Sliding gates with their hands (57 Photo): types of, features of the device and installation — Design

Sliding gates with their hands (57 Photo): types of, features of the device and installation

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  • Sliding gates: the main types of
  • Installation of sliding gates

Stylish sliding gates
Sliding gates — the most convenient and popular type of gate
Sliding gates in high-tech style

In spite of the fact, that sliding gates with their hands produce significantly more difficult, than the more familiar swing, and they are more expensive, a growing number of suburban real estate owners chose their entry for the Organization of a plot. Their major advantage is space savings, There is no need to create before the gates platform for disclosure of shutters, (a), means, You can make more efficient use of space, especially on a small area.

Today, sliding gate at the peak of popularity
Sliding gates very reliable, comfortable and durable

In addition, It is not necessary after a snowfall to clear this pad, to open the gate leaves. Sliding gates-more reliable, they have the best proof and wind resistance. And another plus-sliding electric gates to mount much easier, equipment for these simpler in design, cheaper and more reliable.

Wrought iron gate

Sliding gates: the main types of

There are three types of sliding gates. Construction features, their advantages and disadvantages discussed below.

Sliding gates can be automated, and with manual drive
Beautiful sliding gates underlined style of your estates

Overhung doors

Design, widespread in olden times in industrial enterprises. This is a fairly solid, but rugged construction, where canvas (Gate) roller carts moves on beam, located above the passing (Fig. 1).

Rice. 1. Diagram of suspended gate

The advantages of this design include its high resistance to wind loads, the ability to resist burglary, There is no restriction on the width and height of the canvas of the portal. The disadvantage of — high metal content of this design, What determines its high cost. But the main disadvantage is the limitation of bandwidth transport through the gate height, It is determined by the height of the location of the Guide girder

Overhung doors

Gate rail type

The simplest and most reliable construction sliding gates, shutter of a gate is moving them to the bottom rail, installed on the same level with road canvas (rice. 2).

Rice. 2. Diagram of sliding gates along the rail

Such gates are attracted to simplicity of design, high reliability and resistance to the wind, the ability to close a very wide (before 6 m) openings. The design allows you to install a powerful frame and heavy plating, who can resist shock tarannomu (that is why such gates can often be found in military units and correctional labour colonies). Their main disadvantage, especially vividly reflected in our latitudes-the need for continuous rail cleaning, that is especially problematic in the winter, When the rail after thawing can freeze water.

Sliding door rail type
Excellent sliding gates with decorative wrought-iron elements

Cantilever gates

In their design, managed to get rid of disadvantages as suspended gate (There is no restriction on the transport height), and rail type (no contact with the ground). Such design door leaf moves using the roller guide block bracket girder. More often than not the primary node construction-roller blocks and beam is located at the bottom of the gate (Fig. 3), This arrangement is called, First of all, the simplicity of the installation.

Sliding gates in modern style
Cantilever gate due to the lack of guides at the bottom and at the top of the door opening allow cross transport virtually any dimensions

Much rarer cases, When the roller blocks and guide beam can be positioned in the middle of the canvas (rice. 4), and even top (rice. 5). This location is justified in the case of, When there is an opportunity to position the console nodes, basic mechanical part sliding gates, on the capital the wall of the building (design, constructions), which are capable of withstanding a load, created by cloth of a gate. This gives the opportunity to reduce the costs of construction of separate power designs for gates.

Rice. 3. The schema console gate
Rice. 4. The schema console sliding gates with midpoint console node
Rice. 5. The schema console sliding door with the top of the console node

In addition to the lack of height restrictions, cantilever gate are a number of other advantages. First of all, the design of the sliding gate operator assumes the location of roller carts inside welded beams, that fully protects them from falling snow and mud, and it means that natural factors do not affect the stability of the gate mechanism. Use the enclosed bearings in roller carts eliminates the need of periodic greasing-grease is laid at the factory.

Spectacular sliding gates

In addition, cantilever Gates very tight, compared with other types of sliding gates, adjacent to the fence, not leaving even ŝeločki for being too curious. And another important point-the easiest way to install it is on automatic cantilever gates. Of the deficiencies should be noted very difficult for mounting, complex design of gate and, In addition, to install this type of gate fence should have free area, along the length of the 1,5 times the length of the gate.

Gates is an important element of the architectural ensemble of your homeownership
Stylish modern sliding gates

Installation of sliding gates

For installation on a stretch of sliding gates you must meet a number of requirements:

  • sliding gates can only move in a straight line, Therefore, the necessary site fence must be too direct. With the length of the straight intake area, as stated above, should be one and a half times more, than the width of cloth. This is due to those, that in addition to canvas, cantilever gates are so-called technological part, Act as a counterweight to reduce and to evenly distribute the load, created by Gates, on the console unit (Fig. 6 )

Rice. 6. Accommodation console gate
  • Any unevenness of the terrain (tilt or hillocks) create big problems for the free movement of the gate, substantially increasing the load on the automatics
  • wickets set by, opposite to the direction of rolling back the gate, otherwise,, they will simply be blocked at the moment of opening the gate
  • If you will install automation for sliding gates, immediately should provide, where will be laid power cables

Stunning metal sliding gates

Council! Ready kit for sliding gates (Fig. 7 ) (roller carts, slide rail, pipes) can be purchased in-store, but be aware, that it is the "Eurostandard" — Gate length 4 m.

Fig. 7. Accessories for sliding gates

Sliding gates can be installed both on the finished fence, and during its construction. Drawing of a sliding gate is shown in Figure. 8.

Rice. 8. Drawing for the fabrication of cantilever sliding gates

Laying the Foundation

The foundation laid by the fence, where the gate will open. Foundation options:

  • depth- 1 m (on depth promerzanija a ground)
  • width- 30-40 see
  • length-half the length of a cloth of a gate (If the gate length 4 m, the Foundation- 2 m).

Sliding gates with original bearings
The harmonious combination of modular home styles and his sliding gates

After, as the trench under the Foundation is ready to, make it metal part. To this end, on metallic channel (its length is equal to the length of the Foundation, width- 16-20 see), the entire length of weld 8-12 the legs of the metal bar, or rebar diameter 10 – 16 mm (rice. 9 )

Rice. 9. Scheme of manufacturing of metallic parts of the Foundation

A ready channel with feet placed in the trench (feet down) and poured concrete (rice. 10) flush with flat, give time (not less than 7 days) in order for the, to the concrete fully grabbed.

Rice. 10. Diagram of concreting for installation of sliding gates

Fabrication of a gate cloth

While concrete seizes, make a frame. For this slide rail (length 6 m) should be placed on a level surface cut down and welded pipe manufacturing (60h30h2 mm) -mitts on 2-3 see, the distance between them is 20-25 see. This tube is then set and the cats vertical racks (pipe 60h30h2 mm), necessarily soaking right angle. Then welded top tube (60h30h2 mm) and triangle-counterweights-outer frame is ready. The only thing left is the inner pipe vvarit′ (40h20h2 mm) -and frame for sliding gate ready. You must now sanded corners, Cook (clean and degrease) metal elements to the dirt road, apply primer and paint frame.

Ornamental gate rail type
For more savings, you can install the sliding gates with their hands

Council! Zašivku frame start after drying Paint, using the decking (metal or plastic), tree, metal sheets, etc., which, Depending on the material, can be attached with pegs or screws.

Stainless steel sliding door

Mounting mechanism

Installation of the sliding door mechanism start, making sure that the, the Foundation totally froze. To accurately set the roller carts (avoid bias), on their channel fix lateral, and then impose on them slide rail. Then the canvas exhibiting both along the line of the fence, and level, at the end-prihvatyvaût welding.

Installation of sliding gates, in most cases, you can perform with your own hands

Then on carrying poles fix gate traps (top (Fig. 11) and lower (Fig. 12), what you need to pull up to the gate fully closed. Lower the catcher allows you to partially relieve the roller block and thereby increase the term of its operation, and the top-did not allow the gate to swing in the wind load. Top securing the supporting rollers (rice. 13) -They allow you to maintain vertical canvases, thus making movement easier and softer.

Rice. 11. Upper Gate catcher
Rice. 12. Lower gate catcher
Rice. 13. Support rollers.

Sliding gates with their hands-a sequence of operations and the recommendations of the professionals look at video:

Sliding gates with their hands — Photo

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