate (are used for garages or other facilities; You must place at the top for lifting the canvas).
  • Decorative gates (decking is complemented by wrought-iron details, that not only improves the appearance of the gate, but it also makes design more durable).

The magnificent gate of corrugated board with forged decorations
Gates of corrugated board are easy to care for

Council! Gate, Gate of corrugated board with elements of artistic forging is a luxuriously, but not always expensive. You can make yourself, If you buy forged items for decoration. Individual inserts, lugs or other bulky parts are readily available and costs.

Gates with wrought iron elements can be set and for a small price

All gates can also be divided into two types according to the place of installation of wickets. More popular options, When the gates are installed free-standing gate of corrugated board. When there is not enough space or other reasons the wicket is done directly at the gate is slightly complicates the job of fabrication and installation design.

Decking options

Before you buy or do-it-yourselfer gates and wickets made of profiled sheet, It is important to understand, that stuff happens different on purpose and appearance.

Corrugated sheet happens different in appearance and its purpose
Gate, set your hands, You can perform under the General color of the fence, in tone with pillars, the material of the façade of the House

By functionality secrete roofing (is used for roofs, as well as for fences and gates), Wall (for construction partitions and walls), bearing (for the construction of solid structures, as well as permanent formwork during construction of the walls and foundations) decorative sheeting (cladding material).

Gates and fence of corrugated metal with beautiful wooden pillars
The harmonious combination of style gate of corrugated board and country house

Mark profiled sheet depends on the height of the ribs, the higher that, the stronger material:

  • Mark "C" has a small height of the ribs, but their functions (arrangement of gates, Gates and fences) It's pretty sturdy and lightweight.
  • Mark "NA" is the height of the ribs or waves, Therefore, it is stronger than the previous stamps. It is usually used to create wall covering (garages, stalls, etc.).
  • Mark «N» is heavy profiles, with high load capacity. This kind of stuff used to create canopies, visors, ceiling, Permanent formwork.

Table of the most popular brands of trapezoidal sheet

Council! When you purchase you should consider decking, What digit specified after stamps. It shows the height of the ribs (for example, decking C10 has a height of ribs 10 mm). For a covering of the gate is best profiled C8 or C10.

A fence with a gate of corrugated board with strict design
Wonderful green gate of the profiled sheet with bright yellow pillars

Installation designs

Gates of pronastila easy to install
Gate of profiled sheet can be done yourself or purchase ready-made

After the final choice of material worth thinking about, How to make a gate and the gate of corrugated board alone, to carry out their functions as possible. The installation of gates and wickets involves the following steps:

  • Training plan and material needs. At the beginning of the work is to determine future construction dimensions, Depending on what will be acquired a certain amount of material. If correctly approach the establishment plan, It is possible to avoid premature wear loops too ambitious designs through the use of additional crossbeams in the frame.

Council! When planning future gate or gate, worth the rate, What kind of corrugated board has a. It is important to, to the edges of the sheet when mounting were "hollow", rather than "waves", t. e.. in advance you need to correlate the sheet and the length of an aperture. Otherwise, it will not only look ugly, but also pose risks to family members (raised above the rest of the sharp edge can slice your hands or ruin clothes).

Plan of the gate of the profiled sheet
  • Production of uprights. The first step is to prepare the rack supports, that will keep the design of the gates and wickets. More often than not put three racks, If the gate and the gate are next. If they are even a short distance, for each item, you'll need two separate supports. The uprights are usually metal pipes or posts from Stone, Although you can use and wooden details. To install you need to prepare the pit depth of about one meter, and about half a meter in diameter. Pipes, advance peeled from rust, treated with a primer and painted, down in the hole and fill in with a solution. Using Plumb construction must follow, to rack stood upright. A few days later, the mortar hardens, and you can hang a gate on the supports.
  • Create a skeleton of a gate or gates. Frame or frame is made of metal profile pipe cross-section 60 on 40 mm. Make a skeleton on a free smooth surface, where can you put at least one door. Cook frame manual electric arc welding, and further reinforce the corners with steel corners. For greater stiffness adds horizontal rungs inside frame, as well as diagonal. Welds are necessarily.
  • Corrugated fastening to the frame. Profiles are fixed to the frame with screws or rivets. Attach you can not every "wave" sheet, and through one or more.
  • Installation designs. Installation of gates and gate of corrugated board to ready supports labour will not be. On supports in advance krepjat loops, metal or polymer curtains, where then hang the finished gate or gate. Lock installation, bolt, cheesy bars and throttle opening of shutters, as well as various jewelry is the last phase of the installation of gates and wickets of corrugated board.

Gate of corrugated board will be an excellent decoration for your plot
High degree of savings is one of the advantages of corrugated board
Advantages of corrugated board is environmental safety, ease of installation, durability, durability and aesthetic appearance
Installation of gates of profiled sheet can be made without additional equipment at any time of the year, including winter

Gates of corrugated board — video

Gates of corrugated board — Photo

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